Inside Rihanna's Beverly Hills Mansion

Millennial multi-hyphenate (singer-businesswoman-fashion muse-creator) Rihanna regularly makes news for doing her thing and doing it well. Of course, doing one's thing is most important as an individual. Yet for many women and people of color, their capacity to inspire similarly situated others by virtue of doing one's thing cannot be overstated. To this point, many appreciators (especially women and people of color) observe and appreciate how Rihanna's various empires can inspire sonic genre-bending, entrepreneurial creativity, and overall human exploration, per The New York Times

Longtime fans know that Rihanna's musical career began in the United States when the songstress was a teenager. But, before exploring her musical craft (and impressing Jay Z) stateside, Rihanna was well-known in her native island of Barbados in the Caribbean. In addition to these dynamics, many onlookers also appreciate the material and conceptual success of Rihanna's aesthetic-based businesses, including Fenty Beauty (a brand that digitally shook the table in large part by including high-quality makeup that also reflected a shade range of human skin tones in an industry long decried for keeping products in the ivory, taupe, and tan complexion range). Apparently, Fenty Hair is in the works, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Beyond the mogul's penchant for serving both sound and looks, Rihanna's real estate prowess may also serve as inspiration to those who enjoy keeping up with her.

A beautiful mansion that's centrally located

As the New York Post observed, Rihanna purchased a beautiful Beverly Hills mansion in March of 2021. Rihanna's California home is a spacious five bedrooms with seven bathrooms. She purchased it for nearly $14 million. Situated in the upscale Beverly Hills Post Office region, nearby attractions include Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Park and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (via Nest Seekers). For context, a studio apartment in this area sells for nearly $9 million, while rent for the same is about $9,700 per month. 

From a construction and stylistic standpoint, Rihanna's Beverly Hills home is considered a contemporary farmhouse. As My Domaine observed, farmhouse properties are usually built on a large plot of land and include features such as sizable living spaces, costly kitchen areas, and overall minimalist décor. This home includes 7,628 square feet of internal space and a guest house. The mansion is a 1938 build constructed atop a half-acre of land. Given the creativity and exclusivity of the area, it makes sense that one of her neighbors is Paul McCartney, as the Post reported.

A neutral color scheme with vibrant pops

Rihanna's home includes several noteworthy and beautiful details in terms of both design and furnishing choices, as noted by Zillow. Some of the features in this home, such as geometric wall selections and structurally pointy light fixtures, infuse visual interest into the space. The overall color scheme for the property includes both neutral options and more vibrant pops of color. In particular, many spaces within the home reflect black and white choices. The pops of color come by way of orange and warm-toned brown selections. 

The property also includes wooden floors, with grey and white marble floors are inside one of the bathrooms. Overall, black, white, and grey contrasting furniture pieces and details recur in the residence. Additional details inside the house include modern furniture pieces and open layout rooms. In one living space of the home, white walls contrast with black furniture, including black chairs with golden brown wooden accents.

A farmhouse chic design aesthetic

A circular, gold-trimmed mirror hangs on the dining room wall and visually expands the space by reflecting light, as seen on Zillow. Gold and white light fixtures complement the dining and living space and gold hardware is present throughout. This Beverly Hills home also includes a kitchen where double white marble islands float. Beyond the kitchen choices though, sleek modern furniture also sits throughout the home. The pieces add both contemporary and comfortable elements. 

Rihanna's 90210 property also includes an inner spaciousness and cozy features such as a fireplace. Wooden floors and furniture pieces with wooden details also complement this recurrent natural aspect of the home. A chevron-adjacent detail adds visual interest to the wooden floors in one of the sitting rooms. Likewise, one of the living spaces in the home includes a white wall with a diamond design. It is possible that the wall's diamond design is a visual reference to the singer's hit 2012 song "Diamonds."