Banish Unsightly Kitchen Utensil Clutter With This Genius Cabinet Tip

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If you cook a lot, chances are you've built up a collection of utensils over the years that don't yet have a home. Perhaps they're shoved in a drawer in a disorderly way or simply sit shoved into a holder on your countertop. When cooking, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for a specific tool that's buried underneath a mountain of knives. Enter this super handy utensil hack, which involves installing specific areas for your utensils within your cabinets.

The way this hack works is by giving you the space to store your knives, spoons, and other miscellaneous kitchen items properly, as seen in a TikTok by @kadilakhomes, thus freeing up countertop room and preventing clutter from building up. You probably have designated places for your plates and bowls, so it makes perfect sense to create a go-to area for your utensils, too. Plus, if you're not confident in your DIY skills, you can buy a premade insert to slot into your cabinet, meaning you don't have to waste money on remodeling anything.

Never feel stressed by cluttered countertops again

Premade organizers like the Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Storage Organizer, which can be found on Amazon and is available in two sizes, are ideal for slotting into an empty cabinet. The included sections will make your kitchen far more organized with very little effort. If you have a lot of larger utensils, it's best to store these together in one of the metal inserts and leave the other sections for narrower items. It's also a good idea to map out which items you use the most so you can place these closest to the door opening. 

For example, if you own a handful of knives but only really reach for two on a daily basis, store these ones together in one of the front compartments. Or, split by category and put knives, spoons, and tongs in their respective place so you know exactly where to find a utensil when it's time to use it. Super simple yet incredibly effective, you'll be surprised how much more smoothly cooking goes when you're not stressed out by utensils strewn across every surface.