30 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors To Inspire Creativity

Creativity in the kitchen can inspire new dishes, fun crafts with the kids, or new serving platter designs. But what is one of the driving forces of creativity in the kitchen? While the right ingredients and a nice oven will help, a colorful kitchen can also make your imagination run wild. For example, an orange kitchen can inspire you to start making fresh juice each morning, while a green kitchen can inspire you to create healthy lunch salads and bring more plants into the house.

So, which paint colors are the most innovative? Fast Company reported that green had been scientifically proven to enhance innovation, while blue helps calm the mind, which opens it to inspiration. Each of the examples below offers unique cupboard colors that are sure to make you more creative in the kitchen, whether you're tinkering with a new cake recipe or coming up with the perfect entrée. So skip the white kitchen and try something a little more adventurous!

1. Beam with bright red

Imagine the possibilities in a kitchen this bright and happy! Shiny red cabinets are sure to spark your creativity in the morning while also inspiring you to be powerful throughout the day.

2. Get drastic with a deeper red

Consider a deeper bright red for a drastic look in lighter-colored kitchens. These cupboards are sure to inspire plenty of tasty meals and provide lots of energy.

3. Ease into matte red

If bright and shiny reds are a little too much for your mornings, you can opt for a milder matte red for your cabinets. Red is a power color—feel like the master chef in your kitchen with this inspiring hue.

4. Brighten your day with orange cabinets

This crisp orange is perfect for adding a little creativity to the kitchen. You may find yourself craving tangerines every morning, though.

5. Try vintage orange

This orange shade is a little more subdued and has a bit of a vintage feel. It would pair well with avocado green appliances from the 1970s.

6. Capture the sunshine

Be inspired to wake up and start the day in this bright yellow kitchen. Of course, you don't have to make the entire kitchen yellow. Yellow cabinets would pair well with white, gray, or other neutral-colored walls.

7. Try a mellow yellow

A mellow yellow may be more suited to your kitchen if you want something bright but not too flashy. These yellow cupboards really give this gray kitchen a delightful glow.

8. Pretty in coral pink

Combining beautiful colors is a great way to inspire creativity. This light coral pink shade mixed with green gives this kitchen a vintage look that will inspire plenty of gelatin casseroles.

9. Perfectly pink

If you want a pastel kitchen, try going with pink blush cabinets. In this kitchen, the pale pink cabinets blend well with the gray walls.

10. Contrasting pink and black cabinets

The combination of dark and light gives this kitchen such a creative atmosphere. Mixing colors is fun and exciting. The bright pink cabinets fit well with the blue-ish black island.

11. Minty green kitchen

This minty light turquoise color brings a little something extra to this pale pink kitchen. You'll be inspired to spend extra time in here, baking and crafting.

12. Modern avocado kitchen

If you're a fan of the vintage avocado green of past kitchens, this green is a modern version. It looks nice and crisp with white and off-white walls and appliances.

13. Dabble in dark green

If you prefer a darker green, this evergreen color will look fabulous all year round. It will look great with neutral tones.

14. Classic green hues

This dark avocado tone has a classic look. While it would pair nicely with a muted yellow or light pink, it looks just as great with gray or white.

15. Tremendous turquoise cupboards

Whether you're going for a beachy atmosphere or you want to angle for a vintage look, turquoise is a great choice. You'll find plenty of creative inspiration while surrounded by this dreamy beach-inspired paint color.

16. Blue kitchen paradise

This shade of blue is a beautiful color for kitchen cupboards. This hue is sure to brighten up the room and make the kitchen your favorite place to be.

17. Dark blue pizzazz

Darker colors inspire creativity as well. This kitchen offers warmth in a deep and rich blue color. The shade pairs well with the white walls but would look nice with brighter colors as well.

18. Denim in the kitchen

You'll be inspired to tinker with a new recipe while cooking in this unique indigo kitchen. It would look awesome paired with either neon colors or classic white shades.

19. Blending yellows and blues

Let this kitchen inspire your creative color pairing skills. Yellow and blue make great partners and give a fun feel to this kitchen setup.

20. Pristine pale blues

You don't have to go crazy with colors to have a creative kitchen. These two shades of pale blue combined with white in this small kitchen give it a cool vintage feel.

21. Creative blues

With so many shades of blue to choose from, you can pick something truly unique for your kitchen. This denim-looking blue will get your creative juices going while cooking.

22. Not all blues are bright

While bright blues give the kitchen a lively feel, this grayish-blue is an excellent option for an inspiring and creative kitchen with deeper tones. 

23. Vintage blues

Make your blue cupboards pop by getting creative with shadowing. This gorgeous kitchen blends dark and light blue shades to give its cupboards dimension.

24. Pleasantly purple

This shade of purple is not only easy on the eyes, but it is also cheerful and inspiring. While it's paired with white here for a tidy look, imagine all of the other colors it would look fabulous with.

25. Deep purple delights

This deeper shade of purple makes the lower cabinets in this basic white kitchen stand out. The look is still minimalist but with a twist.

26. Hues of lavender

Combine shades of purple for a kitchen that looks suitable for Ursula from "The Little Mermaid." You can be as creative as you want with your space, and this bold color combo will spark your imagination daily.

27. Add some stripes

These shiny purple drawers and cabinets are fit for royalty. In addition, the gray and white striped walls add something fun and creative to this kitchen.

28. Neon purple passion

Go for a retro vibe with some neon colors. These neon cabinets make even a dreary white kitchen look bright and inviting.

29. Taste the rainbow

Enjoy all of the colors of the rainbow in your kitchen. Who says you have to paint all of the cupboards the same color?

30. Inspire your dark side

Whether you want a gothic-looking kitchen or you're aiming for a classic style, this look is perfect. Consider using chalkboard paint for added creative fun.