Is Terrazzo Going Out Of Style?

Historians believe the terrazzo originated in Italy during the 16th century. Though this material is centuries old, it found itself in many homes and buildings, particularly in mid-century and contemporary modern design. Terrazzo is actually a composite material, which means it's made of at least two materials that differ in physical and chemical properties. Modern terrazzo is usually made with bits of quartz, granite, or glass surrounded by resin or concrete, according to Angi.

The most popular use of terrazzo has been for floors. But the material has also been used for backsplashes, tiles, and countertops. One of the reasons people have loved the material is how versatile it is. But has this traditional material run its course? Is terrazzo going out of style? Experts would say no. In fact, terrazzo may be more popular than ever. So if you love this style, rest assured that it isn't outdated and probably won't be anytime soon.

Terrazzo is definitely trending

Terrazzo has definitely been on the rise in recent years. It's not a new style, but it's been having a resurgence in popularity in many areas throughout the home. And it's because this simple material is easy to incorporate into many design styles and aesthetics. Depending on the terrazzo you use, the material can look more traditional and understated or modern and eclectic. Some terrazzo features neutral or muted colors, while others have bright and bold shades. Some have small patterns and other large, more noticeable pieces.

But the look of terrazzo isn't the only reason why people are loving the material. Terrazzo is also sustainable and eco-friendly because it uses recycled materials to create the aggregate material, says Homes To Love. And it's the aggregation of materials that also makes terrazzo so durable and resistant to heat and water compared to other common tile materials. Whether it's the look or the benefits, terrazzo is definitely becoming a favorite for many.

Terrazzo isn't only for tiles

Traditionally, terrazzo has been used in tiles for floors and backsplashes. But as the material has become more popular, people have found new ways to add this material to their homes. Large furniture pieces like coffee tables and side tables are getting the terrazzo treatment. But small decor items like trinket boxes, mirrors, and planters are as well, according to Urban Company. Terrazzo is even well-loved enough that the print has found its way to wallpaper as a way to add a bold accent to a room.

But what many people love about terrazzo is that it's also pretty easy to DIY. Many are opting to make their own terrazzo furniture, tabletops, and decor. Using white cement and broken pieces of tile, you can create terrazzo at home, says Ohoh Deco. You'll need a mold of whatever you want to create and a few days to let the cement cure, but in the end, you can have a home full of DIY terrazzo pieces.