Here's Why An Unused Plant Saucer Belongs On Your Kitchen Countertop

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If your kitchen seems overrun with clutter, you're not alone. Yes, you can organize a messy kitchen and banish cluttered utensils with some awesome drawer storage hacks, but what about your countertops? They can quickly become inundated with soap, scrub brushes, sponges, and more, leaving your counters disorganized and cluttered. According to TikToker @myhomeinlittlesquares77, you can easily rectify this issue with nothing more than an unused plant saucer. Since they come in a variety of sizes, you can use these trays to neatly store all your basic kitchen counter necessities. Not only does this provide fast and affordable organization to any space, but it also gives your kitchen countertops a sleek, sophisticated appearance. 

The great thing about this hack is that you can purchase plant saucers virtually anywhere. For example, Amazon sells a two-pack of white ceramic saucers for less than $19. These are 6" in diameter, making them ideal for a variety of soaps, sponges, and more, but you can purchase them in a larger size if needed. You can also use these plant trays to organize your bathroom countertops, provided you have a big enough vanity and not a pedestal sink. 

Purchase your favorite plant saucer

According to @myhomeinlittlesquares77, grab an unused tray for instant countertop organization. You can even purchase multiple trays if you have a lot of clutter. Use one tray to organize hand and dish soap and another to straighten up sponges, scrub brushes, and other cleaning tools. Always measure your counter space to see what size plant saucer fits best, as sizes vary greatly depending on your needs. You could even purchase square plant drip trays if you're looking to make good use of corner space. If you store herbs and spices on your counters, consider placing an unused plant saucer beneath them. You could also add one of these trays to your kitchen table, organizing your salt and pepper shakers. 

Since these saucers come in every color of the rainbow, you can easily tidy up your kitchen while tying into your home's color scheme. If you want to upcycle, consider looking for plant trays at thrift stores or garage sales. If you can find one for a few dollars, you'll have an affordable hack that keeps waste out of landfills. Remember that plant saucers don't have drainage holes, so water collects. Just be sure to rinse them frequently and give them a thorough scrubbing every so often, especially the bottom, as this works to prevent mildew. And if they're dishwasher-friendly, even better!