Pottery Barn Hacks To Help You Furnish Your House For Less

Would you like to instill a Pottery Barn spirit into your place but have a tight budget? It's undeniable that most pieces at this home furniture store are eye-catching. From lovely sofas and practical dining chairs to bedding and garden furniture, Pottery Barn has been a one-stop shop for decor for over 70 years, as per its website. The brand is so versatile that you can find unique decor and accessories. We love their cozy throw blankets and pillows that match every style you want to incorporate. And then, you can lose yourself in the dinner and glassware section, longing for more pieces to style your kitchen. Sometimes, you only need one item to transform a room into the perfect relaxing oasis.

But besides all that gorgeous stuff vying for your attention, some items can cost way beyond your projected budget. So, what can you do when strapped for cash? Naturally, you start experimenting and looking for ways to find the name-brand furnishings on sale or discounted. With a little bit of effort and our ingenious hacks, you can buy your all-time favorite Pottery Barn items for less. Take some time to check these 14 money-saving tips and give your home a new look for a fraction of the initial cost. Often, you can knock an incredible 70% off the regular price.

Get into their online wedding or baby registry

Are you tying the knot soon and wonder how to keep expenses low? Or perhaps you're expecting a baby and want to furnish the entire nursery? Pottery Barn can ease your worries with its online registers that save you hundreds of dollars. So, how do you start? First, you create a Pottery Barn wedding registry and include products from all Willian Sonoma brands. At this point, an expert might help you compile a list that fits your overall design. Your wedding guests can also join the registry and choose your preferred and needed gifts.

Once the wedding's over, you are gifted a six-month 10% completion discount. Over this period, you can purchase the merchandise listed on your registry for a reduced price. The PB baby registry works similarly, except for getting a 20% completion bonus. You can also create a list of baby gifts and ask guests to join the registry and pick whatever you selected as a must-have. On top of that, registered parents-to-be get free nursery design assistance and personalized gifts. The discount is valid two months before and six months after the event.

Land a job at Pottery Barn

All Pottery Barn staff gets a whopping 40% off regular prices of various merchandise, and when it has a sale, employees get an extra 20% off the price tag. If you really love its decor and are between jobs — or would like to work extra hours — you can save some dough by joining the company. And the best news about Williams Sonoma is that it has job openings during the entire year, particularly during the peak or holiday seasons.

So, if you're redecorating or furnishing a new place, consider submitting a Pottery Barn job application. The selection criteria aren't strict, but you must be over 18 and preferably possess a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. The available positions are part-time or full-time, ranging from managers and associates to marketers and sales assistants. The pay is reasonable, and the working hours are flexible, so you can even be a seasonal employee. This tip is super-convenient and saves you a lot on short notice.

Save at Pottery Barn while moving

Are you leaving town because of a job relocation? Or is your family growing, so you need a larger apartment for the kids' room? Either way, packing supplies, shipping, and redecorating costs add up quickly. So why not join the Pottery Barn New Mover Program? PB is committed to helping loyal customers make their new homes feel comfortable and well-designed. When you sign up for the New Mover Program or change your address, you will receive a welcome catalog and free design services. Moreover, using a Pottery Barn credit card as a new mover will get you 10% back in rewards or grant you 12 months of special financing.

Another benefit you'll get from the moving program is the option to hire its installation service. The retailer offers TV mounting, curtain hanging, painting, and assistance with other assemblies and installations for a reasonable fee. However, you might want to get a quote first to ensure you're getting value for your money.

Earn cashback with a Pottery Barn credit card

Have you been a loyal PB customer for years? In that case, applying for a Pottery Barn credit card is the ideal choice for all your purchases. The card entails zero annual fees and carries multiple rewards and exclusive benefits. The application process is convenient and runs online and in-store. Holders of the Pottery Barn Key Rewards Credit Card enjoy the perks of seven William Sonoma brands. Most importantly, they get 5% back for shopping online and at retail stores. The first 30 days of shopping at PB will give you 10% back in rewards. Alternatively, shoppers can choose promotional financing when they spend $750 or more over the next 12 months. Similarly, Visa cardholders earn 4% back in rewards at grocery stores and restaurants and 1% on everything else.

