HGTV Star Orlando Soria's Smart Advice For Updating Your Guest Bedroom

Orlando Soria is a hilarious (and hardworking) designer with a self-deprecating sense of humor. But he's also serious about style and making his guests feel welcome. So much so, that the Angeleno recently purchased a fixer-upper near his childhood home in Yosemite Park for his family to stay in. Despite a laborious commute from his residence in Los Angeles, pandemic related-obstacles, and threats of wildfire, Soria has transformed the tired house in record time. In fact, it's now a comfortable and stylish spot affectionately named Londo Lodge that features multiple guest rooms, one of which contains a giant tent for indoor glamping (via Architectural Digest).

Though he often works alone with his pit bull Saturday Soria by his side, the renowned interior design influencer recently collaborated with Minted and West Elm on a new guest bedroom at Londo Lodge, per Emily Henderson. The blended collection of the two brands includes furniture upholstered in patterns created by Minted's global artisans, something Soria notes drew him to the company. Soria's designs never fail to surprise, as they mix a variety of elements that many people wouldn't dare to try together. Yet, they're based on a foundation of experience and persistence — and a fair bit of levity. Here are Soria's top guest bedroom tips. As he would say, "Come along, why don't you?"

Know paint is your friend

In Soria's homes, he often uses paint to great effect to soften the mood of any living space. Further, it's not only the color he considers; he also levies the paint's ability to trick the naked eye. For example, he tends to leave a large border of white at the top and bottom of walls to mimic molding. And in his Los Angeles bungalow apartment, per Instagram, he highlighted doorway arches and fashioned details where none previously existed. According to Soria, "Paint is the easiest way to make a huge transformation in a space without spending a lot of money," he shared via Architectural Digest.

Soria also chooses restful shades for guest bedrooms as a soothing backdrop to interesting pieces and energizing artwork. Per Casper, pastel and subdued tones promote the best sleep. The bedding company lists green, blue, and light pink as its top three bedroom color selections. At Londo Lodge, shell-pink walls in one guest room offset a luminous gold screen that subtly enlivens the space. In another, a mural complements the quiet grey-blue walls. And in the featured room for Minted and West Elm, muted clay paint plays host to abundant print and texture. When Soria does employ deeper hues, he offers the following suggestion: "A general color rule for me: If I go really bold or saturated with a wall color, I want the bedding to be neutral," he said in Architectural Digest. "You don't want too much competition."

Realize the bed is where it's at

In addition to color, Soria focuses a great deal of his guest bedroom design on the bed, preferring something cozy and upholstered. "An upholstered bed is super welcoming and fun," he said, per Architectural Digest. "It feels youthful and fresh." Unlike a wooden headboard, fabric presents an opportunity to introduce either color or print (or both). The Inside by Havenly agrees, describing upholstered beds as comfortable and inviting. The site also claims this bed design to be exceptionally versatile, with its plentiful shape and fabric options. Of the piece chosen for the collaboration, Soria wrote on his Instagram page, "I chose brushy painted patterns, and the fabric truly looks like it was painted by hand."

He accompanied the unique upholstered bed with plush and layered textiles. Soria's no bedding snob, contending a high/low approach can be profitable in multiple ways. "Everyone always compliments me on my bedding, but it comes from everywhere. Some of it is high-quality linen bedding from Tuft & Needle, and some is from IKEA," he remarks. Soria explains the impression of luxury comes from the way the bed is made. "The reason people think my bed is so high-end is that the way I make it is intentional in terms of the number of pillows and even the way the blanket is folded back," he says. "Having these elements of layers and textures tricks people into thinking the bed is fancy!"

Floor your guests with hospitality

Did you know an area rug is a perfect stage for a well-made bed? It also creates a unifying ground that ties together any furniture, not dissimilar to the way a framework can be fashioned with paint. "They're like the placemat of the room," Soria explains, per Architectural Digest. "It can feel oddly chaotic when there isn't a rectangular shape on the floor!" To that end, a gorgeous neutral carpet anchors the bed in Soria's guest room, which otherwise would have appeared to be floating on the ivory floor. 

Soria says even rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting can benefit from the addition of an area rug. "I like to have as many rugs as possible," he says. "This gives a space a rustic, artsy look." Of course, area rugs provide color, pattern, and texture in a space, too — all things we know the social media influencer appreciates in design. Additionally, via Flooring America, an area rug insulates a space from cold and noise and essentially makes it feel warmer and more inviting. "Rugs add a lot of softness on the floor and are easier on the feet," Soria says. Indeed, they're a surefire means to a visceral experience of lushness and pampering — and a must for your favorite visitors.

Provide at-home hotel accommodations

You know those welcoming baskets — they typically include a cushy robe and pair of slippers (or winter boots) — set out in a posh hotel room that make us feel like we're on a fancy vacation? Well, Soria suggests bringing this level of hospitality to your invited company. "This can be such a nice way to welcome your guests, even if they don't use these items," he says, via Architectural Digest. "It shows you put care into the room, and both of these things can really come in handy if your guests want to run down the hall to take a shower!"

In other words, try to anticipate what your guests will need or might be afraid to bother you for. Good Housekeeping recommends making up a small basket filled with toiletries and linens. Additionally, you could place a carafe of water and glasses by the bed. It's also a good idea to leave a dim light on in the room, so the space is welcoming from the very moment visitors arrive. "Doing this makes people feel like they're coming into a cozy space," Soria notes.

Spark sleep and joy with minimal clutter

While Soria's guest rooms may be layered and interesting, cluttered they are not. In that vein, allow your guests to feel relaxed rather than feeling the need to clean up after you. Per Organized Interiors, seeing items in disarray can negatively impact our sleep because the brain registers it as a task that needs to be completed. Furthermore, Soria suggests keeping personal items out of guest rooms. 

That said, make sure to provide a few convenient and helpful items. "It's nice to have phone chargers on hand or to place trays or bowls for your guests to use for jewelry," he shared via Architectural Digest. "The nightstand in my guest room has little vases and a coaster for water glasses, but there's nothing else in the room that's personal. You don't want your guests to feel like they're sleeping amidst your stuff." Additionally, make sure to have a bedside light for safety and coziness, and Good Housekeeping encourages you to add a throw blanket at the foot of the bed. That's just the kind of homey touches Soria would approve of.