5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Minimalist Nursery For Your Little One

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Minimalism is all about creating peaceful spaces that are absent of clutter. While this style can be used anywhere in the home, some have begun incorporating it into their children's nurseries as well. This comes with a number of benefits, per Naps N' Dreams. Keeping your design simplistic could save you money, as you won't spend as much on extra decorative items. Additionally, a clean design will mean a more tidy area and more room for your child to play and explore. And, while some may assume that a minimalist space is cold and empty, that's just not the case — these rooms can look welcoming and feel extra warm, just like ones filled with lots of color.

When it comes to designing a minimalist nursery, there's one overarching rule to follow: When purchasing items, focus on quality over quantity. This can be applied to your child's furniture, décor elements, clothes, toys, and other items. If you're desiring some additional advice on how to create a simple nursery, below are five crucial tips to follow.

Focus on neutral colors

When creating a minimalist nursery, it's important to make sure that none of the elements are too loud or overwhelming. Therefore, you should focus on using neutral colors for the walls, décor, and furniture pieces. Nursery Design Studio says that using creams, whites, and grays can create a peaceful and chic space. Additionally, these tones don't have to make your nursery look boring; instead, they can actually make it look more elevated and well-styled.

Another huge benefit to using neutral colors is that you can create a gender-neutral space, per The Tot. This would be great for those waiting to find out their child's gender or for those who don't want to follow society's rules about decorating with pink and blue.

Additionally, using mostly neutrals doesn't mean you can't use any color. Add in a pop of a soothing pastel or a rich terracotta tone to give your nursery some more interest. You could also include extra color by using different materials like wood, leather, and upholstered items, or you could add warm metals like bronze, gold, and copper.

Begin by choosing the bedding

According to Wayfair, the bedding you choose for your child's crib will set the tone in your space. Therefore, to create a minimalist look, choose neutral tones and soothing patterns. The most important piece you'll need to decide upon is the fitted sheet, as this is the only bedding your newborn will use for safety reasons. However, you could also dress up your child's crib with a skirt or dust ruffle placed on the bottom portion of the crib. Choosing a skirt in white or beige will add texture while still keeping the design simplistic.

You could also choose to decorate by placing soft elements around the room like quilts, blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows. However, these items should never be placed inside the crib when your baby is sleeping, as they pose a safety hazard. Because of this, you could hang them on the wall as decoration or use them on the floor during tummy time, per Consumer Reports.

If you're looking for some bedding sets to purchase, Amazon and Walmart have some beautiful neutral pieces with lots of texture. Or, you could decide upon each of the pieces separately, which could save you money and give you a more customized look.

Find multipurpose furniture

Next, you'll need to decide on furniture. To keep the space looking simplistic, you should try to keep your number of pieces to a minimum. A great way to do this is by looking for multipurpose items that can be used for a number of tasks. For those who have an extra small nursery, these pieces can also be a great space saver.

Babygaga says that these furniture items should be safe for your child while also being very practical and easy to use. Some examples of these furniture pieces include a crib that can convert into a toddler bed, a crib with drawers, a dresser that has a changing table, and floating shelves useful for holding toys, books, and decorations.

If you're looking for examples, Crate & Barrel has sleek children's tables with small chairs that contain storage sections. Trend Hunter also showcases a sleek and minimalist crib design that can turn into a sofa or a playhouse.

Add soft lighting

An element some may overlook but one that's quite important is lighting. Fritz Fryer says that soft lighting is easier on your child's developing eyes. Additionally, it will create a cozier feeling in your space. You can make lighting appear softer by using multiple fixtures. For instance, you could place a lamp near the changing table and wall sconces on either side of the crib. 

When deciding upon your fixtures, choose ones where the light is redirected away from the crib or where the bulbs aren't completely exposed. Nursery Design Studio recommends using woven fixtures to add some warmth and texture, or ones with tassels for an extra comfortable look. Beaded details can also be extra fun, and statement pieces with metals and crystals will provide a glamorous appearance.

Another type of lighting that's very important is natural lighting from a window. This is very beneficial for babies as it will help them develop a proper sleep schedule, per Sunlight Inside. It can also provide your nursery with some extra comfort and softness.

Declutter with floor baskets

Finally, a great way to give your space a cleaner and more minimalist appearance is with the use of floor baskets. These can be an easy way to store your child's belongings and toys. Two Twenty One says that there are multiple places you could keep floor baskets in the nursery. For instance, to keep them out of direct eyesight, you could place them underneath the crib or in the closet. Or, you could place them in the corner of the room and use them as decorative pieces. When choosing bins, make sure you get ones made from a soft material, in case your baby falls into them. Additionally, baskets with handles will be easier to move around your space. 

Further, if your nursery is away from your main living area, you could keep a basket with some newborn essentials in this space as well, per Dadada. This will prevent you from having to race up to the nursery to get things like burp cloths, a change of clothes, or a pacifier.