All The Homes That Rihanna Has Lived In

Since she was just 16 years old, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has been known to us as none other than Rihanna, who gave us hits like "Umbrella," "Disturbia," and "Take a Bow." Per Biography, it all began when the blooming singer moved to the United States from Barbados. She signed with Def Jam records and was immediately launched into stardom when her first album sold a whopping 2 million records.

These days, Rihanna is worth $1.7 billion, said Forbes, and her huge wealth can be attributed to a lot more than just music. Rihanna also runs super-successful cosmetics and lingerie companies, and she used to own a clothing company, too. Fittingly, she's poured a lot of that cash into real estate, and the 30-something has already lived in a dozen houses — some she rented, some she owned, and some she flipped. Here's where the edgy yet lovable pop sensation has called home throughout the years.

Rihanna's $14 million rustic-chic Beverly Hills home that she bought before her pregnancy

Perhaps Rihanna was building her nest long before she revealed her pregnancy to the world in January of 2022. About nine months prior to the big news, Rihanna dropped nearly $14 million on a rustic-chic estate in Beverly Hills. According to the New York Post, the star's then-new home includes five bedrooms and more than 7,000 square feet — plenty of room for a new arrival. There's even a guest house onsite, just in case the grandparents come for a visit.

Despite the home's modern appeal with its neutral tones and updated fixtures, the property dates back nearly 85 years, making it clear that the former owners took a lot of care to ensure that the space stayed up-to-date and celebrity-worthy. It is neighbored by other celeb homes, too, like Paul McCartney's. But Rihanna has her own paradise in her abode. An infinity pool sits in the middle of the lush lawn, also accessible by a living room wall that completely opens up. The kitchen has a rare two islands, both of which are outfitted in marble and underneath retro gold chandeliers. But if the one island's breakfast bar isn't enough space for morning eats, a breakfast nook with quilted leather seating is just around the corner. Adjacent to the kitchen, the living room features a low-profile white couch atop beige hardwood floors, all with a great pool view.

Rihanna's $10 million Beverly Hills mansion right next door to her other one

But as beautiful as Rihanna's aforementioned Beverly Hills home is, it doesn't seem to have been enough space for the Barbadian sensation. Just about three months after dropping nearly $14 million on one home, she paid another $10 million for the place right next door in an off-market deal. Per Dirt, the residence is also about 85 years old and was extensively renovated by the former owners, who paid only $5 million for it just six years prior. It's slightly smaller than Rihanna's other Beverly Hills home, with four bedrooms and 3,500 square feet, so perhaps Rihanna plans to use it as another home for visitors.

Since the deal was off-market, we can't be completely sure what the place looks like inside today, but we can snoop at some pre-renovation photos and see that it also has a rustic charm, just like Rihanna's neighboring house. Exposed wood beams and an arched wood ceiling add a huge wow-factor to the living room, which also includes a wrought iron chandelier and a fireplace. The living space and kitchen flow into one another, and are also next to floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the pool area. Plus, the primary suite can essentially double as its own living space, since it includes its own sitting area, a cozy fireplace, and a patio overlooking the lush backyard. There's also a one-bedroom space for visitors atop the garage.

The London mansion she secretly rented for two years for $90,000 per month

Rihanna may hail from Barbados, but she clearly has some love for the United Kingdom, too. The Times reported that Rihanna secretly spent almost three years residing at a seriously envy-inducing estate in London that cost her a whopping $90,000 per month to rent. Besides the mansion's many amenities — it includes a 10-car driveway, a private fitness center, an entertainment room, and two stories of space ideal for visitors –- it's also located in the perfect location. That's because the residence is in St. John's Wood, a district known for its beautiful leafy streets, being the headquarters of English cricket, and also being the home of Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles often recorded.

With a pure white façade atop a manicured lawn, Rihanna's estate was eye-catching on more than just the exterior. Inside, the star enjoyed tons of stylish, modern furniture and even an elevator and heated floors for those chilly English nights. An open floorplan made living seamless, as the dining room, living room, and a sitting area were all attached to the gourmet kitchen — which was staffed with a private chef, of course. Fun, chic furnishings with no boring items in sight filled all the spaces. So what had brought Rihanna here in the first place? She lived here while dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, so perhaps it was an ideal in-between spot for the then-lovebirds who called it quits right before the pandemic.

Rihanna's Hamptons estate that cost $415,000 per month

But believe it not, that $90,000 per month in rent was just pocket change compared to what Rihanna spent to stay in the Hamptons for one month. The New York Post said that in July of 2020, Rihanna lived in a colossal North Sea mansion right on the water after shelling out $415,000. We can't be completely sure why Rihanna was so apt to hang out here for a bit; however, it may be because, at the time, she was searching for a Hamptons home to buy. Or maybe she just wanted a bit of a break from that summer's pandemic nightmare.

