The Best Time To Shop The Sales At IKEA

There's no doubt that everyone loves a great shopping deal. Maybe you go through the mail to find coupons and save them for later when you go out on your shopping trip. But have you noticed that you get better deals on certain days than others? Apparently, a plethora of stores have specific days when their clearance sales go up and when markdowns are made, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady. The days for each store are different depending on their operations, but there's one store with already low prices where you can also find great deals on certain days: IKEA.

IKEA is a Swedish furniture store that first opened its doors in 1958, according to IKEA. There are 467 stores worldwide and 68 spread across North America. It's a store known for producing affordable furniture that won't break on you after a week. In fact, Americans love IKEA so much that the furniture store made a $4.7 billion profit in 2020 in the United States alone, according to IKEA. Now, although the prices are already low, there's still no reason why you shouldn't hunt for the best deals.

Find deals on Mondays

The Krazy Coupon Lady says that an IKEA on a Monday is the best place to be. Many of us have been in the As-Is section, where you'll find either damaged, returned, or previous display items. Sometimes you spot a few pieces with some annoying dents, while others are perfectly fine. Well, when you enter that section on Mondays, it's possible to find items that are 50% off from the original price. As a furniture store with original pricing that's already pretty low when compared to its competitors, this deal feels like a steal.

On Wednesdays, look out for the 10% As-Is discount, according to Apartment Therapy. However, that deal does differ between stores, so be sure to make a call before getting your hopes up. Now, the best month to explore this section is actually June. This is the month before new merchandise is brought to the floor. Because room needs to be made before new merchandise is displayed, all the old displays are moved to the As-Is section. At this time, 70% of items in this section are previous display items that have not been bought or damaged.