Stylish Ways To Decorate The Corners Of Your Home

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Every home has those nooks and crannies that are empty or nonchalantly decorated with filler items. "While these pieces can be great when they really speak to you, oftentimes we find ourselves buying them just to buy something," Alessandra Wood, interior designer at Modsy, told Insider. Take back your space and give those corners some purpose in your interior. With a bit of sprucing and planning, a corner of the room can become one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots in the whole house.

Are you picturing a corner in a room in your home yet? What do you envision for this space? Maybe a houseplant, a light, or a chaise lounge. Turn a bare, unused corner into a statement worthy visual. This spot is the perfect little place to display decorative elements that enhance the interior in a big way. Figuring out what you want from your corner space is step one. Continue reading for all the stylish ways to decorate the corners of your home and transform an entire room.

Find the perfect plant

Not every plant is the same, so not every plant is for you. The plant(s) you pick for your interior should match the type of water gardener you are just as much as the corner it's filling. That's right, determine (realistically) if you are overwatering or underwatering. Whether you are a specific type or fall somewhere between, all plants require different levels of care that you may or may not be able to take on.

For those underwater types, snake plants are the plant for you. The spiky, vertical appearance is perfect for a corner and requires very little liquid. "Those can go for a month without water," Sharon Nejman, Senior Horticulturist at Chicago Botanic Garden, told Good Housekeeping. Various types of cacti and philodendrons are suitable options as well. If you tend to reach for the watering can too much, you need some greenery that could practically live in a swamp. Consider multiple types of ferns, peace lily, and elephant ear plants since these rooted beauties can handle a downpour. If you're seeking a plant that fits on a shelf, look no further than a potted pothos, coin plant, or English ivy. A touch of green can liven up any corner of the house.

Place stools at the right height

A stool is one of the most versatile home decor items a person can possess. There are many uses for a stool in an interior, both practical and pretty. A wooden, metal, or ceramic stool could be just the piece you need in the corner of a room. Not just any old counter stool like the ones you would sit on at a kitchen island, but an accent stool. A wooden stool like the teak one available at Serena & Lily is tall enough to be used as an accent table or perch for small decor in the corner.

A person could decorate an accent stool like they would a table and place small decor items, picture frames, or a stack of books on top. You can create these landing places in the corner of a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or hallway. When selecting a stool for the corner of a room, opt for one taller and more slender than the typical stool. Try picking a stool under 20 inches since you won't need it for an extra seat as much as a tabletop for accessories. These stools are typically narrower, making them the perfect silhouette to be tucked into a corner.

Create a vertical gallery wall

If you have a corner that could use a bit of makeover, consider displaying a gallery wall of picture frames to tackle the void. Whether decorating the living room, bathroom, bedroom, den, or office, you can change up a space with just a few new frames and artwork. Draw the eye's attention to the corner of any room and fill up the wall space on either side of the meeting point by hanging a collection of framed art and photographs.

When sourcing which images to display in the frames, carefully plan the layout to ensure a common theme runs throughout all the pieces on the wall. Try to mix the colors and art of the frame with photos and drawings for an authentic grouping. "Stick to the same color throughout for a uniformed look, opt for black & white for a minimalist feel, or mix family holiday photos with seascapes, or architectural prints from your favorite destination to create a memory wall," Molly Pusey, VP at Print Haven, told Good Housekeeping. Select images or art in varying colors and tones to create a cohesive display.

Enhance your style with floor lamps

Are you looking for a trendy corner decoration? Decorate your corner space with a floor lamp that brightens the shadows and upgrades your interior. "You should have fun with lighting, as they are illuminating sculptures in your space," Lauren Ashley Allan told The Strategist. Drop the restraints and light it up with a fixture that matches your style. Whether traditional, contemporary or boho chic, choose a light fixture to represents you and your dwelling.