Finally, you get free standard shipping on purchases and a $25 reward for your birthday. Plus, you have early access to sales, insight into new arrivals, and limited-edition collaborations. PB also holds five-day promotional events in February and November. At this time, you get 20% back on every purchase made with the Key Rewards credit card.

Give Pottery Barn outlet stores a try

Pottery Barn takes pride in having super-stocked outlets throughout the U.S. Hit your closest outlet to find affordably-priced returns, floor models, and excess inventory the brand wants to eliminate. Often, you'll be able to buy slightly damaged items at a bargain that don't sell in regular stores, or in-demand pieces that didn't sell out. Currently, according to its website, 15 states have Pottery Barn outlet locations, with California and Texas boasting three each. So, if you live close by, you can find lucrative discounts of up to 50%. 

Clearance and open-box merchandise arrive in the outlets Monday through Friday, so if you reside near one, visit it frequently. Or call and ask for specific pricing or product availability. Another way to discover the latest arrivals would be to join the Pottery Barn Outlet email list. This way, you can receive outlet-specific newsletters and alerts about deals.

Make use of sales and clearances

When looking for Pottery Barn discounted products, the best approach would be to check the sale and clearance section. PB lists all merchandise available for a lower price online, but you can also visit floor sales events. However, visiting a local Pottery Barn store may be a better option because some markdown products are only available at physical locations.

The PB clearance and sale site abounds with products in different categories. Often, exclusive savings reach 60% off furniture, bedding, and other merchandise. And floor models and chipped or scratched inventory used for in-store displays sell at even lower prices. Savings can be massive depending on your readiness to accept slightly exploited pieces. In addition, Pottery Barn runs limited-time deals across all departments online. Offers vary and include daily deals at 50% off, bonus deals on popular products, dining room, bedroom, or home office sets, and free shipping.

Look for online Pottery Barn coupons

Though this tip may sound like a cliché, there are many Pottery Barn-specific coupons you can find on the internet. Just get the promo code and use it the next time you shop at Pottery Barn. The most popular sites that offer regular deals include Trust Deals, Coupon Follow, RetailMeNot, and Coupon Cabin. Websites like Trust Deals offer online codes you should activate before shopping or use at checkout. Perks include discounts up to 35% plus free shipping. Even better, RetailMeNot offers coupons for 60% off products on sale and clearance. Plus, you can grab a free shipping code on almost all items.

Some shoppers prefer installing browser extensions for online purchases that activate available coupons at checkout. RetailMeNot and Capital One Shopping are the most widely-used free browser extensions for shopping at Pottery Barn. This way, you ensure you get the best value for your buck and earn extra rewards while shopping. Besides, extensions help you save time on manual coupon code searches.

Shop wisely with the Key Loyalty Program

Do you want to hear the ultimate saving trick for devoted PB shoppers? Consider joining The Key Loyalty Program right away. The member-rewarding benefits extend to all Williams Sonoma brands, including Pottery Barns, West Elm, and Mark and Graham. Plus, registering for the program is 100% free of charge.

PB Key Loyalty Program grants you two ways to save. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer card member Gold or Silver rewards. Naturally, the first option offers more benefits. Silver rewards you 2% when shopping at WS brands, and gold provides you 5%. Both tiers offer members-only deals, early access to sales, and free design services. Apply online or in-store, and you can start redeeming cashback instantly. However, you can't withdraw cash but use earned bonuses for further purchases. The expiration period lasts 24 months. To apply, you will have to provide a few personal details.

Scavenge Pottery Barn discount gift cards

The most popular gift card websites abound with Pottery Barn samples. These cards come from people who don't need them, and the average discounts are about 1% or 2% for lower values. For example, you might buy a $100 Pottery Barn gift card for $96. And while these $4 may seem insignificant at the time, remember that every dollar saved is critical in the long run.

However, if you buy a higher-value gift card from a site like Raise, you can furnish your home for less. Hence, don't make that Pottery Barn shopping spree without checking the most renowned gift card resale marketplaces. CardCash has an extensive gift card collection, where Pottery Barn cards are available for up to 6.3% off the regular price.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that PB brands don't make price matching or adjustments. Its stores and websites operate independently, so buy that longed-for item after checking both options.

