The 5 Scariest 2022 Halloween Decorations That Will Creep Out Your Neighbors

Creating a scary and chilling aesthetic for Halloween is what the holiday is all about, and what is the point if your neighbors don't get to delight in your efforts, too? While it can be fun to lean into silly or cute decorations for a simple design, opting for a frightful theme is so much more fun. From creepy animatronics to gruesome graveyards, there is no end to the scary selections in-store and online. While there are a lot of items to choose from, picking the right ones to produce a haunting spectacle is important.

Planning out your interior and exterior décor ahead of time will allow you to determine where everything will go and how to utilize each piece for maximum effect. But which decorations on the market will ensure your neighbors are scared stiff every time they pass your house? The following suggestions are sure to unnerve and intimidate even the bravest souls, and Spirit Halloween recommends putting up your daunting décor right after Labor Day to get the most out of it. So get ready and get scary with these terrifying Halloween decorations.

1. Frightening flamingos

What is black and red and dead all over? Zombie flamingos, of course. While your interior might get a décor overhaul this Halloween, the exterior of your home needs some chilling charm too. Instead of simply adding pumpkins, go edgier with these Black Flamingo Zombie Lawn Ornaments from World Market. Complete with blood-curdling red eyes and sharp fangs, these decorations won't go unnoticed by the neighbors. Zombies aren't new when it comes to Halloween, but undead birds might be cause for pause as people pass by your yard.

The flamingos come in a pack of two, which means more merchandise to spread around your lawn. Their menacing aesthetic will create an easy backdrop to build on, or you can simply use them as a stand-alone piece on either side of your porch. For $29.99, you could even invest in a few more bundles and place a swarm of zombie flamingos out front or back to protect your abode. This retro vibe may impress and unnerve, and an added bonus is that no one says you have to take them down after the holiday, either. USA Today notes that people get a rush out of being scared, which is one good reason to invest in these frightening flamingos and give the people what they want.

2. Funky fans

Are you really committed to making your home fearsome and formidable over Halloween? If the answer is yes, this item is for you. With skeletal arms in place of blades and a crown of skulls surrounding the light, this nightmare-ish fan will transform your room into a terrifying tomb. Replace your regular ceiling fans with this crazy rendition, and prove you're the ultimate fan of all things eerie. This item does require hard wiring and extra work, so you'll have to be sure you're ready for the time and effort. However, once you install it, Halloween lovers everywhere will be envious. You can use it in place of an existing outdoor fan or leave your curtains open so people can see the skeletal addition when they pass by the windows.

The original celebration of this holiday was performed by the Celtic people, who dressed up to scare away ghosts they thought came back on Samhain, another name for the holiday. According to King Halloween, skeletons play a big role in the spooky season because they are macabre symbols related to death. Placing them around your home is just part of the fun, but they also bring a frightening element into any décor. If you want to indulge and splurge, this $500 fan from The Horror Dome could even become a staple of your everyday décor.

3. Undead additions

Zombie birds are one thing, but actual (or animatronic) zombies are just plain terrifying. According to The Atlantic, zombie lore has continued to increase in popularity, with TV shows and movies promoting the undead creatures constantly. Adding one or several to your decoration list will keep you current while scaring everyone silly. The $34.99 Half Body Zombie with Light Up Eyes from Halloween Costumes looks haunting enough off the shelf, but when you place it on your lawn or porch, it takes on a life of its own. Pair it with fake tombstones for a chilling effect that will rival any episode of "The Evil Dead."

If you don't plan to hand out candy on Halloween, another way for this undead nightmare to earn its keep is by holding a bowl of goodies. Wrap the arms around a caldron or plastic dish, then pour sweets and other treats inside so trick or treaters can help themselves, if they dare. The glowing red eyes might keep people out of your yard, though, which could come in handy for those pesky visitors when you aren't in the mood for company! 

4. Sinister statue

Nothing is quite as creepy as the feeling of being watched, and with this Mourning Glory Figurine from Wayfair, your neighbors might actively avoid your house until Halloween is over. This ghostly woman radiates chilling energy, gazing out through flashing red eyes as people pass by. You can place her on a porch or in the front yard, then add a smoke machine for an extra macabre element. Use her to guard the candy bowl or keep away solicitors — either purpose is money well spent when you consider all the people she can scare.

If you prefer, she can also be added to your interior décor near a window, where she can keep a ghostly eye on the comings and goings of the home. Leave the curtains open to ensure passersby can see her, and they might just think a real apparition has taken up residence in your abode. For $126.99, a good investment for the Halloween season. The Cornell Daily Sun discusses why people like to indulge in scary things, mainly because they know most of the frights aren't real when it comes to Halloween. But if your décor leans a little more towards the lifelike, you're just being a good neighbor.

5. Alarming apparitions

According to The Guardian, people enjoy immersing themselves in ghosts, monsters, and myths over Halloween, which is why these scary decorations will be a success. And what could be more haunting than monsters and scary figurines? The obvious answer is real ghosts. With the Ghostly Apparitions 3 projections collection from Atmos FX, your yard will become a true resting place for specters and ghouls alike. Digital decorations are becoming a regular option for anyone who really wants to get into the spirit of a holiday, providing more engaging content than regular statues or decorations. 

The Ghostly Apparitions 3 collection comes with three different apparitions, including the pirate, twins, and a mysterious maid. The video files work with projectors to create realistic materializations, and there are several different modes to choose from depending on the surface you intend to use. The collection costs $59 but does not come with the actual projector. However, once these haunting hallucinations are up, they'll become a Halloween staple.