15 Ways To Style A Work-From-Home Desk

It shouldn't matter if you're permanently working from home for a company, for yourself, or you're simply in need of a spot to take care of personal projects. It's widely known that a functional desk is essential for your productivity and efficiency. Limited distractions and a comfortable place to sit are some of the most basic necessities.

What you might not realize, however, is that an aesthetically pleasing set-up can also go a long way in helping you get through the tasks at hand. According to The Spruce, an interesting office can motivate you to get to work. If you're spending a lot of time in it, there's absolutely no reason for you to have to settle on a stuffy or plain space.

No matter your style or the size you're working with, ahead are 15 ideas for how to style a work-from-home desk area. Once you're finished perusing, consider it time to get to work and design your dream home office.

Embrace the eco friendly style

Bamboo products are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. They promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle due to the sustainable materials used to make them. From furniture to organizing products, bamboo is becoming easier to find.

Combine the look you love and the cause you care about by adorning your desk with natural looking supplies such a monitor riser, keyboard base, and device holders. Take the theme a step further and add a plant such as a bamboo or bonsai, as well as an organic and non toxic candle such as soy wax.

Keep it simple

Another favorable trend is minimalism. Removing the distraction that clutter presents can help to put your mind at ease, save time, and make it easier to tap into your creative side.

It's a no-brainer, then, to set your desk up to reflect a minimalist style. This can be especially beneficial when your workspace is within another room of your home, such as the kitchen or living room. Keeping it as tidy as possible will help to blend it into any area. Only store the essentials on the surface with a small succulent or two if you'd like.

Table for two

You may be one of the many people who need to share a workspace with either a partner or the kids when they get home from school. The best way to make sure that everyone has room to work or learn is to double up on desk space.

Either push two tables together or place one longer one against an empty wall to minimize distractions. Give each section what it needs to succeed, such as a comfortable chair, computer, keyboard, and basic office supplies.

Give it a bold backdrop

More than likely, you'll be looking at what's behind the computer or tablet screen most of the workday. So consider making the wall behind the desk something exciting to stare at when you're doing your best thinking.

From wallpaper to wall decor, the options are unlimited. You could also take the DIY approach and create your own 3D wooden slat wall. Find or stain a wood tone that is similar to your desk if possible to create a seamless look.

Utilize the wall

You may find yourself needing extra storage space and, perhaps, your desk is too small and unequipped to provide that. It's absolutely OK to not only use the wall to add visual interest but to also put it to work.

Hang a corkboard to attach notes, reminders, and even inspirational quotes to inspire you throughout the day. Attach a pegboard that you can customize. Use hooks to suspend scissors, containers to organize office supplies, and a tray to lay your phone.

Pick it up with plants

It's not a secret that plants don't just look lovely in any space, but that they also add to the air quality and can help to reduce stress and improve concentration and productivity, according to The Spruce.

If you like decorating with plants already, this is a sign to fill your work area with them as well. Choose low-maintenance plants that require little to no direct sunlight so they can sit on your desk regardless of where the closest window is. Use their beautiful colors and smells as energy to push you through the day.

Welcome an all white look

If you think about it, your workspace is like a blank canvas, serving as a place to create whatever it is you need or want in your role or in your business. Consider then to opt for an all-white theme when it comes to your desk.

Choose a white wood or high gloss material desk, chair, and even accessories such as a task lamp, keyboard, and pencil cup. It won't just inspire you to get creative; it may also motivate you to keep it exceptionally clean.

Or a dark and moody one

Perhaps a darker style is more you; perhaps it allows you to get in the zone and concentrate more than an all-white office would.

If that's the case, choose a matte black or gray desk and coordinating leather chair. With many electronics inherently black, continue the theme by selecting accessories that are also dark. They can be functional such as a pegboard or headphone stand, or purely decorative, such as artwork or a candle. You can even take it up a notch and paint the walls a rich-colored tone such as green or purple.

Turn an L into a W

It's hard to believe that too much workspace is ever a bad thing, especially when you like to multitask or are working with physical products or plans. The more surface space you have to spread out, the better for your productivity.

If you have ample room, look for a desk that is L shaped and then create your zones. One side can be for electronics, such as your desktop computer, tablets, microphones, and charging stations. The other side can be for creativity purposes such as writing, packaging products, or drawing up designs.

Bring on the boho

Modern bohemian style is a popular ongoing trend in home decor so if the simplicity of it is something you gravitate towards, try integrating it into your home office.

Since the mood is relaxed, add a variety of carefree materials, such as rattan and macrame, on and around your desk. Use soft yet bold colors and prints for decor and position as many plants as possible. The idea is to make it feel warm and cozy yet motivational.

Make it manly

You can think of this style as an upgrade from a man cave. Retreating to the office is an easy task when your desk looks both masculine and sophisticated.

Look for a solid, rich-toned desk and accessories in bronze, wood, or leather. Stick with styles that are industrial or rustic in nature for an authentic look. You can go so far as to incorporate antique pieces that you love and will keep you inspired.

Get girly

You don't necessarily have to be in the beauty industry to have a desk inspired by your feminine side. If it's a style you enjoy, go all-out glam and set it up in the girliest way possible.

Incorporate soft colors into the desktop accessories, such as a pale pink tray that also doubles to corral supplies. Look for delicate accents in acrylic and gold, light a candle, add some flowers, and get to work in your new dreamy space.

Mix and match

Can't decide on one theme for your home office? Embrace a few different ideas.

Mix gold and silver metals within the legs of the chair and desk, as well as the tabletop decor and containers. Match a black chair with a white desk and hang a black and white print on the wall above it. Throw in different styles of greenery, from a potted tropical palm leaf tree to a desktop desert cactus. Let it help keep your mind and your eyes in top creativity mode.

Go crazy with color

If maximalism is your thing, spread the look to your desk set-up too. It can blend in with the rest of your home or could be the most creative part of it. The beauty of it is that you get to choose.

Incorporate your favorite colors and patterns into the desk itself, the office supplies or their organizers, and the walls surrounding the area. Play with paint and wallpaper to achieve the style you love and bring in eclectic accents such as a unique table lamp.

Pack style into a small space

No actual office? No problem. Any small area can be turned into a home office if you think outside the box a bit.

An alcove or underutilized closet space can become a hideaway perfect for productivity. Find a small desk that fits comfortably on all sides and install or make use of shelves above it to store supplies. Incorporate natural decor such as water hyacinth baskets and hanging plants to make it feel like a true office oasis.