Your Laundry Room Makeover Isn't Complete Without This, According To Pinterest

One of the ways to create a functional laundry room is to have practical storage. You might not think of storage in this space, but it goes a long way to streamline your laundry routine while keeping the room organized. On laundry room must-haves, this Pinterest post names drawers as something that can help a lot with organization. Drawers are especially helpful because they're a good place for laundry supplies and any other items that needs a place. 

When planning a laundry room makeover, efficiency is the name of the game. All your appliances and storage solutions need to assist a comfortable and seamless flow for you as you go through your laundry routine. A folding table is best placed next to the dryer so it's easier to start folding when clothes come out while a DIY hamper-turned-rolling-cart can go under the table so you can move the folded items into it and transfer them from room to room. In the same way, drawers in the right positions come in very handy. 

Add drawers to your laundry room

It helps to have drawers in your laundry room because they can be used to store virtually everything. One major use of drawers in the laundry room is for laundry itself. They can hold extra clean linens like towels and sheets or other items that you don't have space for in the bedrooms. You can even use drawers for dirty laundry if the laundry basket is full or if you want to keep dirty items out of the way. To maintain organization, designate certain things to certain drawers, like colors or types of materials, so they're already sorted by the time you're ready to wash them. You can also get a special drawer with a built-in laundry basket.

Additionally, you can dedicate a drawer to laundry supplies like detergent, bleach, and dryer sheets, and another to laundry tools and products like an iron, steamer, or a clothesline (we're happy to recommend some of the best laundry products to improve your life). Other items that don't have a space anywhere else in the house like cleaning supplies or miscellaneous items can also have a home in your laundry room drawers. It all depends on the space available.

The best places to have drawers

For clean laundry, the best drawers to use will be close to the dryer or under the countertop or table where you fold clothes. If you have hanging racks, placing drawers beneath them can also work to store clean and folded clothes and linens. For dirty laundry, laundry products, and miscellaneous items, you can install drawers next to or between the machines. It will be easy to grab the detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and other supplies from there. If your laundry room includes a sink area, having drawers nearby will also be good for your supplies and other similar items.

Apart from normal drawers, you can also consider getting a washer and dryer that comes with in-built drawers or buying a separate pedestal with a storage drawer that you can place underneath the machine. Lowe's sells a 16-inch GE Universal Laundry Pedestal for around $300 and it comes in blue or white. For our DIY enthusiasts, you can cut costs by making the pedestals with in-built drawers out of plywood.