30 Small Bedroom Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Small bedrooms can be both a blessing and a curse. Small bedrooms are wonderful for creating a cozy atmosphere and a tranquil sleeping place, and they encourage you to live minimally without a lot of clutter — but they're not exactly easy to decorate. With limited square footage comes limited design options, and some people feel frustrated with the simple arrangements. Arranging your bedroom isn't easy, but there are plenty of clever design hacks for making small bedrooms feel bigger and more enjoyable, making your space feel memorable rather than limited. And spoiler: You don't necessarily have to have a minimalist bedroom to avoid having a cluttered design, per HGTV.

Not only do these small bedroom designs offer inventive ways to add more furniture and décor, but they also help you maximize your space. It can be tricky to figure out how to wedge in a dresser in a small space or which nightstands help you get the most storage, but we're here to help. Whether you want to redecorate your spare bedroom or master bunk, these small bedroom ideas will help you create a chic aesthetic without feeling like you're living in a cramped storage closet.

1. Capitalize on built-in shelving

Free up the floor by moving your cabinets and dressers to the wall. Rather than having free-standing dressers and drawers, install cabinets and shelving around your bed to keep the floor uncluttered and free. 

2. Turn a bookcase into a headboard

Transform your headboard into a storage unit by swapping out your decorative headboard in favor of a bookcase. You can then stack everything from chapter books to knick-knacks on it. 

3. Place your bed in front of the window

If you're working with a small room, maximize your space by pushing the bed up against the window. Choose a headboard that sits flush against the windowsill so it blends seamlessly with the opening. 

4. Invest in decorative baskets for storage

A small bedroom only has so much room for storage, so you need to get creative when carving out more organizational space. One good way to do so is to invest in decorative baskets.

5. Add storage boxes underneath your bed

Dust bunnies aren't the only thing you can store underneath your bed. Maximize your space by adding storage boxes underneath, where you can keep everything from shoes to off-season clothing.

6. Skip table lamps

Create more room on your nightstand by skipping table lamps in favor of wall lamps. That way, you can free up your nightstand for more décor or storage opportunities. 

7. Install a shelf over your bed

An easy way to create more space in your room is to install a long floating shelf over your bed. You can then use that shelf to add more décor, such as frames, plants, candles, and more. 

8. Add mirrors

Mirrors instantly make a space feel bigger, so make sure to add a full-length mirror to your small bedroom to make it feel airier and less cramped.

9. Wedge in furniture

If you want to maximize your space in your small bedroom, don't be afraid to layer your furniture. Wedge a small reading chair in a corner between your bed and dresser, and use the side of your bed as an ottoman.

10. Add an extension pole above your bed

If you're struggling with décor space in your small bedroom, consider attaching a pole over your bed where you can suspend wall lamps, vine plants, and anything else that can hang.

11. Wallpaper just one wall

Add drama to your room by wallpapering the wall that your bed rests against. This will add some interest to the space without closing it off the way a fully wallpapered room would. 

12. Add skinny nightstands

Free up space in your small bedroom by swapping out bulky nightstands in favor of skinny side tables. This will add more space to the limited square footage. 

13. Add a bench at the foot of the bed

If you haven't utilized the space at the foot of your bed, then it's time to! You can easily add a bench there to either act as an extra seat or a hangout nook. Add some pillows to the bench to make it more welcoming to sit on.

14. Add a cube bookshelf

Create some extra vertical storage in your bedroom by installing a cube bookshelf. The cube sections feel more organized than standard open shelves, and have the added bonus of closing off areas for messy storage.

15. Create a gallery wall over the doorway

Try arranging a gallery wall over your doorway if you want to create one in your bedroom but don't have many blank walls. It makes a unique design and takes advantage of all the space available to you.

16. Add a gallery wall over your bed

Another great place to add a gallery wall is directly above the bed. Just make sure your headboard isn't too big, or else it will compete with the art.

17. Zipper your furniture

If your room is rectangular and doesn't have a lot of width, consider "zippering" your furniture. This means putting your bed horizontally against one wall and then adding furniture diagonally from each other down the room.

18. Add hanging plants

If there isn't enough table space to add plants to your small bedroom, simply hang them from the ceiling or the walls.

19. Add side tables at the foot of your bed

Benches aren't the only things that belong at the end of a bed. You can also add a small side table for extra storage or décor space.

20. Add storage chests

You can also add decorative storage chests at the foot of your bed to maximize your storage space. You can store everything from linens to sweaters in these chests, and they can double as seating if you get hard case ones.

21. Squeeze in a small table

Everyone needs a table to store their phone and empty water cups, but not every small bedroom is big enough for a nightstand. If you're dealing with minimal space, try adding a long skinny side table between the bed and wall for extra space.

22. Utilize your door

If you're looking to decorate a little more but don't have any more surface space, set your sights on the door. You can always hang a decorative wall hanging or basket from it to add a little more interest to the room.

23. Add a bench by the window

Whether you want an extra seat or a chair to throw your clothes on, a bench is a great addition to those needs. If you have a small bedroom, place a skinny bench right against the window. This way, the space doesn't feel cluttered.

24. Put your radiator to work

Many renters have old-fashioned radiators that take up space in their units, but you can make the most of the one in your small bedroom by investing in a radiator cover. You can use the top of the cover as a small shelf or tabletop.

25. Get creative with your storage

Everyone needs closet space, but sticking a bulky armoire into a small bedroom can make it feel cluttered. Create a smaller footprint by investing in modular cabinets instead. 

26. Add a gallery wall of mirrors

Mirrors always make a space feel larger, so collect a series of fun mirrors and group them into a gallery wall to make your small bedroom feel a tad more spacious.

27. Swap out your nightstand

If you're working with limited square footage, make the most of your room by swapping your nightstand for a small dresser. You will get more storage space without cluttering the room with too much furniture.

28. Add a floor to ceiling wardrobe

If your bedroom comes without a closet and an armoire will make the space feel too bulky, try installing a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that takes up an entire wall. It looks neater and less cluttered.

29. Add floor to ceiling curtains

You can change the appearance of your room by fiddling with the placement of your curtains. Rather than installing your curtains right over your windows, hang them by the ceiling to elongate the room and make the space feel bigger.

30. Experiment with acrylic furniture

Cut back on the visual bulk in your room by swapping out your nightstands in favor of acrylic side tables. Their transparent nature will make the small space feel airier.