Justina Blakeney's Favorite Boho-Chic Home Decor Ideas

If there's anyone who has mastered the boho-chic style, it's Justina Blakeney. The designer is inspired by nature and world travels to create bold and graphic furniture and decor. Her collections and collaborations can be found at stores like Target and Anthropologie, and on her blog, Jungalow, she shares tips and tricks and design inspiration for people to use in their own homes. She also sells some pieces she's designed and from collections with different brands so you can incorporate her style right into your own space.

Boho-chic has become a favorite aesthetic for interior designers and homeowners alike. This style borrows from the traditional bohemian style and incorporates textures, patterns, and colors from nature and the earth, says Wild River Workshop. Boho interiors feel warm and cozy with lots of personality from eclectic accents. Curating this aesthetic doesn't have to be difficult. Justina Blakeney shares her favorite decor ideas with Architectural Digest to help create a boho-chic home.

A decorative mirror

One accent that will always look good in a room is a decorative mirror. These can add a fun accent, a pop of color, or even some pattern to your space. With plenty of styles and shapes, a mirror can act as art in a room while also providing a functional piece. Look for one that has something unique about it to create a focal point. 

But there's also an art to placing mirrors, according to American Art Decor. In long rooms like hallways and foyers, a long mirror can complement the space. Similarly, add a small mirror to smaller or narrow spaces as an accent.

Mirrors can also help make the room feel more open. "A fun, decorative mirror amplifies sunlight in a space," Justina Blakeney explains to Architectural Digest. But don't place a mirror right where the sun will shine on it, or else you'll render the mirror useless. Instead, add a mirror to a sunny room that reflects all-over sunlight.

A patterned side chair

If you're looking to add bold boho into your home in a big way, a patterned side chair is ideal. It instantly draws your eyes to it, creating a statement piece in the room. Consider a pattern inspired by nature, so it has a timeless feel.

One that's in black and white will allow you to add it to any color scheme. But don't be afraid of bright colors if that's your style. Choose large, bold patterns in simple rooms, suggests Our Fifth House. But be cautious of too many patterns that can make a space feel overwhelmed by prints. And if you're planning to mix patterns with other furniture or decor, vary the scale to create some visual interest.

Justina Blakeney loves the graphic design and history behind "hand-beaded chair[s] from the Yoruba people of Nigeria," per Architectural Digest. And these once-royal chairs bring in the cultural and travel influences that the boho-chic aesthetic captures.

Bold throw pillows

Infuse instant boho style with bold throw pillows. Throw pillows are the perfect way to add a certain style without having to look for large pieces. They're easily interchangeable, so you can swap them out depending on the season or when you want to add a new pop of color, texture, or pattern. This one from Jungalow is a favorite for Justina Blakeney. She says, "A sexy snake bolster pillow complete with embroidered and beaded details is the perfect accent for the bed or sofa," according to Architectural Digest.

When it comes to selecting the right throw pillows, you want to consider the size and amount, says A Blissful Nest. Vary the sizes, especially if you're going for the stacked or layered look, to create visual interest so the pillow collection doesn't look stagnant or solid. It depends on the space you're styling for how many to choose but odd numbers are a great place to start. With smaller areas, you probably should stick to only three, but larger sectionals can have as many as seven.

A Ficus Audrey

There are plenty of leafy houseplants that you can add to your home, but there is one that Justina Blakeney has been loving and thinks everyone should add to their space. "I'm nominating the Ficus Audrey as homecoming queen of indoor plants for the season," Blakeney tells Architectural Digest.

The plant is a tropical native to India and a cousin to other popular ficus house plants, the rubber tree, and fiddle leaf fig, according to By Brittany Goldwyn. It's also easier to care for than some other ficus counterparts. Use well-draining soil and mix in perlite to assist with draining. Ficuses like to stay moist as well, so adding peat moss or coco coir to the soil is a good idea. The plant likes humidity, so a humidifier is a good, but not always necessary addition. And don't forget the cute pot for it to sit in.