Justina Blakeney's Tips On Finding Your Personal Interior Design Style

If you've seen items using bright colors and eclectic patterns in your favorite home design stores, there's a good chance Justina Blakeney is behind it. Her designs are instantly recognizable and show off her hand-painted artwork, according to her Justina Blakeney. She credits creativity as a key to having an amazing home. It's taken years for her to foster her style and cement herself as one of the most unique interior designers. But through that time, she's learned important tips on developing a personal style.

The task isn't an easy one. Developing your personal style isn't something that most can do overnight. It's also not static. Your style can change and evolve as you do. But you can narrow down the basics of your personal style so that you can create the details as you cultivate it. In an interview published by Delta, Justina Blakeney's advice isn't only about looking through design magazines because personal style is much deeper than that.

Get inspired by memories and the world

Whether you have an idea of how you would define your personal style or start from scratch, Justina Blakeney has advice to clarify your vision. "Close your eyes and meditate on some of your happiest, relaxed, inspired times and remember the colors, feelings, and sounds you experienced. Then, try to bring those positive associations into the home," Blakeney says, according to Delta. Since your home should be a happy place, these moments can help narrow your focus.

Think of your happy place — whether that's the beach, mountains, or city — and think of things that remind you of that place. But be cautious of making the vision too literal in practice. That's the difference between a concept and a theme, designers will say. Concepts are more of an abstract idea rather than concrete elements, explains Trishna Design Blogs. If you like the beach, bring in beachy colors like tan and materials like jute and wicker rather than actual beach items like seashells and fish.

Another way you can hone in your style is by taking note of what inspires you. "For one week, keep track of things that you see and like — out in the world, on Instagram, on TV — and find common threads between them," Blakeney says. "Not just what you like, but why you like them." Doing this can help you find out the colors, patterns, and materials you're most drawn to so you can incorporate them into your home.