50 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Will Help Simplify Your Life

More and more people are interested in creating minimalist bedrooms because they turn a room into a calm oasis. Our day-to-day lives are busy with work, unforeseen stresses, and endless tasks, so when it's time to sleep we want something that has great feng shui and feels like a peaceful retreat — and a minimalist bedroom offers that. 

While people usually think of all-white spaces with spartan pieces of furniture when they think "minimalism," that's not necessarily true, according to Elle Decor. There are all sorts of different ways to create a minimalist bedroom, and you can tinker with yours until it matches your own particular style. Picking furniture for your home might be tricky, but you don't have to invest in Scandinavian furniture to create a peaceful bedroom. You can also create a minimalist space using bohemian accents, mid-century furniture, and strategically placed colors and prints. Below are 50 minimalist bedrooms that will help simplify your life. See which one best reflects your own personal style.

1. Brown bedroom

When you think of a minimalist bedroom, you probably think of a bare bones aesthetic. While that might sound plain, it doesn't have to be boring. This bedroom uses utilitarian but clean-lined furniture to create visual impact without adding clutter. The chunky legs of the side table add an organic touch, while the mirror draws the eye upwards.

2. Earthy minimalist bedroom

If an all-white bedroom makes you feel like you're inside an asylum, then add earthy touches to make it feel more inviting. Accent the space with a variety of indoor plants, using them as decor. 

3. Beige minimalist bedrooms

The color beige often gets a bed rep and has become synonymous with "boring," but when used correctly, it can be quite calming and inviting. This bedroom uses a mix of beige and white colors to create a beachy bedroom, using the sandy hue as an accent color. 

4. Eccentric minimalism

While minimalist bedrooms are often Scandinavian in design, you can also add quirkier elements to give the space personality. Hang a triangle pendant lamp with a geometric arm next to the bed instead of putting a table lamp on a nightstand, and hang a too-small painting near the bed frame for a touch of unexpected color or texture. 

5. Negative space minimalism

Consider picking out furniture with plenty of negative space to create a minimalist bedroom. This headboard is tall with wide gaps, which creates lots of negative space. This makes the room feel airier. 

6. Bedroom with wooden furniture

A minimalist bedroom doesn't strictly have to utilize white furniture to be considered spartan. You can also use wooden furniture, but try to collect non-bulky pieces made out of naturally light wood, like birch or holly. 

7. Cozy minimalist bedroom

You can make a minimalist bedroom with sparse furniture feel more inviting by incorporating cozy elements into it. Add a handful off oversize, fluffy pillows at the headboard, drape a soft blanket across the foot of the bed, and include flickering candles on the dresser or vanity to make the room appear softer.

8. Low-to-the-ground furniture

A minimalist bedroom becomes more visually interesting if it uses unexpected furniture. Pair a bed frame without a headboard with a dresser or cabinet that is squat. This drags the eye down to the ground, which is the opposite of how most bedrooms are designed. 

9. French minimalist bedroom

Make your apartment look like you live in a baroque 18th-century apartment in Paris by creating a minimalist French-country aesthetic. All your bedroom needs is a gold-frame bed, Chintz bedspread, a plain floor lamp, and lush, heavy curtains

10. All-white bedroom

Walking into an all-white bedroom is instantly calming, but break up the blank-canvas feel of the room by incorporating white patterned wallpaper or curtains. This way the room doesn't feel flat. 

11. Mid-century modern minimalist bedroom

By definition, mid-century modern is minimalist. It began in the 1940s as a backlash against the overtly decorative style of Art Deco, and because of this, a mid-century modern bedroom will still feel minimalist when you walk into it. Just make sure you don't overcrowd the space with too many pieces of furniture.

12. Bohemian minimalist bedroom

If you can't decide between a minimalist or bohemian aesthetic, why not combine the two? Incorporate bohemian touches like raw-edge ruffle bed sheets and southwestern pillows while keeping the bedroom's color palette white. 

13. Brown walled bedrooms

Brown walls are having a moment right now, and for good reason: They add an earthy element to a room that can either veer towards cottage-core or French-country, depending on how you style it. It looks especially attractive with a simple bed covered in linen sheets and minimalist wooden furniture.

14. Textured bedroom

If you feel like your minimalist bedroom needs a little more interest, try adding texture to the walls in the form of shiplap or box molding.

