How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Like A Pro

Fitted bed sheets are both a blessing and a curse. Granted, their elastic-lined corners hold them firmly to your bed even as you toss and turn in your sleep, and Mattress Clarity also claims that it's more hygienic to sleep on them rather than a bare mattress. But despite the many wondrous benefits of using fitted linens, they have a couple of frustrating downsides. First, as you attempt to wrestle them onto your bed, you may find it difficult to identify the long and short sides of the cloth, causing you to dress your bed incorrectly. Second, these linens are nearly impossible to fold.

Although folding your fitted sheet may be the least of your concerns, think about the visual appeal your otherwise disastrous linen closet would have if you were able to nicely fold all of your linens. Living on a Dime to Grow Rich (via YouTube) also mentions that being able to properly fold even the most uncooperative sheets can free up a significant amount of space in your storage areas. In spite of the fact that identifying the different sides of your bedding is something you need to figure out on your own, we can help you tidy up your linen closet by assisting you with the best ways to fold your fitted sheets. Here are some basic steps to guide you through it.

Folding a fitted twin sheet

For a fitted twin sheet, Mattress Clarity (via YouTube) recommends starting with the sheet turned inside-out, then placing your hands inside two of the corners. When choosing your corners, ensure that one of the longer edges of the cloth is between your two hands. Those corners should then be flipped inside out and traded. The corner that was in your right hand should be in your left and the corner that was in your left hand should be in your right. Ensure your hands are placed back inside your corners before bringing them together and flipping one over the other. Mattress Clarity flipped the right corner over the left one, therefore, everything is now being held by the left hand. To make the next step easier, replace your left hand with your right.

Now that your left hand is free, use it to find the last corner. After you find it, place your hand inside that corner. At this point, the elastic part of the linen should be in a U-shape. This is when HGTV transitions the sheet to a flat surface and begins the folding process. The sheet should be folded lengthwise into sections of three, turning it into a thin rectangular shape. Finally, down the long side of the rectangle, fold it again into sections of three before breathing a sigh of relief and placing your neatly folded sheet into your linen closet.

Folding larger fitted sheets

Due to their larger size, folding fitted double, queen, or king sheets is more difficult than folding a fitted twin sheet. Videojug (via YouTube) recommends grabbing a partner to make the process easier. To start, you and your partner can grab a corner of the sheet with each of your hands. When all corners have been claimed, ensure the two longer edges of the cloth are stretched between the two of you, then flip it until the elastic rim is exposed at the top. From there, adjust your hands so that the stretchy material is neatly folded in toward the center of the linen.

Once the fitted sheet is properly prepared, you and your partner can start folding it. First, fold the linen in half by bringing both of your own hands together, then fold it over by bringing it to your partner's hands. As you fold, you may want to continue adjusting the edges so they remain in crisp, straight lines. Finally, continue folding in this pattern until the bedding is the exact size needed to fit neatly into your closet or storage space.