The Best Houseplants For Your Zodiac Sign

While some might find little purpose in studying the stars, astrology can give some unique and deep insight into various parts of one's personality and psyche. According to Shape, there are 12 signs within the zodiac, starting with the fire sign Aries and ending with the water sign Pisces. Though there are several different factors that contribute to who we are and how we act, looking further into your birth chart might help you find some unexpected clarity or insight.

In addition to making sure that your home is decorated in a way that reflects your style and personality, there are several benefits to adding a few houseplants to your space. From brightening up a room to purifying your air, houseplants can take your home to the next level and force you to step up and test your caretaking skills (via NBC News). From challenging houseplants to easy-going succulents, here is our guide to the best houseplants for you based on your zodiac sign.

Aries should test their green thumb with a zebra plant

Being that Aries are known for living their life at a pretty fast pace, the zebra plant will surely challenge an Aries by requiring them to be diligent and responsible with its care. According to Allure, those born between March 21st and April 19th fall under the sign of Aries, which is the first of the 12 zodiac signs. In addition to being spontaneous, Aries are also known for being passionate, bold, and very determined. 

Though they can be a bit stubborn or headstrong, these qualities might come in handy when trying to keep a temperamental zebra plant thriving. Native to Brazil, zebra plants have the ability to reach a height of around 2 feet within a span of three years (via The Spruce). Though their leaves have a beautiful design and color, these plants are most adored for their flowers that bloom late in the summer. When it comes to keeping them happy, zebra plants do not like to be in direct sunlight, so avoid keeping them next to or on a window seat. They also prefer that their soil be consistently moist, but beware of overwatering. While it may be challenging, a determined Aries will find the perfect recipe to keep these comforting plants alive and well.

Taurus can keep things romantic with a ​​heart leaf philodendron

A heartleaf philodendron is the perfect addition to a Taurus' home due to its bright coloring and delicate shape. As an earth sign, Taurus is known for being very grounded and indulgent, though they can also become hermits if they are not careful, per Co-Star Astrology. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This explains why those born under the sign of Taurus are drawn to the more luxurious and lavish side of life.

According to Apartment Therapy, heartleaf philodendron is one of the easiest plants to care for. Being that Taurus is known for getting lazy on occasion, this plant is a great option for those who don't want to deal with too much hassle. If they are kept for a long period of time, heartleaf philodendrons will eventually grow long and luscious, creating an ethereal accessory in your home. Though they tend to be on the brighter side, these heart-shaped leaves can also vary in shade and color, meaning that no two heartleaf philodendrons will look the same.

The vibrant calathea vittata represents the dynamic nature of Gemini

Geminis are born between May 22nd and June 22nd, and they are the first of the air signs within the zodiac (via Cosmopolitan). Known for their awareness, intelligence, and talkative nature, Geminis are represented by the twins. While they have the ability to be very adaptable, Geminis also have a reputation for being two-faced, meaning they have a tendency to speak out of both sides of their mouth. Overall, Geminis have fun and dynamic energy, and though they have a knack for manipulating situations to their benefit, they are also very loyal and thoughtful.

Calathea Vvttata plants are known for being somewhat fussy and complicated, but their multi-colored leaves catch the eye and display a unique pattern that Geminis will be drawn to. They undoubtedly brighten up a room and add a nice pop of color, drawing attention just as Geminis do. According to Osera, calathea vittata must be watered regularly as they do not do well in dry soil. When it comes to sunlight, make sure that these sensitive plants are placed out of direct sunlight so that they do not crisp up.

Cancer can set the mood with spider plants

As a water sign, Cancers are said to be very emotional and nurturing (per InStyle). Born between June 21st and July 22nd, Cancers are summer babies that need to surround themselves with bright and happy vibes, making hanging plants one of the best options for their space. Seeing vibrant greenery in the corners of their home can get Cancer out of an emotional funk all while encouraging a sense of comfort and happiness.

While there are several different options when it comes to hanging plants, spider plants are one of the easiest to maintain and care for. Being that Cancers have a tendency to struggle with change, the adaptable spider plants remind them to go with the flow. According to Gardening Know How, the main thing to monitor with a spider plant is that their soil is well-drained. They also prefer access to bright but indirect sunlight, though they are able to thrive in a variety of conditions without too many issues. If you start to notice that the tips of your spider plants are turning brown, make a slight adjustment to their water intake or move them somewhere that is a bit more shaded.

Leos can show their royalty with a regal amaryllis

Out of all 12 zodiac signs, Leos are some of the most vibrant and outgoing. Ruled by the sun, Leos are known for loving attention and displaying a larger-than-life personality (via Co-Star Astrology). Born between July 22nd and August 22nd, there is no denying that most Leos have a tendency to be vain every once in a while, making the amaryllis plant a great addition to their home.

According to Gardeners Supply Company, amaryllis bulbs are some of the easiest bulbs to plant. One of the most special parts of the amaryllis plant is the fact that the flowers it produces are so vibrant and show-stopping. These characteristics will provide inspiration for a Leo looking to enhance their home in a more obvious and eye-catching way. If you want to ensure that your blooms stand up straight, use a support stake for stability and guidance. Also, keep in mind that most bulbs take about six to eight weeks to bloom, so you'll need to practice a bit of patience.

Virgos are more than capable of taking on the delicate task of caring for an orchid

Virgos are one of the most organized and meticulous signs of the zodiac. Between being detail-oriented and hyper-aware, Virgos are incredibly diligent and do a great job at getting things done in an efficient and thorough manner. According to Allure, Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd, and they are the second earth sign within the zodiac.

