Which Vegetable Would You Love To Grow In Your Garden? - House Digest Survey

There are plenty of factors to consider before choosing what vegetables to grow in your garden. Depending on the climate of the region you live in, that alone can determine which types of veggies will flourish in your next plot. If you reside in an area that experiences a cooler growing season throughout the spring and summer months, then you may want to consider planting a vegetable that isn't bothered by the lower temperatures, like broccoli, cabbage, or even peas, according to Harvest to Table. If your growing season is blessed with warmer temperatures, having a plot of tomatoes, corn, or cucumbers could be best suited for your climate.

However, what if you had free reign to choose any vegetable you wanted to see take center stage in your garden? No matter if it's growing on a trellis, dirt plot, or backyard container, with no restrictions or limitations, what would you find yourself picking? Well, House Digest surveyed 627 people and asked them, "Which vegetable would you love to grow in your garden?" Although some of the results were very close, there was a clear winner that took almost half of the votes. Let's take a look at what vegetables made it to the top of our survey wish list.

Tomatoes took the top spot

It seems as though people have a deep adoration for tomatoes. In a House Digest survey of 627 people, a total of 283 — which is 45.14% of the total votes — said that they would love to grow tomatoes in their garden. Well, it's no wonder because these versatile veggies can be easily nurtured in your garden, greenhouse, or container at home. With a seemingly endless variety available, from small bite-sized cherry tomatoes to big beefsteak types, these little wonders can be ideal for salads, sauces, and salsas. As far as growing conditions, tomatoes thrive in warmer environments with nutrient-rich soil and plenty of sunshine and water, according to Almanac.

Although the vast majority of those surveyed showed some love for the tomatoes, there were definitely some close calls with the variety of veggies that rounded out the list. Cucumbers were the second most popular vegetable that people wanted to grow in their garden, with 111 or 17.7% of the votes. This was followed closely behind by peppers which earned 68 votes (10.85%), lettuce with 66 (10.53%), zucchini with 51 (8.13%), and finally, green beans with 48 people (7.66%) saying they would love to grow them in their garden. Hopefully, this inspires you to use those green thumbs and grow something you treasure this season.