60 Best Living Room Décor Ideas To Get You Inspired

When it comes to creating an inspiring and comfortable atmosphere in your living room, there are a few décor areas you want to look at. According to Canva, color can affect our mood and even our behaviors. So, picking colors that speak to you and give you inviting and relaxing feelings is important for a living room setting. However, these colors can vary from person to person. 

Color can be used in your furniture, your walls, and even your smaller decorations. However, color isn't all you want to consider when you're creating a living room that will inspire you to create and spend time in it — you also want to look at how comfortable your furniture is, the quality of throw pillows and blankets you're choosing, how appealing your décor is, and more. Bring in live plants if you have a green thumb; cover the walls in art if you're a connoisseur of creativity. Make the room feel like the most welcoming space in your home, and let these images inspire you to find the living room décor ideas that are right for you.

1. Nature and joyous blues

Blue is an excellent color choice to inspire joy and creativity. The prints on the wall are beautiful and bring the air of nature right into the house; they may even inspire you to make your own prints.

2. A classic mash-up

There is something inspiring about this living room. It has a bit of a vintage vibe and the combinations of colors look beautiful together. The blue ottoman adds a happy pop of color to the neutral tones of the couch and other décor.

3. Focus colors

Your living room doesn't have to be all bright colors to be inspiring. This blend of black and white has a fresh look, and the lemony yellow additions really bring out a joyous vibe.

4. A playful scene

Go big and bold in your living room, even if the base color of your room is somewhat drab. The grays look glorious paired with bright pink, yellow, and blue.

5. A refreshing vibe

Something about this living room might make you feel like traveling. The suitcase and telescope may inspire some road trips or a plane ticket purchase in the near future.

6. Gorgeous grays

There is an industrial feel to this room that inspires thoughts of dystopian novels and faux fur rugs. The brown and tan tones add something fresh to the look. 

7. A pop of cherry

There's something deeply inspiring in this minimalist living room. The dark color of the walls and floors is beautifully offset by the pop of cherry red from the couch and the art on the wall.

8. Light hints of nature

A nice mellow room can be inspiring, too. Rather than adding bright colors to a cream room, add some extra natural tones that match and contrast.

9. Pretty pretty plants

Home décor can revolve around the things you're passionate about. If you have a green thumb, decorate your living room with live houseplants that bring life to the place. Find furniture, throw pillows, and other pieces that enhance your plants.

10. Keep it simple

This living room has an elegant, but simple look. The combination of colors is pleasing and may inspire you to try combining different dark and light colors together.

11. Inspiring piano room

If music is your thing, make your lovely grand piano the centerpiece of the living room. The instrument is the focal point, but fresh flowers add some life to the classic white room.

12. Green on green

Got a green room? Don't be afraid to decorate with green furniture and other accents. This room looks so bright and lively, and the kitchenette in dark wood ensures the green isn't too overpowering.

13. Go for gold

The gold side tables really make this room look divine. They pair well with the brown couch, but also add some extra pizazz that otherwise is missing from this dark room.

14. A blast of nature

Bring nature into your home with some wonderfully inspired décor. The woodblock coffee table gives the room such a rustic look, and the nature art prints and pretty plants make this a cottagecore delight.

15. Turn your room into a work of art

Be inspired by a favorite work of art in which you love the colors. The pillows and other decor match the art on the wall and really pull the whole room together.

16. Create a rainbow

If you have a colorfully-painted living room, you don't have to avoid color in your décor. While this room does have some basic black and white, the chairs are outrageous, yet they still work well in the overall look.

17. Desert inspired

From the dry plants to the cacti, this living room has a desert feel to it. Inspire yourself to enjoy the warmth of your home with décor that plays up your favorite atmosphere, like the arid sandy desert.

18. Unique overhead lighting

When it comes to overhead lights in your living room, try something different than your typical track lighting or fan lights. This globe light looks beautiful and is sure to inspire the rest of your décor.

