3 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Mowing The Lawn

Summertime is busy for everyone. Between kids being out of school, gardening, sports, and the fear of missing out on great weather, there's always something going on. And just when it seems nothing else can fit on your to-do list, the grass starts to grow like crazy! Sometimes it feels as if you can stand outside and watch it grow.

Mowing the lawn is a nostalgic favorite for some and a dreaded necessity for others. But no matter how you look at it, everyone always makes a few mistakes when mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, often these are done without knowing they are wrong. Before you even mow the lawn, be sure the mower is clean and, depending on its condition, has seen the mechanic for a check-up, via Mom Does Reviews. After sitting in a shed over the winter, it will likely need some attention to ensure it's running well and safely.

1. Bagging up the grass

Mulching grass clippings instead of bagging them is the healthiest option for your lawn. The clippings from the grass will add nutrients to the soil and make for healthier grass, via Custom Lawn & Landscape Inc. It also helps it retains moisture which is especially important during the hot summer months when rain sometimes doesn't come often enough. And it's recommended to mow your lawn when 1⁄3 of the length of grass needs to be cut. If you're following this method, the size of grass clippings will be just the right size for easy composting.

But summers are busy, and it might be longer than you'd like if you haven't gotten around to cutting the grass. If the clippings are too big, you can quickly go back over them with the mower to chop them up. These smaller pieces of grass will soon decompose and add life to the soil.

2. Cutting the grass too short or with dull blades

When grass is growing like crazy, it can feel like you have to mow the lawn multiple times a week to keep up. During this time, it might seem like a good idea to cut the grass extra short, so you can get a break. However, according to Mom Does Reviews, this is a bad idea and could result in unhealthy or dead grass. Cutting grass too short can leave it susceptible to drying out. It also weakens the grass because it has to work extra hard to grow back with limited resources.

Cutting grass with dull blades is a widespread issue and one that's sometimes hard to diagnose. Worn blades rip and tear at the grass instead of creating clean cuts, and these rips make the grass more vulnerable to pests, diseases, and fungus. Overall, your grass is at risk of being cut with dull blades. To ensure your blades are always sharp, set up an appointment at the beginning of each season to have them sharpened. That way, you know you always have sharp blades and healthy grass.

3. Mowing the grass in a hurry or when wet

Sometimes, it seems like the rain will never end throughout the season. It pours heavily, disallowing drying between showers. It might seem tempting to go ahead and cut the grass anyway as it grows out of control with all the extra rain, but it's not a good idea and will likely cause more harm than good. The wheels will slick down the wet grass, so the blades will miss those and make the lawn look patchy. The grass will clump much easier and maybe even clog up your mower and cause damage. Additionally, wet grass is slippery, making it riskier for you and your health if you cut on damp grass. You could slip; the mower could, too, and neither of those options has a safe outcome.

Sometimes house chores get on top of us, and getting the grass cut is just something you've got to get done quickly. Just don't rush cutting the grass. According to Custom Lawn & Landscaping Inc, it will result in a messy and uneven cutting job that will likely need to be redone anyway.