30 Creative Spare Bedroom Designs

Spare bedrooms are one of those living spaces that are left to the end to decorate. People usually finish rehabbing and decorating the entire house before they get to the spare bedroom, so when they finally do, they might as well make it unique! Fortunately, there are a ton of different ways to design a creative spare bedroom that will have guests clambering to stay the night. Whether you want to create a guest bedroom that will encourage friends to stay over, or convert a spare bedroom into an Airbnb listing, the key to making it an enjoyable stay is to make it memorable. 

According to HGTV, you want to turn your spare bedroom into a retreat, and you can do that by incorporating thoughtful accents in the decor. To create a unique bedroom design, try focusing on statement-making accents like creative wallpaper or bold paint colors. You can also make a room feel design-conscious by picking out unique headboards or nightstands, or you can incorporate a fun gallery wall or unexpected hammock. Ahead are 30 creative spare bedroom designs that will elevate your house instantly.

1. High contrast spare bedroom

Your spare bedroom will make a memorable first impression if it's high contrast. Mix rich colors like dark green, brown, and black with geometric prints to create a busy but appealing layout.

2. Bedroom with a statement headboard

There's no faster way to make a statement in a bedroom than with a design-conscious headboard. Choose something with an interesting outline, rich texture, or bold color, and then paint the wall behind it in a shade that will help it pop.

3. Guest bedroom with studio setup

If you're fortunate enough to have a spacious spare bedroom, then convert it into a guest bedroom that can double as a studio. This means you not only include a bed for your guest to sleep in, but also a desk where they can comfortably work and a small sitting area where they can drink their morning coffee. 

4. Spare bedroom with gallery wall

Attention all art lovers: You can include more artwork in your home by creating a gallery wall in your spare bedroom. Hang it just behind the headboard to make a statement when walking in.

5. Glamorous spare bedroom

If you have a more glamorous or elegant aesthetic, then make sure your spare bedroom reflects that. Choose a bed frame wrapped in velvet, hang heavy curtains at the windows, pick a chandelier light fixture, and arrange two fur poufs at the foot of the bed.

6. Spare bedroom with canopy bed

Who ever said that a spare bedroom needs to be plain and utilitarian? Make your spare bedroom a place where guests are delighted to stay in, and an easy way to accomplish that is to choose a luxurious canopy bed. If your room has the space, you can also include two chairs at the foot of the bed for a lounge area. 

7. Brown guest bedroom

Brown has a reputation for being boring, but it doesn't have be if you use it correctly. Color the walls of your spare bedroom a rich chocolate brown to make it feel equal parts cozy and glamorous. 

8. Bedroom with unique furniture

Make your spare bedroom stand out from the rest of the house by including some unique furniture in the space, like a hanging egg chair.

9. Make use of alcoves

If you have an awkward alcove in your spare bedroom, make the most of it by arranging furniture inside it. You can include a dresser, for example, or make a small office nook by putting a desk inside of it. 

10. Spare bedroom with a statement wall

If your spare bedroom is feeling uninspired, then try brightening up the space with statement wallpaper. It does the same thing as a gallery wall: It draws the eye to that particular part of the room and leaves you with a lasting impression. 

11. Black and white bedroom

You can make a simple black and white bedroom feel more design-forward by incorporating printed wallpaper in the same color scheme. In this particular example, the chevron print helps to elevate this simply furnished spare bedroom. 

12. Bohemian guest bedroom

For those who have a more bohemian, earthy aesthetic, extend that style to your spare bedroom. You can keep the layout relatively simple by using benches as nightstands and ottomans, but then give the space an earthy feel by using rattan decor and plenty of plants. 

13. Spare bedroom with large mirror

Create the illusion of more space by propping up a large mirror in your spare bedroom. It will instantly make the room feel bigger and airier. 

14. Spare bedroom with faux brick wall

Make your spare bedroom look like a downtown loft by creating a faux brick wall behind the bed. You can easily achieve this by applying wallpaper.

15. Spare bedroom with faux fireplace

Make your guests' stay super cozy and inviting by installing a faux fireplace in the guest bedroom. Even though it's not real, the flickering light will create a welcome ambiance in the room, creating a peaceful oasis

16. Mid-century modern spare bedroom

Mid-century modern design is clean-lined and minimalist by nature, so it always creates a clean and uncluttered feeling, which is perfect for a spare bedroom. Achieve this look by choosing a simple bed frame with a gray padded headboard, and a short-backed couch for lounging. 

17. Strategic rugs in guest bedroom

Buying large rugs can get expensive, but you can cut that cost in half if you simply surround the bed with small area rugs in the same design.

18. Spare bedroom with exposed closet

Some people like to see their clothing options for the day, and that's where a spare bedroom with an exposed closet comes in. Convert a corner of the room into an open wardrobe by either using a clothing rack or a DIY open shelving unit. 

19. Dark bohemian spare bedroom

One of the defining traits of a bohemian bedroom is rattan furniture, but you can make that '70s staple pop by painting your bedroom walls black. The dark color will help ground the airy furniture. 

20. Window-focused bedroom

Put the focus of the bedroom on the window by placing the bed directly underneath it. This will make your guests feel more connected with the outside, since they will wake up with sunshine directly above them. 

21. Striped spare bedroom

Add instant drama to your spare bedroom by creating linear accents on the walls. You can either paint lines on the walls or create batten walls for more texture. This instantly draws the eye upward and makes the room feel bigger.

22. Bright, open spare bedroom

Make your spare bedroom feel modern and bright by using open furniture. Choose a desk with open shelving, and install a tier wall shelving unit in lieu of a heavy bookcase or wall unit.

23. Pastel Scandinavian bedroom

Transform your spare bedroom into a unique Scandinavian retreat by choosing a statement headboard in a Nordic design and then decorating the room in soft pastels. 

24. Spare bedroom with eating nook

Upgrade your spare bedroom into a mini apartment by adding a small bistro table to the space. Your guests will love having their morning coffee and pastries there.

25. Spare bedroom with hammock

For the ultimate lounging experience, install a small crochet hammock in your spare bedroom. It will offer your guests a cozy place to unwind, and you yourself will want to relax in the inviting swing when you're home alone.

26. Themed spare bedroom

If you're struggling to decorate your spare bedroom, sometimes sticking to a theme takes out the guesswork out of what kind of decor to buy. This spare bedroom utilizes a cactus theme, and it feels chic rather than cheesy because it's used sparingly.

27. Spare bedroom with invisible bed frame

People who love minimalist bedrooms, this one is for you. Make your bedroom feel airy by choosing a thick white bed frame that blends seamlessly with the white walls and white furniture that surrounds it. 

28. Spare bedroom with funky shapes

Create a unique spare bedroom by utilizing irregular shapes. Choose a headboard with a squiggly outline and incorporate a pond mirror that is oblong like a puddle. 

29. Colorful spare bedroom

The easiest way to create impact in a room is to utilize color. This bedroom feels luxurious and stylish thanks to its unexpected pastel pink and emerald color scheme. 

30. Spare bedroom with cozy accents

Bring a touch of warmth (literally!) to your spare bedroom by including a blanket ladder. This unique accent will allow your guests to cuddle up with plush blankets and feel right at home.