We Tried The Cheapest Leaf Blower At Home Depot. Here's How It Went

One of the most common yard electronics are leaf blowers — and despite having "leaf" in their name these machines have multiple uses, making them a homeowner favorite. According to Honda Engine Room, leaf blowers can be used as snowblowers to clear entryway paths, or they can assist you with gutter cleaning. They can even help you clean your lawn mower or strimmer when it's clogged up with grass.

Throughout the years, leaf blowers have innovated to meet consumer needs and to become more energy efficient. Today there are a few types, from corded electric, cordless models, and gas-powered leaf blowers that offer mobility and a strong power output (via Everything Backyard).

After some research, we were curious to see if the cheapest leaf blower at Home Depot was worth the price. Upon stepping into the aisle where they should be, we realized all the garden-related machinery is separated by brand and not item type. After walking around for a while, the Toro Powerjet F700 met us in a side aisle labeled "electric," which it shared with Homelite and Ryobi blowers and chainsaws. At the time of purchase, the Toro Powerjet F700 was $79.00 and claimed to have the highest CFM of any corded blower on the market, which helps make cleaning jobs much quicker. Our goal was to see if the Toro Powerjet F700 actually lives up to that claim.

Cost and product details

What drew us to the Toro Powerjet F700 was the fact that it has a 4.8/5 ranking from 2,714 reviews on Home Depot's website. "Powerful handheld blower, feels heavier than other brands I have used," one reviewer named Rey raved. "[I] would not purchase a different leaf blower after my first use." Other customers said it performed better than their gas blower and that it's exceptionally quiet for the amount of power it puts out. With such great reviews, we had to know if the Powerjet lived up to the hype — especially for $79.

Inside the box was the blower, warranty information, and an owners manual. The hose attached easily with a locking mechanism and felt fairly lightweight, especially when compared to gas models. Because the Toro Powerjet F700 is a corded machine, it does rely on a heavy duty extension cord, which should be purchased separately.

Testing it out

Despite the Toro Powerjet F700 having stellar reviews and coming from a trusted brand in lawn care, we honestly didn't have the highest hopes. At $79, the Powerjet is priced at about half the price point of its competitors, and wired leaf blowers are not as desirable because they lack the mobility of other models.

Because the leaves hadn't fallen yet, we couldn't test the Powerjet on piles of them like it was intended. So we got creative and scattered our garage with different-sized pieces of confetti, ripped paper, and crumpled-up wrapping paper to stimulate leaves. When we cleaned up our DIY confetti, we also wet the ripped up paper to stimulate wet leaves and other debris. 

Additionally, later on after a storm passed, we went outside with the leaf blower to see if it could move around debris, such as wet wood chips, pebbles, acorns, fruit pits, and random trash that flew in during the storm. We also tested it on how well it could clean up sawdust in our attempt to stimulate light snow, and see if it could be used as a walkway snowblower.

How it exceeded our expectations

The first thing that surprised us is how powerful the Toro Powerjet F700 was. Because it's among the lowliest leaf blowers on the market, we didn't expect much, even though the brand makes the bold claim that it's comparable to gas models. Toro proved completely right in that respect. 

Immediately upon being turned on, paper balls and confetti flew everywhere on the lowest setting. Once we got some practice, it was pretty easy to control the direction of the debris. The leaf blower also moved the sawdust around with ease and showed no mobility issues when we reached lower to the ground. Additionally, Toro's ergonomic design allows you to reach into low places without bending and allows you to easily adjust your grip while the machine is running. It also doesn't cause any strain on your hand like some heavier duty models do. The Powerjet was also incredibly quiet and barely noticeable to neighbors, especially compared to more expensive, even fully cordless battery-powered models.

On its lowest setting, this leaf blower had much more power than expected and the variable speed dial that allows you to switch between power outputs was easily accessible, making the process of cleaning a yard pretty seamless. At the price point, the Toro Powerjet F700 blew all expectations out of the water.

What we would change

There aren't many things that we'd change about this leaf blower, as there were only a few things that caught our attention as a potential problem. For example the hose isn't as durable as the rest of the body or as more expensive models, which could make it susceptible to cracking. Everything on the machine is made out of a lightweight plastic and although it's great for its price point, it's still a material that's prone to cracking with wear and tear or weather.

Some people may also find the variable speed dial a little cumbersome at first. While you can get used to it pretty quickly, its placement is a bit of a design flaw that could have been moved elsewhere. Additionally, the back of the blower has a small hook that holds the extension cable in place. However, the mechanism isn't adjustable and larger extension cords don't fit as well as standard-sized ones.

Would we buy it again?

It is truly a no-brainer to purchase the Toro Powerjet F700 again or to recommend it to our friends. At about half the price of other models, this leaf blower offers the same power that gas models are known for with the affordability of a corded option. It's also easily maneuverable, similar to electric models. 

The Powerjet is especially perfect for people who don't have a lot of money to spend on yard tools or who don't have the space to store a bulkier or heavier model. It's also great for people who may have motor challenges or need a lightweight machine. At 6.6lb with an ergonomic design, this leaf blower is incredibly user-friendly, as well as a great starter model for new homeowners. Toro also offers a two-year full coverage warranty, which will come in handy if the hose does crack or you run into any other issues.