5 Best Couch Covers To Protect Against Messy Kids And Muddy Paws

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Over the past few years, the living room couch has become the central spot of the home. It's where virtual school took place, working from home began to thrive, and streaming television programs were enjoyed. Many pets were given couch privileges which weren't allowed on the furniture before, and the excuse was it was just for a short time until routines returned to normal. Years later, pets have maintained their couch privileges, and children are naturally beside them, keeping each other company. How is it possible to balance healthy home life while maintaining a clean couch?

Tufts University published an article in TuftsNow claiming that any new routine can be stressful for an animal, and it's helpful for a pet to be given a particular spot to rest and feel comfortable. What if that special spot happens to be on the couch? What if your son has gotten used to doing his homework on the couch with a snack next to the golden retriever? There's a way to provide our pets and children with the comfort they need while protecting the furniture from the occasional mess and muddy paws. Check out these couch covers to see which one is the best fit for your family.

1. Farmhouse chic

The SureFit Farmhouse Basketweave Box Cushion provides a beautiful backdrop for your choice of décor. Add a salvaged wood coffee table in front of the couch for a shabby chic farmhouse look, or place a blue and white striped rug beneath the couch to create a casual beach house setting. It can easily coordinate with any theme.

This one-piece slipcover features four corner ties to keep the straight skirt looking neat and tailored. It is designed with a textured woven fit that promises to look great after every wash. It should be noted, however, that the company recommends the extra step of steaming the slipcover after washing it to remove all wrinkles. It's also important to remember that this slipcover is not waterproof. While the neutral palette would be a pretty addition to your living room, it may not be suitable to protect against heavy stains or excessive scratching from pets, and it would most likely be better suited for lighter use.

2. Velvety soft

Adam Dunn, VP of Design for Four Hands in Austin, Texas, tells Austin Monthly, "Furniture with texture adds both aesthetic and physical value to the space. This brings that warm, inviting feeling we all love to feel in a home, so for you and your guests, adding texture can encourage everyone to settle in." Adding a velvet slipcover to your couch creates the comfortable space that Dunn describes. The PrinceDeco 4-Piece Stretch Velvet Sofa Cover offers that relaxing experience with its slipcover. It contains one base piece and three separate covers for each couch cushion, providing a tighter fit and easy maintenance.

This slipcover has generated thousands of positive reviews, as individuals appreciate the material's excellent quality and soft fabric. Many reviews say their friends think they've bought a new couch instead of pulling this new cover over their old one. However, a few reviews stated that they had trouble fitting the cover to their furniture. It's important to note that this cover is available in different sizes, and carefully measuring your couch before ordering will save time and inconvenience.

3. Quilted and water-resistant

If you have a couch with a fabric or print that you enjoy and aren't trying to replace, this temporary slipcover might be the perfect solution to protect it. The PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover is a great way to provide that layer of protection between the new puppy and your favorite couch. This cover is durable and water-resistant and comes with a strap that attaches to the back of the sofa. It also covers the arms of the sofa, which is a real bonus if your pet likes to rest its head there.

Perhaps you're gone during the day and want to give your pets a place to relax until you get home. Or maybe your toddler has brought her sippy cup with her while you read on the couch before bed. The cover's resistance to pet hair and messy spills is a big reason reviewers love this slipcover. It's easy to remove and clean, although some have mentioned it can shrink slightly in the wash. For this reason, it would be a good idea to order a larger size than expected for a little extra room.

4. Bright and colorful

With its low price and multiple designs to choose from, this hyha Printed Couch Cover is a fun and inexpensive way to change a room's look instantly. Create a focal point in a space by covering the couch itself, or add a matching cover to a loveseat or chair for a whole-room effect. The designs are bright and colorful, and each cushion is covered separately, which makes it easy to install. The elastic is stretchy and fits tightly to the couch, able to withstand an excited dog or bouncy toddler without coming off.

Customers love how easy it is to remove one cushion cover at a time for easy cleaning. The colors hold up well over time, and multiple washings maintain a tight fit. Several reviewers mention that they are happy to be able to keep their family's faded but comfortable couch and give it a new life with this cover. They point out that the cover costs much less than they would have spent on brand-new upholstery for the couch.

5. Embroidered and versatile

This sofa slipcover will add a little flair to your room while protecting your couch. The vctops Boho Circle Embroidery Couch has a beautifully embroidered design. It's made of cotton with a polyester filling, so it's comfortable to sit on but also feels heavy and substantial. It has a non-slip rubber backing that keeps it in place and is easy to wash and dry. The company recommends ordering a size that is longer than the measurements of the couch so that there is enough length to tuck into the sides of the cushions, which will help it stay in place.

Reviewers who have purchased this cover appreciate how pretty it is with its delicate design. But they also admire how sturdy it is, especially as it can withstand any pets who like to scratch and dig into the couch. It comes in a variety of shades and is reasonably priced. With its stylish boho design, durable construction, and reasonable price, this couch cover seems to be a practical choice.