19. Cabin comforts

Sometimes the simplest things can look the most inspiring. All of the wood in this room makes it look cozy and warm, and there's likely a fireplace out of the shot waiting for all of those pieces of firewood on the shelf.

20. A touch of pink

Sometimes sticking with monochromatic colors and adding in only one pop of color gives the room a really magnificent look. This living space may inspire you to get into black and white photography.

21. Cozy shelves

Bookshelves can do so many things for a living room, aside from inspiring you to read. This is a great way to display collectibles, favorite trinkets, vintage books, and more.

22. Television focal point

One lovely bonus of investing in a flat-screen television you can mount on the wall is more space for other great things in your living space. Inspire more yoga, crafting time, dancing, and other fun stuff that requires space.

23. Sometimes busy is beautiful

If you enjoy a busy space and have a lot of décor items, let this living room inspire you. You don't have to adopt a minimalist look to have a gorgeous living room with plenty of space for entertainment and relaxation.

24. Wonderful wall art

Art like this is simple and elegant, and often costs a lot of money. This piece is sure to inspire your own creative skills — it would be easy to create a similar accent wall hanging with some vintage plates found thrifting.

25. Mesmerizing mantels

Are you using your fireplace mantel to display your favorite things? Whether you have the family photos up there or some favorite artwork, pair those pictures with some lively greenery and some pretty items.

26. Love the wallpaper

Décor is about more than decorations on your shelving and your choice of tables and chairs. The chevron wallpaper in this living room makes for inspiring décor, and will allow you to get even more creative with the colors you put around it.

27. Make it all match

Find a way to make it all match. The entire room in this photo goes together. Find inspiration from your wallpaper or favorite throw pillow and invest in décor that brings it all together.

28. Frame your favorite things

While the art on the wall in this picture is most likely framed posters, this image may inspire you to get creative with the artwork you hang. Frame favorite items, like your childhood vinyl collection.

29. Get retro

If you long to live in a past decade, consider finding inspiration in this vintage-looking living room. Many retro styles return, and if you can't find the décor you need new, go to some antique shops.

30. Fantastic floating shelves

Add magic to your walls with floating shelves. They free up the space taken up by other types of shelves, and they look nice. Be sure to find a stud to put your shelf in if you want to decorate it with anything heavy.

31. Busy walls, minimal decor

Whether your living room already has some busy wallpaper or you intend to add some, consider going minimalist with your décor. This room looks magnificent with the yellow chair, gold planter, white lamp, and green plant that all match the colors on the wall.

32. Match fabrics

Everything about this room looks soft and comfortable. Consider finding inspiration from the fabric of your favorite curtains or piece of furniture and buy stuff to match in colors that look lovely together.

33. Let rooms flow together

If you have your living room and den side-by-side, letting the same colors flow through both rooms will create a bigger looking space. You can do this with the right décor, furniture, and wall colors.

34. Art covered walls

Turn your living room into an art gallery. Whether you're hanging your own art, art from friends, or stuff you've purchased anywhere else, covering your walls with art is a great way to bring inspiration and life to your home.

35. Cabinets and lounges

If you want something different than the usual couch in your living room, consider getting an elegant chaise lounge. They're perfect for lounging about and look fancy.

36. Lovely table décor

Side or coffee table, find just the right décor to inspire joy in your home. Plants that need low light, things that make you think creative thoughts, and lovely-smelling candles are all great choices.

37. Get those museum feels

The right area rug, vases, and blend of colors can make your living room look like it belongs in a royal palace or a museum. Guests will be in awe of your style.

38. Create a gathering place

If you regularly entertain small groups of guests, this layout is perfect for a living room. It's easier to have meaningful conversations when you're facing each other.

39. Make the most of a small space

If you have a small living room, you can make your space look lively and decorated with limited décor. Create an accent wall that doubles as art with some wallpaper or a tapestry. Houseplants always bring life to a room, too.

