Home Depot Or Lowe's: Which Has Better Deals On Bathroom Sinks?

Home renovation superstores Lowe's and Home Depot appear very similar from the outside. However, the differences are clearer for initiated DIY-ers and home improvement professionals. Business Insider visited both retailers to compare products, services, and pricing. The outlet found that while the product selection was similar, Home Depot offered a more extensive inventory. Its merchandising and layout were better focused on accommodating renovation professionals. Yet, as they pointed out, this could be a downside if you don't know your way around the shop or the renovation process. In opposition, Cheapism gave Lowe's the higher marks of the two for their customer service and the in-store experience; yet, they conceded that pricing was virtually indistinguishable from the 38 equivalent products they compared. Furthermore, the site notes that Lowe's was the customer's favorite, as determined by 70,000 yearly surveys.

FortuneBuilders attributes a 102% return on investment for a minor bathroom remodel, the top earner for home improvements. Regarding cost, HomeGuide estimates a small renovation will run from $2500 to $15,000. To that end, new bathroom fixtures are an effective and budget-friendly update, mainly if you can do some design and labor yourself. While both retailers seemingly have everything for the home, including the proverbial kitchen (and bathroom) sink, where should you start if you're looking for the best bang for your buck?

Price comparison

We checked the Home Depot and Lowe's websites for available products. Drop-in, undermount, vessel, pedestal, console, and wall-mounted sinks were listed for both brands. We compared pedestal basin and base combinations, referred to as pedestal sink combos, a classic option according to HGTV. The least expensive item at Home Depot, Evolution Pedestal by American Standard, sells for $105.67 and is made of vitreous china. At Lowe's, the lowest-priced offering begins at $59.98 by AquaSource and is constructed with the same material. Additionally, the dimensions and shaping of both are comparable. The Home Depot selection garnered a 4 ¼ star rating, while the half-price option at Lowe's rated 4.0 stars. While Home Depot offered nothing under $100 in this category, Lowe's listed two. A second item, the Allen + Roth Traditional Pedestal Sink Combo, was $99.98, but it ranked a mediocre 3.0 stars by reviewers. 

Next, we researched the popular vessel style, applying a $50 to $100 search filter. Home Depot returned 113 results, while Lowe's had just 77 available. Finally, we compared drop-in sinks for under $50. Home Depot listed four options, while Lowe's yielded six results. Pricing generally seems pretty distributed between the brands. If you're looking for the best selection of low-cost drop-in or pedestal sink combos, Lowe's is the winner. However, Home Depot offers more low-budget options if a vessel style is preferred. In summary, the best deal depends on the type of sink you're shopping for. 

Final selection

Let's consider quality for a moment. HGTV lists an American Standard ceramic pedestal combo offered by Wayfair as a favorite of its top bathroom sinks. The pretty piece has molding detail and an elegant silhouette. We found an identical item constructed of fire clay at both Home Depot and Lowe's. The 8 in. Widespread Sink sells at Home Depot for $369.20, while at Lowe's, the Town Square Pedestal Sink Combo lists for $351.65. Home Decor Bliss featured their best seven bathroom sink brands: Kohler, Kraus, Nantucket, Elecwish, Ruvati, Luxier, and Vccucine. We looked for these brands at Home Depot and Lowe's. Kohler and Kraus' searches showed a difference of only four items between the retailers for each brand, while Lowe's showed almost twice as many Ruvati options. Home Depot offered a few pieces by Luxier, although Lowe's had none of the additional lines mentioned. For better brands, the selection appears to be evenly matched.

According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, both stores offer coupons, yet they are more easily accessible for Home Depot. However, the site feels that Lowe's credit card provides greater rewards. For a rock-bottom cost on a value sink, head to Lowe's, but for mid-range pricing, which both retailers represent well, you'll have to base your final selection on style and availability. For many sink purchases, additional accessories are a necessary investment, like a faucet or vanity, so it's essential to compare the pricing of those items as well.