Shavonda Gardner's Best Advice For Starting A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so making it beautiful and functional should be a top priority. No matter how big or small of a kitchen you have, if you're planning a kitchen, you have to balance the two. Shavonda Gardner knows how to make a small space work. On her blog SG Style, Gardner describes downsizing to an old bungalow to help her and her family live intentionally and happily in less space. She documents her renovations, providing tips and advice from what she has learned in her own home.

One space that can be difficult when it's small is the kitchen. Many homeowners know the perils of dealing with a small kitchen that lacks storage or workspace. But you don't have to approach a small kitchen renovation with fear. Shavonda Gardner shares her secrets with MasterBrand for renovating and maximizing the small spaces in your home. But this tip for how to approach a kitchen remodel can work for any size.

Know your needs first

Many people going through a renovation want to start with inspiration. This isn't a bad place to start because you should have an idea of what you want to add to your kitchen. But Shavonda Gardner suggests a different starting point. "The biggest piece of advice I have is to know and understand what your NEEDS are and address those first," Gardner tells MasterBrand. "Prioritize the way you live in your home over what is trendy, popular, or all over Pinterest at the moment."

One need most people should consider is kitchen storage. To figure out how much you need, Cliq Studios suggest asking yourself a few questions, such as the size of your current household as well as your future household. Are you planning on having kids, adopting, or having older parents move in? Do you use your kitchen for entertaining or only cooking for the family? Are there awkward or cramped areas that need reworking? Knowing this can help inform the layout, cabinet storage, and workspace you need for your kitchen to work for you. After all, Shavonda Garden says, "Kitchens are meant to be workhorses and they really do need to work, so make sure you are leading with your needs first."