Shovel Or Snow Blower? This Is The Best Way To Remove Snow From A Driveway - Exclusive Survey

With winter right around the corner, it's always a good time to make sure you have the right tools necessary to properly clear your driveway once the snow starts to fall. From states like Illinois, which record an average snowfall of just over 21 inches a year, all the way up to Vermont, which reports a whopping 89.25 inches of the chilly white stuff, according to, it's important to be prepared for the cold weather. But which snow removal tool can best work for your home?

With plenty of options available such as snow blowers, snow throwers, and of course, the traditional hand-powered shovel, it could depend on the type of property you have when it comes to choosing your method of snow removal. If you live in a huge home in Vermont with multiple acreages and a driveway that stretches a quarter mile, then you likely won't want to hand bomb snow using a shovel. Instead, you may want to consider strapping a plow on the front of your truck so that you can clear your driveway with the greatest of ease. On the other hand, if you live in a semi-detached home in Maryland, then a shovel could be all it takes to make the pathway to your house safe. For thoughts on the subject, House Digest held an exclusive survey and asked the question, "What's the best way to remove snow from a driveway?" Read ahead to find out the results.

This method of snow removal made it to the top of our survey

When it comes to getting rid of snow from the driveway of your home, people seem to love the power and convenience of a snow blower. In a House Digest exclusive survey, of the 606 folks who participated, 220 or 36.30% of those who voted said that a snow blower is the best way to remove snow from a driveway. These devices can handle up to 16-inches of snow and are ideal for longer driveways that require regular removal during the winter months, according to Lowes.

The second most popular choice of snow removal was a shovel, which received 146 or 24.09% of the votes. This method can be best for those with smaller driveways and who need to manipulate around vehicles or tighter pathways with relative ease. Another way folks found was best to get rid of snow build-up is by using a snow plow, which received 135 or 22.28% of the votes. Next was a snow thrower — which is much smaller and more of a single-stage version of a snow blower — with 10.73% of the overall votes or 65 people. Finally, de-icer was chosen by 30 voters, or 4.95% of those surveyed, and simply pouring hot water was the easiest method of removing snow for 10 people, or 1.65% of the vote. These last two methods are more suited for those with tiny houses that don't experience a large amount of annual snowfall.