5 Places Besides The Kitchen To Use Cafe Curtains

Even if the term cafe curtains doesn't ring a bell for you, you've probably seen these window coverings before. According to A Little Design Help, this term refers to curtains that are only hung partially up a window instead of at the very top. They're typically placed at a window's middle dividing line, though they could be positioned above it as well. The largest benefit of these window coverings is that they create privacy while still allowing soft natural light to pour into the room.

These classic curtains were first used in European cafes, hence the name, per Homedit. They were also quite popular during the '80s when many homeowners hung them in their kitchens. Now, these curtains have come back into style and are being used in just about every area of the home.

Perhaps you love the look of this trend but want to use it in a creative place. If so, below are five areas you could use cafe curtains besides the kitchen.

Soften the bathroom

Many have decided to hang cafe curtains in their bathrooms for a number of reasons. According to Patticake Wagner, they are a great solution for those who want some natural light without having to compromise on privacy. Additionally, if you live in a beautiful area, these window dressings won't completely block your view. They could also soften the appearance of a cold or unwelcoming bathroom.

Kwik Hang says that the bathroom is an amazing location for these curtains because bathroom windows are typically smaller than those in other areas of the home. To allow for lots of natural light, choose airy and flowy curtains. Or, if privacy is your main concern, use a thicker or darker fabric. A waterproof material like vinyl would be beneficial for windows near the shower or the bathtub. If you want to peruse some options, Wayfair and Bed Bath & Beyond sell lots of different styles. 

Create coziness in the bedroom

Another place you could hang cafe curtains is the bedroom. According to Continental Window Fashions, this may be especially helpful for those who have windows directly behind their bed, as in the image above, where full-length curtains may not work. Or, maybe you like to wake up to sunlight streaming into your room but you don't want it directly in your face. If so, these short curtains could be the perfect solution.

Kwik Hang says that the style of your bedroom will determine which coverings you choose. For a modern and delicate feel, choose sheer panels. If your room is more traditionally designed, those made of cotton or linen with patterns and lots of color would work. If you want to add drama, or if your windows are quite tall, you could add a valence (or an additional short piece of fabric) to the top of the window. 

Hang them in the dining room or breakfast nook

Because these coverings were traditionally used in cafes, it makes a lot of sense to use them in dining rooms or breakfast nooks, per Pretty Domesticated. And, since they only cover up half the window, they won't draw too much attention. If you have a breakfast nook with a bench, they could be a great way to add some extra interest. Or, if you have a large dining table, these window coverings could make the space feel less formal. 

Em For Marvelous uses these curtains in their dining room because their home is very close to their neighbors. This allows them to welcome some sunlight into their space without completely opening the windows and compromising their family's privacy. Sonya Hamilton Designs also uses cafe curtains in their traditional dining area. Because the fabric they chose is thick, they only use one panel, but they suggest using two for sheer materials. They also say to hem the curtains either 2 or 6 inches below the bottom of the window.

Allow sunlight into your home office

These window dressings could also prove helpful in a home office. According to Continental Window Fashions, if you work from a computer, cafe curtains could reduce the glare from sunlight. Additionally, they could assist those who easily get distracted by blocking their view of the outdoors. But, at the same time, they won't completely shut out the light, so you can work in a bright and positive environment. Home Decor Bliss seconds this and says that cafe curtains can make hours of looking at a screen more enjoyable and less harmful to the eyes.

Kwik Hang suggests using these coverings in an office because they can brighten your space while also making it feel cozier. If you want lots of natural light, they recommend sheer curtains. Those who easily get distracted, however, should choose curtains that have dark colors. If your job requires creativity, you could choose a color or pattern that inspires you.

Cover an arched window

Another great place to use cafe curtains is on arched windows. Hatch Homes says that arched windows can soften the appearance of a room's style, allow you to see more of a beautiful view, and improve the timeless appeal of your home's architecture. They also allow for lots of natural light to pour into a space.

However, maybe your arched window is in an area where you want more privacy, like in a bathroom or bedroom. Because of the unique structure of these windows, it can be difficult to find the right coverings. While you could use a curved curtain rod, you could also choose to add cafe curtains to your window. Drawn suggests placing the curtain rod right below where the arch begins. If you want to see how this would look on multiple arched windows in one room, Decor Pad has a great example in a bathroom.