40. Add a mirror

Not only do mirrors inspire us to look at our real selves, but they also make great room décor. Even a living room looks fabulous with a mirror, and it will make the space look larger.

41. Keep the colors minimal

You don't have to go crazy with colors in your living room; even this gray room looks inviting and comfortable. Let this space inspire you to go simple. The pop of natural color with the green plant adds life to a classic look.

42. Lighting is décor, too

The living room in many homes is the hub of all sorts of activities, from playing to napping. When it's time to make some changes to this space in your home, consider some lighting that can be dimmed when it's time to relax.

43. Small space living

You can still have a delightfully inspiring living room even if it has to share space with your dining room and kitchen. The perfectly placed sectional couch and awesomely designed rug make the living room area feel like it stands alone.

44. Simplest décor

Even if you don't have the right lighting for plants or you don't have a green thumb, you can still add fresh greenery to bring life to your living room décor. From a fresh bouquet of flowers to a sprig of ivy, like in this picture, there are ways to integrate nature's beauty in your home.

45. Cozy carpets

This rug screams comfort and would surely be lovely to lie down on. Inspire warmth and fun with a cushiony area rug that matches your décor color.

46. Toss in some throw pillows

Throw pillows make for inspiring décor, and have lots of benefits. They pull the colors of a room together, they let you create a mish-mash of designs, and they're comfortable.

47. Storage space is decorative, too

Want to keep your coffee table from becoming a catch-all? Integrate some stylish baskets into your décor to have a place to toss reading materials, chargers when they're not in use, and other common living room layabouts.

48. Under the television

When you opt for a television mounted on the wall you open your living room up for more fancy furniture and more space for lovely décor. This cabinet is beautiful and gives you space to store movies and such. Plus, it looks nice with some cute potted plants.

49. Have fun with empty frames

Creativity inspires more creativity. Connect with your inner artist and hang some empty frames on the wall of your living room. Mix and match different colors and styles.

50. Ladders instead of shelves

This ladder adds a new creative element to a room. This is a perfect place to display hanging houseplants without having to put hooks in your walls or ceiling.

51. Create a window seat

While you'll often see window seats in bedrooms or hallways, they're perfect in any window space. A window seat in your living room adds more seating area and provides you with a great reading nook.

52. The smoker's den

There's no need to visit a smoke shop when you can set up your own smoker's lounge in the living room. This magnificent space is great inspiration for turning your living room into a luxurious space to relax, sip a drink, and get warm by the fire.

53. Wall-to-wall seating

If your dream living room is all about entertaining guests, you'll want lots of seating. You'll find party inspiration with a fabulous sectional couch and other furniture pieces that pull a look together.

54. Add some whimsy

Get unique with your furnishings by making hanging chairs a part of your décor. Be sure you have a sturdy enough ceiling and hang them from stable beams! This look is very whimsical and fun.

55. Who needs a bear rug?

If you have a fireplace of any kind in your living room, get a cozy rug to lounge on. Even adults enjoy a cozy nap on the floor or some reading time while relaxing in comfort.

56. Use the extra space with tables

If you have some extra décor you want to put out and no place to display it, add a table behind your couch (if your couch isn't against a wall). Even when you leave the main space of the living room you can enjoy more décor.

57. Fun for all ages

If you have children, your living room décor will, by all means, include some kid's toys. This living room looks fun with the rocket ship and the teddy on the couch. The telescope is fun for all ages and may inspire a future astronomer. 

58. Daily drawings

With a chalkboard paint accent wall, you can make any décor work in your living room. Draw new art each day that puts the focus on different pieces. Be inspired by life, love, or what you see out the window.

59. Mix in some macrame

Be inspired to create a unique artistic or boho look in your living room with some macramé. You can learn how to make your own or purchase something made by a local or independent crafter.

60. Lovely lighting

When your living room doesn't have enough overhead lighting (or any at all), adding in some standing lights will help make things brighter. These also make great reading lamps.