Here's Where You Can Visit Bella's House From Twilight

The "Twilight" film saga kicked off in 2008 with the first of five films based on the book series of the same name by Stephanie Meyer and became an instant hit among its target demographic. Starring Kristen Stewart as the main character Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as vampire love interest Edward Cullen, the first film earned $393.6 million worldwide in box office revenue alone, the last film increasing to a whopping $829.7 million, according to Statistica.

Many fans of the film series have a special attachment to Bella's hometown of Forks, Washington. In particular, many people are deeply, nostalgically attached to Bella's home shared with her dad Charlie Swan, played by Billy Burke. It will come as exciting news, then, that the Swan home is real and available to rent as an Airbnb. Don't plan an itinerary in Forks just yet, though, as the house is actually located in St. Helen's, Oregon, and it's booked clear through 2025.

Live like Bella Swan in Oregon Airbnb

The Oregon Airbnb, named "Twilight Swan House," is more than aware of its notoriety amongst the most diehard "Twilight" fans. So much so that the house is decorated in the exact fashion as the late aughts films. Bella's bedroom is still the same shade of sage green, with the same pink and red bedspread, string lights, hanging lantern, and even the same bedside lamp.

While real vampires aren't included in the vacation rental, there is certainly no escaping the impenetrable gaze of the infamous vampire ... at least, a cardboard cut out of him. A cutout of Edward can be accurately found in Bella's room, as can a cutout of Bella herself in one of the guest bedrooms. There's even a cutout of Jacob in one of the bedrooms, perfectly accommodating for every fan.

According to the records, the home was sold in 2018 for just $363,000. The owners have certainly more than made their money back, with the solidly booked Airbnb going for $400 a night. While the home came with four bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, the current owners have made room for five bedrooms, accommodating up to eight people. More than just being an iconic homage to the even more iconic film series, the house is also very close to Portland and is located in a historic riverfront town. It is also a short drive away from other filming locations, like Silver Falls State Park and The Carver Cafe.