While some people prefer flowers or plants that require little to no attention to maintain, responsible Virgo is more than capable of helping a finicky orchid to thrive. Though caring for an orchid is pretty standard, they are known to be a bit temperamental, and they require a certain level of patience and nurturing that Virgos naturally possess. One of the most important details to be aware of when caring for an orchid is ensuring that they remain in sufficient light (via Gardening Know How). Though they might not prefer direct sunlight, dark conditions will result in a wilted orchid that struggles to bloom. Temperature is another important factor, so make sure that they sit in a room that gets about 15 degrees cooler in the evenings than it is in the daytime.

Libra should add some glamour to their space with a potted string of pearls

Libras are best known for their impeccable style and natural sense of glamour and luxury. If you were born between September 22nd and October 23rd, you are a part of this zodiac group and are ruled by the romantic planet of Venus, per Co-Star Astrology. Represented by the scales of balance, Libras have a tendency to be the middleperson and can find themselves caught in the crossfire when attempting to keep the peace with their loved ones or friends.

If you want to add a sense of calm and beauty into your space, buy some hanging planters for a few string of pearls. This unique plant is technically classified as a succulent, though they appear very different from typical cacti or succulents when they grow long enough (via The Spruce). In fact, these gorgeous plants have a naturally decorative element to them once they grow outside of their pots, hanging off the side and creating a very ethereal look. String of pearls do best in warmer climates, so do your best to keep their room around 70 degrees if possible.

Scorpios can line their window seals with succulents

Similar to cacti, Scorpios are known to have a tough exterior that can be a bit rough around the edges. However, at their core, Scorpios born between October 23rd and November 21st have a softer side to them that they don't always show (via Cosmopolitan). Some other common characteristics associated with this moody water sign include loyalty, a sense of mystery, and a seductive nature.

In addition to being one of the easiest houseplants to care for, succulents set the scene for a warm and inviting home. According to Architectural Digest, succulents need around six hours of sunlight per day, meaning that placing them along your window sill is one of the best locations for these adorable and diverse plants. However, make sure that you rotate your pots so that each side and section of the succulents are getting the same amount of light. When it comes to watering your succulents, water more frequently in the spring and summer and always add your water directly onto the soil rather than on top of the plant itself.

Sagittarius can allow their space to shine with a tropical banana plant

As a fire sign, Sagittarius has an outgoing and vibrant personality and that often steals the show. Their magnetic energy is intoxicating, and many people find themselves drawn to the positive vibe that those born between November 21st and December 21st put out into the world, per Mind Body Green

Though they have a tendency to be rather impulsive, Sagittarius likes to keep things light and happy whenever possible, making the banana tree a great option for brightening up a space. These herbaceous plants grow massive leaves that look like something straight out of the tropics. Since most banana trees prefer direct and intense sunlight, make sure to keep yours close to a window that gets optimal lighting throughout the day (via The Spruce). Because they come from the rainforest, banana trees also require a lot of water, so you'll need to make sure that you lay out a schedule to remember when you need to water them. While they don't like temperatures that are too cold or too hot, they do prefer some humidity.

Capricorns can increase their motivation with a money tree

Capricorns are the final earth sign of the zodiac and they are born between December 22nd and January 20th, according to Cosmopolitan. Capricorns are said to be ambitious, hard-working, and independent. On the flip side, Capricorns are also prone to putting work and making money above everything else, meaning that they should add a money tree to their space to inspire and manifest new abundance in an effortless way.

Since money trees prefer rather humid conditions, use a simple humidifier or tray to help your money tree feel as though it is growing in its native conditions (via Bloomscape). You can also use a mister to enhance the humidifying effect. Also, keep in mind that money trees prefer a stable location, meaning you should avoid moving them around too often. When it comes to watering your money tree, water them a decent amount but only once in a while. Basically, these tropical plants thrive when they feel as though they are in rainforest conditions.

Quirky Aquarians can create quite the setting with some Venus flytraps

Born between January 20th and February 18th, Aquarians are considered to be one-of-a-kind leaders and individuals who tend to walk their own path, according to Allure. Being that Aquarius is an air sign, those born under this zodiac have a strong sense of mental acuity and prefer to stand apart from the crowd rather than blend in. 

If you're an Aquarius that is looking to add some shock value to your space, a Venus flytrap will surely do the job. Venus flytraps are one of the most unique and legendary plants in existence. As a carnivorous plant, Venus flytraps literally consume flies and other small insects to survive, making them stand apart from more typical houseplants (per Tom's Carnivores). While these special plants are a bit harder to come by, housing them is completely possible. In addition to needing direct sunlight to grow, Venus flytraps also require purified water. Though it may be a challenge, the satisfaction that an Aquarius will receive from helping this plant to thrive is well-worth the effort.

Pisces can add some energy to their space with a coffee plant

Those born between February 19th and March 20th fall under the zodiac sign of Pisces (per Mind Body Green). This emotional water sign is known for living in a dream-like state and being incredibly intuitive. Being that they love to fantasize and daydream, Pisces also has a reputation for being big sleepers and having low energy levels. That's why adding a coffee plant is the perfect way to boost the energy in a Pisces' space.

According to Guide To Houseplants, the coffee plant is easy to grow indoors and they are known to live a long while. After the coffee plant's aromatic, white flowers bloom, little green and red fruits develop on the plant which eventually ripen and produce little coffee beans. These dark and shiny plants should be placed in an ample amount of light but kept out of direct or harsh sunlight. While coffee plants can grow rather large, simply prune them when necessary to keep them at an appropriate size for their pot or space.