The Most Inspiring Black Interior Designers On Instagram That You Should Be Following Now

Creating a cohesive interior is no simple task. It requires bringing various colors, textures, and patterns into one space. And this can be overwhelming for many people without the use of a professional. And that's where an interior designer comes in. As Bankrate explains, an interior designer can help you make one or multiple rooms work together. And when working with an interior designer, communication throughout the project is essential to get the finished product you want.

For many years, the field has not seen many people of color. But that's until recently. There are many Black interior designers that are creating stylish interiors that deserve all the praise and exposure as their white peers. You'll be scrolling through your phone and marveling at their talents. It's time to recognize the diversity in the industry by highlighting incredible Black interior designers who will inspire you to give your space a refresh.

Shavonda Gardner

Moody and eclectic, Shavonda Gardner's style stands out among glossy white interiors that are often popular on social media. She gave up a cookie-cutter home for a smaller bungalow with lots of character, says SG Style. Since then, she's been designing interiors that stand out with bold colors, interesting prints, and tons of texture, which goes along with her maximalist style. She's inspired by global interiors and the intrigue and uniqueness they can bring to a space.

Gardner says her nomadic childhood has influenced her style. She's seen many different places that contribute to a globally inspired design. Gardner also believes in showing that a smaller space can have a huge personality. Her design philosophy focuses on making spaces that feel amazing and make the heart smile. Every room should have something unexpected and something black. Source your decor from independent artists, makers, and small businesses, which can help add personality and a special touch to a home. You can see her work on her blog and on Instagram @sgardnerstyle.

Courtney McLeod

Courtney McLeod owns a full-service design studio in Manhattan. The name Right Meets Left Interior Design encapsulates how she approaches the design process. For McLeod, the most important element is balance. Balancing innovative design from the right brain and the analytical rigor of the left brain. Using color, pattern, and texture, her design firm creates a cohesive space rooted in personality. It's how she approaches each project, whether she's designing her own space or the spaces of her clients.

Being from New Orleans, McLeod has Creole ancestry, which she uses to add a sophisticated touch to every room. But she's also influenced by her travels throughout Europe and Asia. She's known for mastering color confidently with a vivid aesthetic. But she also appreciates the financial investment that interior design is and guides clients on which projects would be best for their spaces as well as their needs. Get inspired by her work on her website and on Instagram as @rightmeetsleftinteriordesign.

Sheila Bridges

TIME magazine and CNN named Sheila Bridges America's Best Interior Designer. For more than 25 years, she has been working in Harlem and is known as a creative visionary. Her style is versatile and classic, and she brings a critical eye that produces interiors rich with timeless design. Sheila Bridges Design has worked with plenty of high-profile clients, including presidents and entertainers, and her work has been featured in museums, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Her spaces perfectly infuse color and pattern into traditional decor and are often inspired by global travels. She also has her own line called Harlem Toile, which includes wallpaper, fabric, accessories, and glassware that feature classical imagery on bright colors. These prints encapsulate her style and are the perfect way to bring some of Sheila Bridges into your home. Get inspired by Sheila Bridges on her website and Instagram @harlemtoilegirl.

Beth Diana Smith

Beth Diana Smith spent more than a decade working in corporate accounting and finances. But when she left, she launched her own interior design firm. The spaces of Beth Diana Smith feature a modern and eclectic design that is her signature style. But she completes the spaces with luxurious finishes and creates custom furnishings to make each room feel special. Client-centric, Smith wants every home to reflect the owner's style and elevate their lifestyle by creating the perfect environment.

She believes it's all about the details in her bold and eclectic rooms. She curates the accessories and artwork, sometimes the wallpaper, for every space. Smith brings in lots of patterns and is often inspired by nature's scenes and textures. And with a masterful use of color, her designs are always appealing and comfortable from top to bottom. Find inspiration in her work on her website as well as on Instagram at @bethdianasmith.

Cheryl Luckett

"Opulence in reach" is how many would describe the homes Cheryl Luckett designs. She strives to make a sophisticated interior that anyone can live in. And an essential part of her toolkit are the "vintage treasures and ingenious restyles" that she brings to every room. Luckett wants her clients to dwell in their homes, both indoors and out. Sophisticated and approachable is the philosophy behind Dwell by Cheryl Interiors. Her attention to detail is what brings her homes to life.

Cheryl Luckett has Southern roots, which can be seen in the traditional spaces she designs mixed with modern and eclectic touches. Throughout her work, you'll see velvet upholstery — even unexpectedly on a door — vibrant artwork on the walls, and light fixtures reminiscent of jewels. Sophisticated with soft colors and fun, eclectic details, Luckett will bring luxury and charm into your home, and you can be inspired by her work on her website and Instagram @dwellbycheryl.

Gbeke Omosebi

Home interior blogger Gbeke Omsebi was born in Nigeria and now lives in Texas with her husband and children. She finds passion in adding personal touches to her home and isn't afraid to pick up a power tool to get the home improvement job done. All of her projects she documents on her blog Simplicity for Designs. Her designs mix eclectic fun with traditional styling, all through simple yet impactful touches.

Some of her favorite projects she's done herself include the plaid beadboard accent wall in the master bedroom and the board and batten wainscoting in her children's bedroom. Simplistic elegance with a traditional air is Omosebi's design style. And every project is meant to add a custom personal touch, and she hopes her projects inspire readers and fans to get creative with their own spaces. You can see what other projects Gbeke Omosebi creates on her blog as well as her Instagram @simplicityfordesigns.