15. Boxy, clean bedrooms

If you don't want to use a lot of furniture in your minimalist bedroom, consider using big, boxy pieces with clean, strong lines. This dresser has some serious weight and girth to it, but it still feels minimalist thanks to its butcher-block wood top and white paneling. 

16. Geometric bedroom

Rather than focusing on white furniture when creating a minimalist bedroom, lean into black furniture that's juxtaposed against a white background. This black bed and black and white geometric rug look airy, rather than gloomy, in an all-white bedroom.

17. Layer minimalist furniture

Create some interest in your minimalist space by arranging furniture in an unexpected way. In this example, two nightstands are placed next to each other, creating a divide between the bed and chair. But even though they're layered, they still feel cohesive. 

18. Statement lighting in minimalist bedroom

Spartan, minimalist bedrooms can feel intentional and stylish when there is a statement light fixture involved. Keep your furniture minimal, but breathe some personality into the room with a unique ceiling fixture.

19. Architectural minimalist bedroom

Give your bedroom an architectural touch by incorporating strong lines and solid shapes into the design. Choose bold canopy bed frames like this cube-shaped one, add large square-shaped pillows, and incorporate strong abstract art that is block-shaped and linear.

20. Feminine minimalist bedroom

Keep a feminine room minimalist by washing it in white. You can choose a French-country headboard with floral carvings, but make sure it's white so as not to overwhelm the eye. You can also choose a pastel or gray wallpaper, which will allow the pattern to blend in with — and not overwhelm — the room.

21. Pastel minimalist bedroom

Give pastel minimalism a try in your bedroom by incorporating furniture in soft, organic shapes, and mixing it with subdued pastel colors. For example, in this bedroom, furniture comes in rounded, marshmallow-like silhouettes, which is offset with pastel pink walls, powdery blue sheets, and a pink, orange, and light gray blanket.

22. Light blue minimalist space

A bedroom can feel calm and serene with a highly curated color palette, like this light blue, black, and gray one. This bedroom weaves all three colors together through geometric rugs, bed sheets, and furniture, creating a cohesive unit. 

23. Bedroom with plenty of negative space

Invest in unique minimalist furniture, and give each piece a moment to shine by incorporating plenty of negative space within the room. In this example, the burl wood nightstand has a good foot of space between the color-blocked basket, which in turn has a foot of space from the mid-century lounger. 

24. Rounded minimalist decor

Mid-century modern and Scandinavian design have long-championed straight lines and strong angles, but today's minimalism incorporates rounded edges and organic shapes. From padded headboards to rounded side tables, it creates a pleasant visual. 

25. Spartan minimalist bedroom

Sometimes less is more, and a spartan room can look chic rather than empty. Focus on making the bed the visual center of the room by incorporating a thick duvet, plump pillows, and a heavy bed frame. The rest of the furniture can be minimal, because the bed is the star of the show.

26. Linen-inspired minimalism

Bring a wash of softness into your minimalist bedroom by covering your bed with linen and organic cotton sheets and duvets that come in nature-inspired colors, like green, brown, and oatmeal. Pair this with simple wooden furniture, like a three-drawer nightstand, and decorate the tabletop with a stone tray, terracotta bowl, and an angular vase filled with wildflowers.

27. Pink minimalist space

Who says minimalism has to only use black and white? You can create a minimalist bedroom by using different shades of pink, blush, and apricot in a way that feels grownup and not childish. 

28. Loft-inspired minimalist bedroom

Pull inspiration from loft bedrooms by keeping your own space minimal but intentional. Invest in a platform bed, and accent it with a Turkish rug and a coffee table at the foot of the bed. Strew pillows nearby to create a hangout area, and consider layering paintings on the floor rather than hanging them on the wall. 

29. Dark gray bedroom

Create a moody but minimalist bedroom by incorporating dark grays throughout. A large gray rug creates a heavy visual pull, and a dark gray duvet cover mixes effortlessly with white linens. 

30. Cottage-core minimalism

If you love the look of cottage-core but also crave a minimalist aesthetic in your bedroom, combine the two. Keep the linens white, swap out your bulky nightstand for a simple wooden bench, and decorate it with fresh white blooms and an organic candle.

