Genius Ways To Use A Wire Shelf Riser From Dollar Tree To Maximize Storage

Keeping a home organized can be tricky. It often takes a lot of work, ample space, and the right products. However, that doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money on expensive organizational products or opt for a home expansion to create more space. Instead, an inexpensive wire shelf riser can be the budget-friendly item you need to maximize storage space in a small home. While typically placed in a kitchen cabinet to increase dish storage, the Essentials White Wire Cabinet Shelf that's $1.25 from Dollar Tree can also be used in the bathroom, office, craft room, and more to hold a variety of products. We've listed five ways to use this item to help you stay organized around your home.

These shelves, which are 10.04 inches long, 7.09 inches wide, and 5.91 inches tall, are versatile and inexpensive, allowing you to purchase multiple to either use together or use throughout the home. Wire shelf risers work well for organization because they utilize vertical space. A riser adds another level without taking up too much precious counter or cabinet space. You'll be able to store a few more items and utilize some often unused area. Whether you're trying to maximize a small living space or just wanting to make the most out of a larger house, this Dollar Tree shelf riser is a must-have tool.

Vanity storage

As one of the busiest and most-used rooms in the house, bathrooms need to be organized well. Particularly, vanities can always benefit from organizational methods that keep them neat and tidy. Organizing your bathroom vanity with a wire shelf riser is a great way to utilize vertical space and organize all of your cosmetics and toiletries. You can attach a wire riser to an Essentials Gold Wire Tray from Dollar Tree with zip ties and use another tray as the base. Then, spray paint the trays and riser. Cut out two pieces of cardboard that are the size of the bottom of the trays, cover them with contact paper, and place them on the trays. Once finished, you'll have a DIY vanity storage solution for less than $20 in materials.

You can then keep this organizer beside the sink on your bathroom vanity to hold makeup, perfume, or skincare products. This storage solution can also be a good space to hold a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Or, this two-tiered organizer can be more decorative and display small potted plants and candles to create a spa-like feel. Further, the bathroom doesn't have to be the only place this storage solution can benefit. Place this DIY organizer on a vanity in a bedroom or a walk-in closet. This can help organize the same kind of products outside the bathroom or act as a jewelry organizer, allowing quick access when getting dressed.

Desktop file organizer

An organized desk or workspace helps to reduce stress and can make you more productive. However, it's often easier said than done to keep a desk tidy and in order, especially when you're using it daily and for multiple tasks. If you have tons of papers to keep track of, this wire shelf riser can be a good way to organize your desk. Using two or more of the risers, you can create paper or file organizers that can sit on your desk and help keep it all in order.

Turn the risers upside down so the legs are facing upwards and overlap them from the sides so that the four legs are equidistant apart, creating three sections. Use zip ties to secure them in this position. You can then spray paint the piece if you want it to match the rest of your office decor or leave it white. You can also use round rubber bumpers on the bottom to help prevent the organizer from sliding around the surface.

The finished product can sit on your desk, on top of a filing cabinet, or on a nearby shelf. Then, place file folders that hold all of your papers in each of the slots. It may also be a good idea to separate each of the slots to aid in organization. Consider categories like to-do, currently working, and finished, or use them to organize homework or important documents with a slot for each of your kids.

Crafting storage

If you love crafting, you know how easy it is for supplies and tools to accumulate. These items can make your workspace or crafting corner messy and difficult to work in. So, having proper storage can make your crafting sessions more enjoyable and make finding what you need much easier. The wire shelf riser can help create more storage by utilizing vertical space and keeping all of your supplies within reach.

Use the shelf risers in combination with small containers like the Crafter's Square Wood Trays with Handles from Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. These organizers are great for holding both small items like buttons, needles, and washi tape as well as larger items like markers, pens, and paintbrushes. Using a few different organizers can help corral all your various crafting items, and the shelf risers can help keep them all in one place. You can also store larger items directly on the shelf risers, such as bottles of glue or paint.

Stacking the shelf risers can create a DIY shelf to hold all of your artistic needs. You can use one layer of the risers on your desk or worktop for all of your quick-access supplies. Another option is to use them on storage shelves or on top of cabinets for all of your surplus items.

Under the sink storage

Out of sight, out of mind is often the thought for unorganized spaces like under the sink. As long as you can close the cabinet door, the problem doesn't feel like something that needs to be immediately tackled. However, there are easy ways to make this space a little tidier using the wire shelf riser and a few other pieces of organization. Before you organize, it's suggested that you take stock of what you have. This can help you combine duplicate products, get rid of products you don't use or that are almost empty, and simply see the kind of cleaning products you use. Knowing what you have to organize can help you choose the best organizational method. It also helps to remove everything from underneath the sink so you can start with a fresh slate.

When the space underneath is completely clear, add the shelf risers. On the top level, you can store taller bottles of soap and cleaners. On the lower level, use storage containers with drawers. Store small items like dishwasher pods in these, or opt for longer versions that can hold sponges and cleaning tools like brushes and gloves. Take the organization a step further by using two shelf risers to create more designated cleaning sections. One shelf riser can be for dish cleaning supplies, while the other can be for cleaning the kitchen. This helps prevent confusion and keeps everything in its place.

Wall towel holder

Bath towels can be incredibly bulky and take up a lot of room. If you don't have a dedicated linen closet for your towels, you can turn these shelf risers into towel holders that hang right on your bathroom walls. Overlap the shelf risers and use zip ties to secure two or more together with the legs facing in the same direction. You want to leave about 6 to 10 inches of space to allow towels to be stacked on the risers' legs.

You can use simple screws installed on the walls that can hold the risers. The risers can be light, but with the weight of towels, you'll want to ensure the riser is screwed in and secure. This may mean installing it into a stud to prevent it from ripping out of the wall. You may also want to consider installing this outside of the bathroom, such as in a hall closet or laundry room, to prevent mold and mildew growth that can occur when you have fabric that is continuously in moist places.

Once the risers are installed, you can roll up the towels and place them on the legs. This is a great place to store extra towels when they're not in use. It also makes them easy to grab when you're ready for a fresh towel. You can also install these risers in the bathroom to hold your current bathroom towel or hang up your bathrobe or shower caps.