If this classic Hamptons estate looks familiar to reality TV fans, that's because it is. The residence that Rihanna rented was the same spot that Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian lived in six years prior while in the New York hotspot for "Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons." We can see why — this fabulous abode includes five bedrooms, nearly 9,000 square feet, a pool, and a dock on the water stocked with a boat and jet skis. But inside, it gets even better. Seeming to jive with Rihanna's taste for modern farmhouse, this mansion has just that, with exposed white wood beams in the living room, wood floors, and lots of neutral zen-like tones. Some fun furnishings also dot the space, like a cowhide rug and a 12-seat dining table with wicker chairs.

Rihanna's $22 million home in Barbados that she bought to be closer to her family

Even though Rihanna has many stunning properties in the United States and elsewhere, she hasn't forgotten her native Barbados. According to Page Six, in 2013, she spent a stunning $22 million on a home there, right around the corner from Simon Cowell and the internationally-known Sandy Lane Hotel, which it is part of. And she must have really wanted it — she paid about $20,000 over the asking price to score it. But it does make sense, considering how often Rihanna heads back to Barbados to see her mom, who is also her accountant, as well as her grandfather.

With five bedrooms and 10,000 square feet of living space, Rihanna's Barbados abode has plenty of room for her family to visit and make a vacation out of their own home country. It's designed with both luxury and tropical living in mind. Attached to many bedrooms and living spaces are patios, ideal for taking in the Caribbean views. It also includes a jaw-dropping foyer fit for a palace, marked by a winding staircase. Plus, the home is full of amenities, such as a personal fitness center, a private outdoor pool, a 24-hour Sandy Lane Hotel concierge, and full-time security to keep out any nosy fans and paparazzi. However, it's quite private regardless — there are only about half-a-dozen homes of this type attached to the resort, per Square Yards.

Rihanna's paparazzi-proof condo in L.A.'s Century City

What do you do when crazed fans are breaking onto the property of your already-high security Pacific Palisades abode? You head somewhere even more paparazzi-proof, of course. That's exactly what Rihanna did after a few people were seen at her beachside residence. As per The Hollywood Reporter, after the frightening incident in 2017, Rihanna packed up and headed to her Century Tower condo in Century City, about 20 minutes away from the Pacific Palisades. However, this is no ordinary condo — it's in a building that was literally made for A-list celebrities. Just look at its roster — Candy Spelling and Paula Abdul have condos here, too.

Rihanna's condo includes 3,600 square feet of living space and cost her about $5 million when she picked it up in 2014, said Dirt. Throughout the 42 floors of the building, residents here enjoy an always-on valet service, personal elevators, and tiered security systems thought to be paparazzi-proof. But, since it is still for celebrities, there's also a 75-foot-pool with personal cabanas for residents. It also includes insane views of both the mountains and ocean, continued TopLACondos. If the celebrities are feeling antsy, there are four acres of gardens for residents looking for a green escape. The gardens are full of manicured shrubbery and palm trees surrounded by opulent fountains.

Rihanna's Hollywood Hills mansion overlooking the Sunset Strip

If there was ever a time to put a house back on the market, it was 2021, when real estate prices were sky-high and bidders were fighting each other off with cash and above-ask offers. So, that's exactly what Rihanna did. The New York Post reported that after Rihanna's 7,000 square foot Hollywood Hills mansion neglected to find a buyer in late 2018 for nearly $7.5 million, she put it back on sale in late 2021 for $300,000 more. It would be a big win for Rihanna, who paid a million less than that for the six-bedroom mansion when she bought it in 2017.

As a new build — it was built in 2015 — this home has all of the trimmings for an A-list celebrity like Rihanna. These include a Spanish-style exterior, an infinity pool, an entertainment room, a private theater, and a home gym. The estate also has many modern yet chic touches, including geometric chandeliers, neutral tones, exposed wood beams, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Plus, the abode has stunning views of the entire lush property, as well as the Sunset Strip, continued E! News. Those views also include the colossal driveway, where Rihanna can house her many cars, as well as lots of security via a gate — which makes sense considering she bought it the same year that trespassers invaded her Pacific Palisades home.

Rihanna's Chinatown penthouse that she rented for $50,000 per month

London and the Hamptons weren't the only places Rihanna called temporary homes. Forbes said that the star rented a four-bedroom penthouse in Chinatown in NYC for about four years, and paid a pretty penny to do so. She shelled out $50,000 per month to call the 4,600 square foot apartment hers. However, we can definitely see why. It's owned by a fashion photographer who has shot tons of celebrities, and his home has been listed for up to $17 million through the years. The apartment, which the photographer bought for just $6 million nearly two decades ago, has some seriously stunning details.

