Here's The Most Comfortable Couch At IKEA

Regardless of your IKEA furniture assembling abilities, it's hard to deny that shopping at IKEA is a great way to save money while stocking up on stylish, modern furniture and home decor. Known for its low prices and surprisingly high-quality products, Ikea is the go-to destination for millions of people who know that saving money does not have to come at the cost of giving up their Pinterest-inspired vision of having a sleek, stylish living room.

Affordable furniture doesn't have to come at the cost of giving up comfort either, and many people are surprised to know that Ikea offers stylish, affordable couches that your guests will actually want to sit on and that you will actually want to curl up on with a book and a cozy blanket after a long day. To save you the time and hassle of assembling and testing out the couches for yourself, we have compiled a list of what people deem as the most comfortable couches at IKEA.

The most comfortable couch for napping

The editorial team at Apartment Therapy rated the retailer's 13 most popular couches from one to five on different aspects of comfortability such as overall sit, seat softness, napability, seat depth, seat height, and overall comfort. The Stockholm sofa ranked the highest on overall comfort and napability, largely due to its deep seats (making it the highest-ranking sofa in seat depth as well.)

Arlyn Hernandez, Design Editor at Apartment Therapy. pointed out that the Stockholm sofa is so large that it is basically like a bed, even though it's a couch. Hernandez went on to say that this is a couch perfect for a media room where people want to lounge or as a couch in a smaller apartment to be used as a space for overnight guests to rest.

In another ranking on Lonny, the Flottebo sleeper sofa received the highest marks for napability, and reviewers raved about its ability to transform into a bed that's 47x78 inches once — even longer than and nearly as wide as a full-size mattress. One reviewer said their overnight guests think this couch is as comfortable as any bed.

The most comfortable couch for entertaining

The Kivik sofa also ranks high across the board for shoppers looking for a classic couch comfortable and stylish enough to impress even the pickiest of guests who might stop over. With a chaise lounge that can be reconfigured and look chic on either end of the couch, the Kivik Sofa is customizable enough for any space or social situation. Plus, Hip2Save highlights the convenience of its low, flat armrests that can be used as a table when entertaining guests with beverages or snacks on the couch. It also has a washable slipcover for easy cleaning for accidental spills that inevitably come with entertaining.

Shayna, an IKEA employee, told Hip2Save that she loves her Kivik loveseat and chaise. Arlyn Hernandez from Apartment Therapy agreed, saying that the super-wide arms make up for their lowness and offer a nice extra pillow space for resting your head.

The most comfortable couch for small spaces

Those living in studio apartments or dorm rooms know the struggle of shopping for a comfortable, space-saving couch all too well. Luckily, those who don't have a large enough space for a traditional, larger-sized couch don't have to sacrifice comfort just to get something small enough to fit in their space. The Uppland loveseat is the perfect option for those looking for big comfort from a little couch. With a maximum width of 71.6 inches and a maximum depth of 36.25 inches, this couch is ideal for those looking to make the most out of the small amount of space they do have (especially since it comes in seven different colors!)

Not to mention, it was ranked as having the "best slipcover" by MyDomaine. That means that when you're eating dinner on your couch (since your tiny apartment didn't actually come with a dining room), it is super easy to remove the cover and toss it in the wash in the event of a red wine or marinara disaster.