When shopping for a floor lamp for a corner, ensure you know what you want the light to do in the space. Will it be used for tasks or ambiance? Narrowing down how you will utilize it can guide your design choices. The fixture should be just as functional as it's beautiful. Most floor lamps without a shade are ideal as the absence allows the structure to better align with the space. Floor lamps with an arch, detailed sculptural design, or streamlined form wil accent a corner.

Add a pedestal table for pizzazz

Give your corners the attention they deserve by decorating the spaces like you would any other room in the house. However, this quaint space is not for large furnishings like dining tables and credenzas but petite ones. Opt to put a table in a corner in your home. Transform the corner by decorating with a pedestal table that is dainty yet can still hold small decor, a vase of flowers, or something interesting to increase visual appeal.

When shopping for a small table for the corner, it's important to note not only the height and overall size of the item but the shape of the tabletop. A circular form may serve best in this part of the house as the rounded edge is more effective at introducing movement into the area. A smaller top circumference like the side table available at Anthropologie will serve well in a corner. The smaller size and rounded form is a decorative platform that stays out of the way of the natural flow in the space. Effortlessly update the decor in the corner by seasonally changing the blooms, rearranging some pictures, or adding a favorite scented candle to the tabletop.

Hang up some corner shelves

Do you want to decorate the corner of a room but keep the decorations off the floor? Create a statement corner in any room by installing shelving to the area. Whether you are looking for something trendy or timeless, there are corner shelves for your interior preference in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Floating or hanging shelves like these at Amazon keep clutter off the floor and give a place for small decor to shine. You can also consider geometric shaped shelves or ones designed specifically for a corner.

Using shelves to decorate a corner captures attention. You can easily update the items on the shelves throughout the year and display your favorite collectibles, figurines, seasonal decorations, and personal photos. Just be sure to hang the shelves, whether fastened to the ceiling or on the walls, at an appropriate eye level so that all the items are visible.

Lean a large mirror

Do you have a corner to decorate? Sure you do, or else you wouldn't have made it to this style tip! This next decorating idea is just one oversized element that reflects everything you love about your interior: a mirror. It's that simple. Lean an arched mirror as seen at West Elm for a modern feel or introduce a vintage-inspired vibe with this one at Anthropologie. Whatever your design preference, there is a mirror for that corner.

If your corner looks bland, lean an oversized mirror with detailed framing against the wall to instantly dress it up. A mirror is all about the looks, your looks, and the looks it reflects. A large mirror placed correctly in the home can create depth and openness in a space. This benefit is great for a small room or apartment. Sizes for floor mirrors vary, but the standard is typically 48 inches and above, per Mirror Guide. Pick your favorite floor-length mirror to jazz up the empty corner in your interior.

Take a seat in an accent chair

If space allows, choose to include additional seating in the room by adding an accent chair to the design scheme. There isn't much an accent chair can't do. It's an extra seat, potential table, footrest, and statement accessory. This high functionality furnishing looks even better placed in the corner of a living room, bedroom, den, or office, especially in the correct pattern.

Accent chairs can be solid and any color, but they can also have patterns with stripes, floral, or dotted designs. For interiors needing a little something, try to select an accent chair with a pattern in complementary colors to the existing color palette. "When mixing patterns, a formula actually can help give some order to the patterns' playfulness,” James Farmer, a designer and author, told Veranda. Use an accent chair to introduce the missing piece of the pattern formula — floral, solid, or stripes and checkers.

Design a corner feature wall

If you are yearning to add some interest to the wall corners of your home in an impactful way, wallpaper or millwork may be your jam. Wallpaper is for every single type of decorator. There is wallpaper for you in the color, pattern, and style you adore. Wallpaper has come quite a long way since paste and glue with varieties of adhesives available today. Consider peel-and-stick options as easy ways to elevate a space without a permanent mess.

Instead of wallpapering an entire accent wall, cover the corner of the room. When beginning the wallpaper placement, it's natural to match the paper with the edges of the corner and ceiling. According to Home Depot, ceilings aren't always streamlined, so utilizing a level for accurate vertical placement is best when sticking wallpaper to walls of any type. Accuracy, in the beginning, will ensure the design remains level. Bring the wallpaper to your desired stopping point for a stunning corner feature wall transformation. Millwork can adhere with glue or traditional nails for a trendy style.

