Home Depot Or Lowe's: Which Has Better Deals On Dryers?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when buying a new dryer. According to Reviewed, the first thing to think about is whether you need to purchase a washer and dryer set or just a dryer. This can potentially save you some money and guarantee your washing machine and dryer will match. As with any purchase, you also need to set your budget and stick to it, this way you don't spend too much — or too little.

Next, you should assess which features you require, as there are many brands and models available, each with a variety of different features. For example, Maytag explains that you find dryers with or without vents, top load or front load models, and even dryers with smart technology. After you know which functions you want, pick a size that best fits your needs — if you don't do laundry often, you can probably get by with a smaller model. However, be sure to think about the future and if you plan on expanding your family.

After these details are sorted out, you can finally decide where you're going to buy your new appliance. Home Depot and Lowe's, have a lot of options to choose from. We've broken down the best-selling models at each retailer to see who has the better deals on dryers.

Home Depot's LG Electronics dryer

Made by LG Electronics, one of Home Depot's best-selling dryers costs just over $1,000. However, on sale, you can catch it for around $800. This highly efficient gas dryer comes in white and has a 7.4 cubic feet capacity. A sensor is built-in to detect moisture levels within the dryer and adjust the drying time needed for each load. According to Consumer Reports, this can save energy and your clothes as this makes it easier on fabrics. Additional notable features include SmartDiagnosis, EasyIron, and SpeedDry. This model can also be stacked on top of other appliances to save space, however, the stacking kit is not included with the purchase. A 1-year limited warranty is included that covers parts and labor.

With over 500 reviews, this appliance received a 4.4-star rating, as well as an 85% recommendation rate. Reviews are mostly on the positive side with one consumer stating that they bought this dryer solely for stacking it on top of their washing machine. They went on to say they love how quiet it is and that it works very well. Another said that it does a great job at drying laundry, however, the screen is not backlit which makes it harder to see which mode the machine is on. They also warn that you'll need a substantial amount of space at the back for the gas line.

Lowe's Whirlpool dryer

Over at Lowe's, their best-selling dryer is a model made by Whirlpool. Usually, this appliance retails for about $700; however, on sale, you can find it for less than $600. Also available in white, this electric dryer has 7 cubic feet of space and many additional features. An AutoDry feature senses when the clothes are fully dry and ends the cycle. A Wrinkle Shield option lets the clothes continue to tumble after the cycle has ended to decrease the number of wrinkles. A 1-year limited warranty is available at the time of purchase, however, the power cord and vent are both sold separately.

Based on just over 17,000 reviews, this product has received a 4.5-star rating, and 91% of users also recommended this product to others. One consumer stated that they've had their new dryer for over two weeks and that they wouldn't trade it for any other appliance. Another chimed in and said this model has made their life easier as her old dryer would need three cycles to dry a load of clothes. She went on to say that this model only needs one cycle as well as less time on the timer.

Based on these factors, we have to say the better deal is at Lowe's — not only is it a bit cheaper, but it also has better reviews and ratings than Home Depot's model.