IKEA Furniture Hack For Tastefully Hiding Your Litter Box

In the United States alone, about 39 million people own cats, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. This makes sense because they are lovely and adorable creatures that bring fun and curiosity into any home. Although there are countless upsides to owning a cat, there is a particular downside that some owners don't know how to deal with — the dreaded litter box. You know, the thing that your cats use to relieve themselves? Well, due to its purpose, there are some owners who aren't quite sure where the perfect location for it would be.

Some may think to put their litter box in the bedroom, but according to Ask My Cats, that isn't the best idea. Cat feces can be quite dangerous when left open in a concealed room where you sleep, as it contains parasites that can cause humans to fall ill. So, where can you put your cat's litter box? Luckily, there are plenty of Ikea hacks to solve this issue.

Be decorative while hiding your litter box

According to Salty Canary, the IKEA double locker cabinet should do the trick. This cabinet is about $130 and comes in three different colors: White, red, and blue. It may be a bit pricey as a bathroom for your cat, but it also has enough space to store litter and cat food as well. This hack requires the owner to cut out a small hole on the side of your cabinet that is big enough for your cat to walk in and out of. When doing this, it's important to follow certain steps and have the proper supplies.

Salty Canary says that you'll need a cat door, drill and metal drill bits, tin snips, pencil, gloves, a litter box, and of course, kitty litter. There are also other materials that are listed as optional, such as a litter mat and catnip spray. After obtaining these tools, you must build the cabinet but leave out the shelves. Once that is complete, it is time to outline and cut out where you would like your kitty door to be. If the directions have been properly followed, then you should end up with a new and stylish litter box for your cat. Since there is space on top, you could also place knickknacks above by gluing them down (in case kitty gets rowdy in the cabinet) to add your own personal flair.