20 Ideas For Revamping Your Dated Tub Surround

If you're looking for inspiring ways to remodel the bathroom in your home, you might also be thinking about swapping out your old tub. However, buying a new bathtub is not always affordable. That's why you may want to give the one you already have a modern makeover by revamping your tub surround with a contemporary touch.

If you're unfamiliar with a tub surround, the term refers to the low walls or tiled sections around the outside of your bathtub, per the experts at Badeloft Luxury Bathrooms. Along with hiding pipes that you'd rather keep out of sight and anything else not meant to be seen, a bathtub surround is also functional in other ways. Made from materials that can withstand regular splashes and accidental floods, it is meant to keep water from getting into problem areas. Of course, you'll also want it to look good. When upgrading your tub surround you'll have the chance to choose between tiles, acrylic, and fiberglass, as well as both composite materials and solid surface materials. That's not to mention marble.

With all that figured out, you can then consider the overall style of it. For instance, check out the following options that are sure to get you excited about revamping your dated tub surround.

1. Tiny tiles above the floor

This contemporary bathroom uses tiny multicolored tiles in the same shade range on the bathtub surround that extends around the basin and up the wall. Rather than fully covering the tub surround, a space has been left at the bottom which makes the tiles look as if they're floating above the floor.

2. Faux marble tiles

There's no doubt that real marble can be expensive, especially if you're using a lot of it to cover something like a tub surround. However, you can still get the look of marble by using a faux version. This may also give you more options when it comes to the colors, grains, and sizes of your tiles.

3. Sleek black bathtub surround

Stick with something simple yet super-sleek by opting for a black tub surround. While you could choose a matte version if you prefer, this bathtub has a shiny surface that enhances the shade's chic nature. Pairing it with black and white floor tiles and white tiles on the walls keeps the space stylishly cohesive.

4. Textured stone-like bathtub surround

While you'll surely love the feel of the steaming hot water while soaking in your bathtub, you'll also love the feel of this textured tub surround. Covered in tiles that have been made to look like stone, the tiles also have a slightly rough texture that makes them look and feel natural.

5. Modern grey and white marble

Although some bathrooms that are decorated with marble can seem dated, this bathroom uses the stone in a wonderfully modern way. The chic grey and white marble not only surrounds the tub, the material has also been used on the walls and along the counter, enveloping the room in luxury.

6. Glossy tiled bathtub surround

Opting for tub surround tiles that have a bit of a shine is a great way to add flair to your bathroom. You can also take that effect up a notch by using truly glossy tiles. In this space, glossy tiles in a shade of burnt yellow keep things warm yet fashionable.

7. Illuminated bathtub surround

This bathtub surround gives the room a brighter appearance by using tiles that are all shades of sandy beige. On top of that, a strip of light has been added at the bottom in order to illuminate both the outside of the tub and the floor around it with a gorgeous creamy glow.

8. Tub surround with ledge

Whether your want your tub surround to be more functional or want a fresh look, you may want to add an extended ledge. Not big enough to get in your way if you're getting out of the tub, it provides a slight lip which would be the perfect place to set your wineglass while you soak.

9. Tub surround with white wainscoting

Turn your bathtub into something that adds a hint of elegance to your bathroom by adding painted panels. With the look you would get from the wainscoting or molding on the walls of a stately home, you'll enjoy the same refined effect in your bathroom with this accent on your tub surround.

10. Dark wood panels

Offering the bathroom the refined style of wainscoting with a slightly more intense vibe, these dark wood panels are simply stunning. With wood that appears to be elegantly carved, the surround has been topped with what seems to be granite, although marble would look just as lovely.

11. Concrete tub surround

If you want a tub surround that is durable and will last for years, then you surely can't go wrong with concrete. Undeniably strong, it can also be shaped and smoothed to perfectly fit your bathtub. If using real concrete is too much of a commitment for you, opt for a faux concrete finish instead.

12. Vertical wood slats

Add a somewhat unexpected twist to your bathroom by installing wood slats on your tub surround that are vertical instead of horizontal. If you use the same wood slats on the floor and have them directed toward your tub, you can align them with the slats on the surround to create a smooth and sleek look.

13. Subway tile tub surround

Subway tiles look cool, work with plenty of styles, and suit both kitchens and bathrooms alike. In the bathroom, subway tiles can be used both on the walls and on your tub surround. While the tiles used here are on the longer side, you could also opt for ones that are shorter or narrower.

14. Wood and tile tub surround

Can't decide between a wood tub surround and one that uses tile? Then delight yourself by using both. This bathtub uses full-length slats of dark wood for the bottom section as well as grey tiles along the top. You could use any wood and tile combo you like to create the same stylish effect.

15. Medium-sized mosaic tiles

Although mosaic tiles look incredible when they're rather tiny, they don't always have to be that small. Just take a look at this stunning tub surround that uses medium-sized tiles in lovely shades of beige, brown, and light grey for its mosaic design. Topped with larger stone tiles, the look is both classic and timeless.

16. Narrow stone tile tub surround

If you want to use tiles for your tub surround, then you'll need to consider the length as well as the width. While larger tiles can look amazing, these narrow stone tiles are unique and incredibly eye-catching. The tiles are also subtly different shades that all work well together thanks to their natural tones.

17. Bathtub surround with colorful tiles

Go for the opposite of a natural style by choosing bright and colorful tiles instead. For a look that's both fun and funky, consider tiles that also boast playful patterns and quirky designs that will put you in a good mood every time to walk into the room.

18. Tub surround with tiled steps

Add a little grandeur to your bathroom while making it easier to get into your elevated basin by surrounding your tub with tiled steps. The number and height of the steps will depend on the space in your room, but even one will stand out and give you an extra spot to sit when needed.

19. Wood tub surround with steps

If you like the idea of making steps a part of your tub surround but aren't interested in tile, then you might want to pick a design that relies on wood. Just as practical and certainly stunning, light wood stairs that match other natural décor will make the room feel like a serene spa.

20. Curved tub surround

Whether you have a rounded bathtub, simply want more space around your rectangular tub, or are looking for a way to give your bathroom a little more character, you may like the idea of adding a curved tub surround. You might be surprised by how much this seemingly little change adds to the look of your space.