Clever Ways To Use A Dollar Tree Wire Shelf To Organize Your Home Office

What's the current state of your home office? Chances are that your computer and many other random items like bottles, cords, books, and purses are piled on top of your desk. Having this clutter right where you work isn't ideal for your productivity and well-being, however, so you should look into storage solutions that can keep things more organized. The $1.25 Essentials white wire cabinet shelf from Dollar Tree is a good tool for this. It can be used upside down or right-side-up to hold a variety of those items that tend to leave a desk disorganized.

Your equipment is one of the first things to focus on if you want to establish a productive office at home. Whether you're working, studying, teaching, or doing home admin from your office, you need the right kind of space that will support your goals. Looking for storage solutions that make sure you maintain organization all the time will make it a more comfortable place to get things done. As you make your desk functional, don't forget to style a work-from-home desk with a nice plant or an interesting color scheme.

Ways to use it right side up

Probably the most helpful way this Dollar Tree wire shelf can be used is as a laptop riser. When you work a lot on a laptop, it can affect your posture, especially when you don't have an ergonomic setup. In addition to having the right chair and mouse to support your body and your palms, a laptop riser puts your laptop screen at the right eye level to support your neck, back, and the rest of your body. You won't strain too much and can work for long hours more comfortably.

All you need to do to create your makeshift laptop stand is to put it on your desk and place your laptop on it. It should feel much more comfortable right away. Note that this works best when you have an external keyboard and mouse because you won't have to strain your hands to use the laptop's internal ones. At $1.25, this wire shelf will be a lot cheaper than a standard laptop riser for sale online and in office supply stores.

Ways to use it upside down

Another genius way to use the Dollar Tree wire shelf to maximize storage in your home office is to turn it into a file organizer. Take a few, turn them upside down, overlap them so the legs create small openings, and tie the legs together with zip ties so they stay in place. This is helpful when you work with a lot of papers or have a lot of mail, and you need an organizational system that's easily accessible. Instead of stuffing everything away in a cabinet, get folders or sticky notes that you can use to label the different documents so you can line them up on the shelves in order. This will make it very easy to find and retrieve things.

The wire shelf can also work as a mini bookshelf, which looks nice on an at-home office desk. If you keep some books at your home office desk, this provides a simple, small solution that's good for storing a few current books. Again, these hacks will be much more affordable than getting a standard bookshelf or paper tray.