30 Dining Room Wallpaper Designs Your Dinner Guests Will Love

The first thing people notice at any dinner party is the atmosphere, which includes your home décor. There's a saying that people eat with their eyes first, per Physiology & Behavior, which is why choosing wallpaper for your dining room can seem like a daunting task. But if you're looking for something special, then these dining room wallpaper designs might do the trick. They'll definitely add some pizzazz to your home décor without being too overbearing.

If you want to create a warm and inviting space where everyone feels comfortable, then consider using one of these beautiful dining room wallpaper designs. These wallpapers also have an elegant feel thanks to the intricate patterns they contain. So whether it's a fancy five-course meal on your wedding china or takeaway pizza on colorful Fiestaware, this collection has everything you need! So without further ado, here are 30 dining room wallpaper designs your dinner guests will love.

1. Wood-themed focal point

This rustic wood-themed wallpaper design plays well off of the open space, making the dining room feel like its own intimate setting. It mirrors the wood floors while not directly copying the look, giving the room a warm touch.

2. Wood panel wallpaper

The wood look of the wallpaper plays nicely with the modern country décor of the dining room. An earthy color palette complements the cozy look of the walls, the perfect backdrop for an intimate dinner party. 

3. Subtle wallpaper design

Wallpaper that looks like a countertop. It's a thing. What better way to showcase a modern room than with pink furniture and bold walls?

4. Contemporary farmhouse wallpaper

The pale pink and vibrant purple wallpaper works well with the hard wood lines of the furniture, which gives the room an understated elegance.

5. Striped wallpaper

Sleek, modern, and bold, thin striped wallpaper showcases the clean lines of the furniture while providing visual interest. This design also subtly places the focus on the table (and those sitting around it).

6. Textured green wallpaper

A green wall is beautiful, but a textured green wall is stunning. Pair with copper-colored decor to make the walls really pop.

7. Country manor-type wallpaper

There's something to be said about how old-school wallpaper provides a visual pop to an otherwise ordinary dining room. To maximize the effect, all four walls are papered in a meant-to-wow pattern, as in the design here.

8. Muted floral wallpaper

Who says floral wallpaper has to have vivid colors? This wallpaper plays well with florals without bright tones. For a brighter look, sub out white furniture for dark wood if the muted color combo is too quiet for the rest of the palette in your home.

9. Big, bold floral wallpaper

The bold, close-up floral walls of this room are the opposite of boring. The complementary colors of the flower petals mirror the color of the pillow, bringing the grand scale of the wallpaper into a smaller, more intentional moment.

10. Purple wallpaper

The richly textured purple walls (that practically beg you to run your hands along them) pair perfectly with orange accessories and matte metal hardware. 

11. Leafy wallpaper

Large-leaf wallpaper serves as a contrast to the brick work in the living room, playing off both textures in an otherwise nondescript room. The theme continues by keeping the same color families for both the sofa and the chair.

12. Bold floral wallpaper

This floral wallpaper is traditional but by no means boring. The combination of yellow flowers and green stems against a pale blue background keep the pattern from being too twee. Gold accents work well here, but don't be afraid to mix it up with green or even a slightly darker hue of blue.

13. Tone on tone wallpaper

By wallpapering only one accent wall of a dining room in an open concept floor plan, the focal point stays on the table and chairs. An area rug placed under the chairs helps anchor the space.

14. Wallpaper panels as accents

For those who aren't sure about committing to an entire room of wallpaper, starting with panels is an excellent way to tiptoe lightly into the trend. The panels further melt into the wall by keeping the same color palette as the walls behind them. 

15. Bold stripes

Bold stripes call for bold décor. Think oversized and a little bit chunky when it comes to decorating a dining room with can't-help-but-stare stripes. Anything slim and dainty will get lost in the pattern of the walls.

16. Champagne wallpaper

Small space? Don't fight it ... decorate it. Keeping the same wallpaper throughout a small space renders your home intimate and cozy. Keeping the same color family throughout can provide visual unity. Don't be afraid to throw a few contrasting pillows on the sofa to mix things up, though.

17. Go bold and go small

Go for bold wallpaper and a table slightly too small for the dining room. Paired with a large cabinet, the result is a charmingly cozy room that's not afraid to play with proportions. 

18. Go for maximalism

Don't be afraid to go for it and play with texture and scale. The red wallpaper, wood panels, and geometric shapes of the lamps all work together here to make a cohesive visual experience. The trick is to work within the same color family, with just a sprinkle of color throughout.

19. Go retro

Go '90s retro with this old-school country themed wallpaper. Keep the rest of the décor simple and rustic, with dark wood and upholstered chairs.

20. Darkly romantic dining room

Dark and thematic, this wallpaper brings your attention to the table and the warmth of the lamp. Don't be afraid to mix and match your chairs (they're not the focal point, after all) — the light on the table is what makes this an intimate setting.

21. Geometric shapes

Choosing geometric patterns doesn't have to mean circles, squares, or straight lines. Play up the angles by utilizing furniture which echoes the triangular pattern, as done to great effect here.

22. Blue-green dining room

The dark colors of the walls contrast beautifully with the light wood. The combination invites guests to gather around the table.

23. Cozy dining with friends

For those who are tired of their bright white dine-in kitchens, a dark floral will tone down the room while giving the space a colorful boost. 

24. Go for earth tones

The rich, green, built-in section plays perfectly against the earthy brown wallpaper. Adding a glossy black table to the mix adds a level of sophistication to the space. 

25. Stone wallpaper

The faux-stone finish brings out the apricot-colored walls and light wood table. Paired with neutral plates and dishes, the room gives off a warm and low-key energy.

26. Wrap it up

Take advantage of your space by wrapping the dining room wallpaper into other parts of your home. Here, this works to incorporate the area near the stairs into part of the dining area.

27. Fog-colored dining room

Gray is a lovely color for open floor plan living spaces. When stacked with other gray items, the color makes any room seem lush. Add a burst of color with a bubblegum-colored throw or perhaps pink dining chairs.

28. Retro pop print

Keep it cute with a modern take on a retro print. Keep the same color family from room to room to keep a calm transition as your guests move through your home. 

29. Wes Anderson-inspired room

Not every home has a dedicated dining room. Sometimes, your dining area is the living room, foyer, and front hallway. That's OK, though. Channel your inner Wes Anderson and stack tone on tone colors throughout for a whimsical yet functional dining area.

30. Cocoa and marshmallow-colored walls

For a dining room that oozes sophistication and elegance, choose a cocoa-colored wallpaper with marshmallow accents. Keep the earthy tones going with a wood table and cream-colored plates. This room brings out the warm colors of the room with subtle orange accents, but yellow or brass would work just as well.