The whole penthouse takes up an entire two floors of the building. Inside the building that dates back more than 120 years, Rihanna's apartment has an outdoor space bigger than most homes at 2,400 square feet. From there, residents can see everything from the Empire State Building to all of bustling lower Manhattan. Plus, it includes its own elevator — perfect for a celebrity with as many nosy fans as Rihanna — and towering ceilings that make the home super sunny and airy. To make it even cozier, the apartment includes a fireplace for those chilly Big Apple nights. There's also a gourmet kitchen with the best appliances on the market, said StreetEasy, and even items like a wine fridge for storing wine at the optimal temperature.

Rihanna's 11,000 square foot Pacific Palisades mansion that fetched $100,000 rental prices

For a few months in 2012, Rihanna called another part of California home — the Pacific Palisades. There she rented a modern mansion with a whopping 11,000 square feet and seven bedrooms. Forbes reported that Rihanna loved the cozy home so much she actually tried to buy it, but her offer was $180,000 short of making a deal work. However, we could see why Rihanna was eager to make the estate her own. It had been rented to other tenants for a stunning $100,000 per month, and in 2016, it hit the market for more than $14.5 million with plenty of amenities in tow to back up its listing price.

Located on an acre of land atop a grassy hill, the mansion has glamour from the moment someone walks in the door thanks to a double staircase, which makes for a seriously grand entrance. From there, there's a cozy living room with lots of minimalist furniture and white and burnt orange details. In the connected dining room, there's an area for storing wine and even a full bar and lounge, so Rihanna never had to venture too far for a drink. And there's plenty of room in the gourmet kitchen, too, which has a unique fireplace that stretches all the way to the ceiling. In here, Rihanna also enjoyed a breakfast bar and top-of-the-line appliances.

Rihanna's Spanish-style West Hollywood home that she flipped for $100,000 in three months

In 2017, Rihanna put her real estate mogul skills to work and made $100,000 in just three months. Per Dirt, the pop singer picked up a Mediterranean escape in West Hollywood for $2.75 million. Located in a coveted neighborhood, she sold the place for an amazing $100,000 more just three months later. However, the great location is by no means the only feature this home had working for it. Like many of Rihanna's other houses, it also had prime security thanks to a foreboding gate and lots of manicured shrubbery. Behind that, Rihanna lived in a 2,600 square foot, four-bedroom abode with its own office space.

Inside, Rihanna's villa had a primary suite with its own balcony and walk-in closet fit for a star with a huge wardrobe. The all-white bathroom with a standing tub had many resort-worthy features for a spa escape after a long day. All three of the other bedrooms had ensuite bathrooms, too. Rihanna also enjoyed an all-white kitchen with a flowing dining area, all atop distressed wood floors and under a candlelit, wrought iron chandelier. Floor-to-ceiling windows opened up to the pool area, allowing in the California breeze. Even the snug house's outdoor space and the guesthouse were envy-worthy. Outside, the place had a huge swimming pool and a building that could hold a car, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Rihanna's Hollywood Hills estate dubbed 'The Fortress'

Rihanna is serious about security — so much so that she rented a $60,000-per-month pad in the Hollywood Hills that was dubbed "The Fortress." While she rented it, it was worth $7 million. According to, it more than deserved the name — it had the tightest security available for celebrities and was in a spot atop the Hollywood Hills. However, the nickname makes sense for another reason, too. Thanks to its many outside-the-box steel and concrete details, the place literally looks like a fortress.

Inside the living area, towering concrete walls surrounded gold, opulent furnishings all underneath a second-floor viewing area. The primary suite, one of the home's eight bedrooms, sat perched atop it all, adorned with a fireplace to bring some warmth to the otherwise cold, nearly all-gray space. Even the minimalist kitchen was outfitted in all steel. Downstairs, though, there was a warmer space for hanging out with a private theater next to a bar. Outside, though, sunlight spreads easily thanks to an infinity pool surrounded by a grassy lawn and plenty of lounge chairs. The estate even has 20 parking spots, perfect for Rihanna's car collection. Oddly enough, though, "The Fortress" is surrounded by busy streets, so its security staff has to keep busy.

Rihanna's modest, lime-green childhood home in Barbados

But long before the million-dollar mansions and the six-figure rentals, pop sensation Rihanna truly was a girl-next-door, judging by her childhood home in Bridgetown, Barbados. Per Encircle Photos, Rihanna lived in a charming, lime-green abode with her big family — including five siblings — for more than a decade while she was growing up. Then, she headed to the United States in 2005 to launch her singing career, which clearly worked out in the star's favor. But Rihanna, as well as her home country, has never forgotten where she came from. Bridgetown even renamed the one-way street that Rihanna's childhood home is on to Rihanna Drive, said Caribbean Journal.

Rihanna's former home is just one of the many colorful houses on what used to be called Westbury New Road, but of course, all of the neighbors remember the place as the singer's former home. But besides visiting fans who want to see where Rihanna grew up, the street is otherwise fairly quiet. It also has a little bar called Willmar's Bar, decorated with a rooster mural, and a few other small businesses that Rihanna used to ride her bike past as a child.