Display an open bookcase

Not everyone likes putting decorations in the corners of the room for fear it appears smaller or more closed. To prevent this problem in any interior, consider a see-through option rather than covering up the entire corner with a solid structure. To solve this dilemma, decorate the corner using an open shelf bookcase. An open-style bookcase like the ladder-style one at AllModern has no constraints and makes the shelving system see-through and visible from the sides.

There are no sidings or backings to block the decor or enclose the furniture piece. Open structures like these in corner areas of the home are the perfect decorative touch. The lack of constraint on both sides allows the shelf decor to be visible from different angles. The openness of the shelving system helps balance positive and negative space more evenly, giving the appearance of more room in the room.

Designate a place for blankets and baskets

How do you put a blanket in the corner of the room without it looking like your dirty laundry? On a ladder, of course, or in a basket. No, not the ladder you use to paint or do home repairs with but a blanket ladder like these selections at Joss & Main. These racks keep the home tidy and trendy. A ladder shelf is a decorative and highly functional corner element. It can cover up vertical space with a slender framing in a variety of silhouettes. They are available in hanging, mounting, or leaning styles (much like a mirror) and are ideal for storing throws and quilts.

Another option for filling up corner space is decorating with a basket. Many basket types exist for you to choose from in different styles, including coiled, twined, and woven. Woven baskets feature seagrass, hyacinth, wicker, or rattan material. These neutral tones can fit into most interior styles with ease. Other baskets made of cotton or wire are available in colors like black, white, taupe, and brown. Whether you choose a basket or a ladder, decorate the corner of a room and leave blankets within reach.

Make space with storage cabinets

There is always a need for more storage in a home, right? When there aren't enough cabinets to hide all those miscellaneous objects in a home, try adding some to the design instead. Use the corners of the room to elevate the aesthetic and increase the storage by adding one piece of furniture — a storage cabinet. These cabinets are beautiful and spacious, and the doors hide the extra bits and pieces.

The best way to incorporate storage into a space that either has none or needs more is by adding freestanding cabinets like an arched cabinet from Crate & Barrel to the layout. These large storage pieces look fantastic propped against a corner in an off-centered placement. Often made of wood, particleboard, or metal, elegantly crafted cabinets make for a stunning corner decoration in a living room, den, dining room, or bedroom. They offer additional space for storing items you don't need out and about daily.

Lounge on a chaise

Pick a corner and create the perfect spot to relax, read, or nap. Consider furnishing the corners of your interior with a chaise lounge ideal for a bedroom or living room area. This part chair-part couch item is a stylish piece of furniture. The style and design options are truly endless when it comes to selecting a chaise. Some of the furnishings have rolled arm or no arms, tufted accents, velvet textures, or wavy silhouettes.

A chaise lounge in a solid color or pretty pattern will instantly draw the eye and create interest in the space. Not to mention a seating arrangement like this gives you a place to chill other than the bed or couch. It's best to utilize it with other furniture, per Studio McGee. Adding layered seating options into the design helps curate a complete look. A chaise lounge is not a one size fits all furniture item, so some personal preference, as well as good measuring, is necessary to ensure the one you love sits in the corner correctly.

Turn a bar cart into a coffee cart

If nothing above excites you, this last tip may be what you were waiting for to decorate that corner in your house. If you have a corner spot close to the kitchen or living room, consider adding a tiered bar cart but with a twist of caffeine. Instead of staging it for a night out, opt to style it for a morning. Utilize the bar cart as seen at Target for a coffee station complete with coffee mugs, espresso cups, saucers, and stirrers.

You can apply interior styling to every crevice of the house, and corners are no exception. Transform the corners of the interior with statement furnishings, bold wallpaper, oversized mirrors, greenery, shelving units, or a little something extra to brighten up the place. Houses big and small have corners to fill, so look around yours and grab the inspiration you need to decorate your home in chic ways.