Are Tin Tiles Outdated?

Whether you like a home that boasts a regal look or prefer a contemporary space that embraces an industrial style, you might be intrigued by the idea of having metal décor. Of course, you could always opt for gold accents and add silver details in your rooms — not to mention furniture, art, and various decorations made of bronze, brass, or copper. While each option has its own look as well as both benefits and drawbacks, you might want to consider every metal choice that's available to you. That likely includes tin, which is often seen in homes as tin tiles.

Panels that can be adorned with stunning designs and patterns, tin tiles can boast an antique look if that's what you prefer, according to Abingdon Construction Inc. Think along the lines of an elegant Victorian style, a glamorous gothic design, or a room that embraces an art deco aesthetic. On the other hand, tin tiles can also capture a contemporary look that you might adore. Beyond that, they can be an affordable option that's also easy to maintain which means you can keep it around for years.

However, if you choose to use tin tiles in your home or already have them somewhere in your abode, you might be wondering if they're still in style or if they're responsible for making your space look like it's been forgotten in the past.

Tin tiles can be used in plenty of modern trendy ways

There's no doubt that tin tiles have been a popular option when it came to decorating ceilings. Thanks to the elegant and chic ambiance they're able to create, it's easy to understand why they were such a staple in the past when it came to certain standout styles. That's surely why it's also easy to believe that tin tiles are just as popular these days. In fact, they're so in favor with fashionable folks that they managed to make their way onto Pinterest's top trends of 2019, thanks to a surge of searches related to tin tile inspiration.

Fortunately for anyone who's interested in this enduring trend, there are plenty of modern and trendy ways to use tin tiles that go beyond the ceiling — although that's still a totally stylish option. Indeed, Fiori Interior Design's Terri Fiori told, "Adding a tin ceiling brings instant charm to a space. It adds texture and pattern on that 'sixth wall.'"

Of course, if you want to try something different but equally chic, then you could put tin tiles up around your fireplace or above your bed as a headboard. Beyond that, you could use tin tiles as a backsplash in your kitchen, which can create visual interest as well as reflect light to make a smaller space seem bigger. Fiori explains the appeal, saying, "A tin backsplash creates an immediate focal point in a kitchen, especially behind open shelving."