31. Patterned minimalist room

Having a minimalist bedroom doesn't mean you have to have a room devoid of any pattern or color. This bedroom still feels minimalist because the striped pattern has the same color as the brown duvet and pillows, making it feel cohesive.

32. Accent wall bedrooms

If your minimalist bedroom feels a tad uninspired, create an accent wall to add some texture to the space. This wooden accent wall behind the headboard adds a pop of texture while still keeping the serene mood of the bedroom. 

33. Minimalist print bedroom

Add personality to your minimalist bedroom by hanging abstract prints over your headboard. Make sure they are minimalist in nature and incorporate soft colors and simple shapes to keep the bedroom feeling calm rather than busy. 

34. Utilize small benches

The size of your furniture matters when it comes to minimalism, and smaller is usually better. If you want a seat in your bedroom to put your socks on, opt for a petite wooden bench rather than a big ottoman. It will offer more of a Scandinavian feel. 

35. Minimalist leather bedroom

Minimalism doesn't have to be airy and white for it to feel uncluttered. You can use dark colors and heavy accents like leather, just as long as you keep the furniture sparse and in matching colors. 

36. Funky minimalist bedroom

If you love playful design but want to keep your bedroom minimal, invest in architectural lamps that hang on either side of the bed frame. They will add a geometric touch to the space without overwhelming it. 

37. Bedroom with low-to-the-ground pieces

A bedroom feels calm and soothing when it incorporates airy, simple furniture. Pieces that are low to the ground feel inconspicuous and light, such as a bed frame with a short headboard or a squat nightstand with small legs. 

38. All-birch bedroom

For the ultimate airy bedroom experience, invest in an all-birch bedroom so you're surrounded by light, minimalist hues and textures. 

39. Double stacked pillows

Minimalist bedrooms don't usually have too many pieces of furniture, which means the bed is often the star of the show. Give the room some weight and height by stacking your pillows on top of each other, rather than resting them on the headboard. It makes the room feel cleaner and simpler. 

40. Floating bedroom

Give your bedroom the illusion of airiness by mounting some of your furniture to the wall. Rather than having a dresser or sideboard in your room with legs, have a drawer unit mounted to the wall. The same goes for nightstands, which can be attached to either side of the bed. 

41. Minimalist grand millennial bedroom

Grand Millennial style is everywhere on TikTok and Instagram, and it combines Victorian accents with British countryside furniture, but with a modern twist. You can dabble with the trend by choosing a few statement-making pieces to carry the theme. The trick is to avoid clutter or over-crowding.

42. Mirror image nightstands

Keep your bedroom looking minimal by cutting back on anything that feels "busy." If you like bolder furniture pieces or accents, help the bedroom appear more cohesive by creating a mirror image on either side of the bed. That means using the same nightstands, lamps, and decor on both sides. 

43. Colorful minimalism

If you love color but want your bedroom to feel serene and uncluttered, choose a few bold primary colors that mesh well together and make them your theme. In this example, the bedroom uses forest green, brown, white, and terracotta to create a serene bedroom space.

44. White bedroom with pops of color

Give a white bedroom some color by utilizing pillows in the same color family. This bedroom feels more cheerful thanks to its yellow pillows. 

45. Bedroom with mirrors

Make a minimalist space feel even airier by incorporating matching mirrors. Hang the mirrors over the nightstands to not only make the room feel bigger, but more dynamic. 

46. Wallpapered bedroom

If your minimalist bedroom needs a touch more personality, consider wallpapering the wall directly behind your bed. Choose a wallpaper pattern that has plenty of negative space so it feels calm rather than busy.

47. Gray bedroom

You can easily make an all-white bedroom feel warmer by incorporating different shades of gray and taupe. It instantly makes the room feel more inviting.

48. Minimalist studio bedroom

If you have a studio apartment, separate your minimalist bedroom from the rest of the space by placing a simple rug underneath the bed. By doing so, you visually section off the bed from the rest of the space.

49. Futuristic minimalist bedroom

You can make an all-white bedroom feel a little more modern or futuristic by using an electric color in the space. Use pops of red to break up the monotony of the room, or go for something equally as electric like blue or lime green.

50. Statement canopy bedroom

Keep your bedroom minimal but romantic by including a statement canopy. Make sure to use sheer curtains rather than opaque ones to create the feeling of airiness.