How To Develop Your Personal Interior Style, According To Jasmine Roth - Exclusive

Turning plain homes into something more personal is a skill Jasmine Roth first learned to cultivate on "Hidden Potential," where she turned cookie-cutter homes into customized dreams for clients. Now, on the HGTV series "Help! I Wrecked My House," the designer and construction expert helps people fix their renovation mistakes and gives them the beautiful space they've been dreaming of. A lot of getting a client's home right comes down to their personal style and adding personality to the space.

And you don't always need an interior designer or stylist to create the home you've always wanted. According to Roth, you can develop it on your own. Once you've identified your personal style, you'll be able to decorate your home with ease. Roth shares her secrets to developing your style during an exclusive interview with House Digest. These are tips that any homeowner or apartment dweller can start using today.

Identify the two parts of your core style

The first step is identifying and defining your design style, as Jasmine Roth explains, "because that's going to be your guiding light for the rest of your project. If you don't have that, you're going to find yourself in this finished space that just feels like you went to the store and just bought everything ... it's not going to be cohesive, it's not going to feel intentional." Roth explains that this is your core design style, what you're initially drawn to.

But it doesn't stop there. You also have to keep in mind the kind of home you live in. She says, "If you live in a Tudor house, part of your design, whether you like it or not, is going to have to be some sort of Tudor."

Take some inspiration from your home and make that part of your core style, says Roth. "​​If your house is very traditional, if your house is very modern, you know that's going to be part of your design ... Then you could do all of these style add-ons. So yes, maybe your house is Tudor style, it's very traditional, but you love minimalist modern design. Well, then make it a modern Tudor."

Combine styles and bring in unique touches

You don't have to stick with just one design style in your home, especially when living with someone else. "It's so hard to blend [different styles] ... especially in construction, where you're putting things in like cabinets and tile and faucets and countertops," says Jasmine Roth.

But she has advice for blending and combining even the most opposite of styles. "Find photos of [home interiors] that you really like ... [Then] you start to see there [are] things that both people actually like. And those are the things that go into the design," explains Roth. "But [with] the construction design, you can't split it. You can't do one room one way and one room the other. All the construction design has to be cohesive."

The goal is to create a home that feels personal, and to do that, Roth likes to add some unique touches: "I'm a big believer [in] bringing in things that are vintage, [but] not everything. ... If you have a space that's been renovated, [with] just clean, drywalled walls, new windows, new window treatments, nice new lights, but then maybe you work in something that's a little bit vintage so that it doesn't just feel like a model home."

You can find vintage pieces to fit any style. They don't have to look old, necessarily, but they add a unique touch that no other home will have. "In my opinion, things that are vintage have a story, they have personality, they have character, and it's just an instant way to make your house feel really welcoming," says Roth.

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