20 Home Theater Ideas That Kids Will Love

A home movie theater is a dream for so many homeowners — and definitely a spot your kids would want to bring their friends to watch the latest blockbuster hits. While you might think this kind of room is only for the rich and famous, we have some ideas to create a home theater on any budget! If you want the feeling of being in a cinema without stepping foot outside of your home, Backsplash.com says there are lots of options from luxurious to comfortable, with a focus on plush seating that reclines (of course!)

The first idea to consider is making sure your home theater has a dark color palate like a deep navy, gray, or black. To get the kids excited about this process, have them paint the room with you. Like at the movies, you should also be able to feel the sound, which brings excitement to the entire family! Bowers & Wilkins suggest it's crucial to think about the quality of speakers so that your home can sound like a theater too. The sound company notes that not only is the right equipment necessary to create a perfect movie theater environment, but the placement of the speakers is important too.

Lastly, don't forget that kids love movie theater snacks, so we suggest creating an open shelving system for all of their favorite candy and bringing in a vintage popcorn machine. Keep scrolling for 20 home theater ideas to get you inspired!

1. Paint the walls and ceiling gray

This home theater is doused in a medium gray hue that makes the oversized screen pop, which is the most important part! We love how the homeowners decided to paint the storage unit the same color. This is the perfect space for your kids to store their favorite movies, keeping their beloved films organized for movie nights with friends.

2. Make your couch the focal point

The homeowners decided to forgo the traditional recliner seats and instead go for a couch, which is not a bad idea for a few friends to cozy up and watch a movie. If your kids want to have more friends over for the film, consider sprinkling around a few bean bags.

3. Theater seating and iconic lighting

Any kid would be blown away by this home theater, as it looks exactly like an AMC or Cinemark, so we can guarantee it will impress. It has everything, including a large screen and comfortable leather seats (with cup holders), but the most beautiful part has to be the theater-style lighting for the perfect ambiance.

4. Turn your basement into an epic movie room

Maximize your basement space, even if it's small, to create an epic movie room your kids will love. This space is the perfect example to show that you don't have to have dark walls to make it work.

5. Make it portable

If you don't want to go all-out with a movie theater with dark walls and recliner seating, think about purchasing a portable screen and a projector to take the theater to your kid's favorite rooms, whether their own or the living area. Bring in a few bean bags for seating and you have a fun movie night for the little ones!

6. Play with lighting

This navy blue home theater would be the talk of the town. The LED lighting makes the blue pop even more. Plus, that oversized screen would be the perfect way for your kids to watch their favorite movies.

7. White and neutral tones

While darker colors like navy and black are popular for a home theater, this homeowner proves that light walls like cream can work well too. They even kept the couch in a cream hue with brown pillows for a totally cool look.

8. Focus on high-quality speakers

This modern room is so slick that any kid would love bringing their friends to hang out and watch the latest hit show or movie. One thing that makes it so remarkable is the massive speakers, so you can also feel the room shake as you watch those blockbuster movies.

9. Natural wood walls look great

If natural elements are more your style, a home theater with wood plank walls is definitely a look to consider. It makes for a calming environment, and even though this room isn't huge, it looks totally cozy.

10. An epic attic

This incredible attic looks comfortable and would be a cool hangout for kids. The truss ceiling, unique accent lighting, and oversized patterned couch make it a special place to hang. Plus, we haven't missed those sound-absorbing walls, meaning the kids can blast the movie as loud as they want!

11. Add neon lighting

This movie room has cool neon green lighting that highlights the gorgeous wood walls. The homeowners brought in some colors with a rug in orange, yellow, blue, and gray, and there are two large pouf seats in gray and orange that the kids would love.

12. A one-room dream

Here's how a smaller space can be transformed into a living area, dining room, and home theater, all in one. Not only is it set up perfectly for movies, but we also see a gaming system, which the kids would love!

13. A sea of recliners

The dark home theater has several recliners in a circular formation so everyone can see that large screen that takes over the wall.

14. Don't forget the vintage popcorn machine

Go all out with a vintage popcorn machine because we know the kids will love it! Not only is this machine a total classic, but the kids will also love the process of making fresh popcorn for family and friends.

15. A concrete beauty

This home with concrete floors and walls is absolutely stunning. The home theater has a large TV, but if you really want to impress the kids, we say go bigger. We also can't help but notice the professional speakers that make every movie sound like you're in the theater.

16. A brick beauty

What child wouldn't love a room set up like this for a sleepover for their next movie night? This small brick room has been transformed into a dream home theater with a bed, oversized screen, and plenty of seating.

17. Go for a home theater with hip white brick

This light and bright home theater in a transformed attic is a spot where the kids could spend hours watching their favorite films or shows.

18. Take it outside

A home theater doesn't just have to be indoors; you can take it outside for a fun evening the kids would love! You're set to make a magical night for the kids with a portable screen, projector, and some chairs.

19. Bring on the candy and snacks

A home theater isn't complete without plenty of candy and snacks. We suggest getting several clear jars of candy that the kids to enjoy while watching the movie. Trust us: the kids will thank you later!

20. Tiered seating

To make your home theater stand out, create a tiered floor, just like at the movies. Not only will everyone be able to see the screen perfectly, but we know the kids will be impressed. We suggest creating back shelving and having your kids display their favorite movies.