Consider gently-used Pottery Barn items

You may not live near a large-sized outlet, but you might find several companies that sell second-hand Pottery Barn items in your area. And don't get put off by the fact that these goods are not brand new. In most cases, you won't be able to recognize that. Check AptDeco, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Kaiyo to find moderately used Pottery Barn products.

In addition, consider shopping at auction sites like eBay, where you can bid and negotiate a lower price with sellers. Though the assortment is narrow, the effort can be worthwhile if you find a coffee table, sofa, or loungers for half the price. You may also find second-hand items at Downeast Home for affordable prices. These products include returned merchandise that PB can't sell due to line discontinuation or because it got purchased. Savings might go up to 80%, with sleeping bags and décor for under $10.

Shop off-season

Knowing when to shop at Pottery Barn is essential to getting the best deals. Do you want to get PB merchandise much cheaper than the list price? In that case, wait for the off-season Pottery Barn sales happening four times a year. Stores rotate their floor inventory when the season ends, so this is your chance to grab some money-saving deals.

For example, if you're buying Christmas décor in January, you'll be able to land massive discounts. Similarly, you'll find exceptional deals when purchasing summer décor or garden furniture in August. Typically, the store would like to display its fall collection, so it needs to make some room. Off-season sales don't always refer to seasonal décor. Eager shoppers can find all-year-round products at reasonable prices, per its website. We suggest you carefully inspect the items you're buying for damage. If floor models look worn or slightly damaged, ask for a further discount.

Understand Pottery Barn shipping fees

Pottery Barn charges customers for shipping depending on the order price. According to Pottery Barn, selecting standard delivery will take four to five days to arrive at your home, whereas next-day shipping will cost you $26 more. More specifically, you'll pay up to $21 shipping fees for any order under $200. Any purchase above that threshold will include a flat 10% delivery cost. Once you reach $3,000, the shipping charge will drop to only 5% of the total order value. Hence, consider the final purchase value before proceeding to checkout and accepting to foot the bill.

In short, why spend $290 in shipping costs for a purchase of $2,900 when you can spend an extra $100 and reach $3,000. As a result, your delivery cost will drop to $150. Alternatively, shop with family or friends to slash the rate when you can't reach the $3,000 threshold. Typically, the best way to save is by ordering items with no shipping fee. Such pieces are often available in the sale and clearance section. To do so, type "free shipping" on the homepage's search box, and you'll get many results that qualify for your inquiry.

When shopping online, you may also check which products are available for curbside pickup. If you live a short drive away, collecting less bulky items will offset the hefty shipping fee. Finally, be aware of surcharges you might need to pay for delicate or fragile items that require extra 'care' in delivery. Other options include White Glove Delivery (you get an unlimited flat-rate delivery) and Doorstep Delivery (you pay a lower rate).

Join the exclusive culinary professionals' program

Are you a professional chef, sommelier, or restauranteur? Why not join the Williams Sonoma program for professional chefs and score an incredible 20% discount? This discount is also available to culinary students enrolled in accredited culinary institutions. And the best thing is that you can use that discount on any item you like, so it's not just limited to kitchen utensils.

In the terms of agreement, the company explains on its site that to qualify for the membership, it requires applicants to provide at least two validating forms. An interested applicant could provide a business license or business card proving they're in the industry, or a certificate proving they graduated from a culinary, sommelier, or food service management program. You could also submit a letter detailing your chef role on your restaurant's letterhead, or share a current pay stub.

The Exclusive Program for Culinary Professionals discount applies to online and in-store purchases at any William Sonoma location, including Pottery Barn, and must be renewed annually.

Check out its Business to Business program

If you're a designer, architect, purchasing agent, or home developer, consider William Sonoma's B2B offer. Once you become its loyal member, you can shop online and in-store with discounts starting at 20% off the regular prices. The program boasts unbeatable design, quality, and service with its brands, styles, and solutions to help complete your project. 

On top of that, you'll enjoy numerous other perks. First, you can shop across all eight brands with a single membership and member-only trade pricing. Second, a William Sonoma specialized team will help you execute projects by offering solutions tailored to your budget, timeframe, and requirements. And benefits of the Trade Program don't end there. You and your client can arrange private shopping with dedicated personnel. Information such as inventory availability, and tracking is also available. Lastly, you may request installation support, project management services, and tax-exempt purchasing.