5 Reasons Why You Should Add Vanity Lighting To Your Bathroom

When designing a bathroom, the larger features are often the first consideration. A walk-in shower or a deep soaking tub are must-haves for many homeowners. But this doesn't mean your sole focus should lie here. If you're neglecting your bathroom lighting, you're neglecting a large portion of the room's design. You need overhead light, but that isn't enough for a proper bathroom. Spend some time and effort lighting your vanity area for the most impressive bathroom.

When it comes to a vanity, having lighting on each side reduces shadows and unflattering lighting, which is best for beauty and grooming, according to Lumens. And adding a dimmer switch can help you see what you look like in different lighting, like indoor and outdoor lighting. Vanity lighting is often overlooked or left to the last minute. But there are plenty of good reasons you'll want the proper vanity lighting in your bathroom.

Increase the visibility in your bathroom

One of the main reasons lighting is essential in your home is because it adds visibility. Lighting illuminates the space, so you're able to see everything around you. And visibility is a necessity in the bathroom, where there are more hazards. The New York Times published a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that estimates 235,000 people above the age of 15 find themselves in a hospital emergency room with injuries they suffered in the bathroom. Of those patients, 14% are then hospitalized. Slipping is the main hazard that causes bathroom injuries.

Increasing the visibility in your bathroom can help prevent some of these injuries. The extra illumination in the space will help you see potential hazards like puddles of water that you could slip on. You'll also be able to better see where you're stepping to prevent such hazards. Improving your bathroom lighting is key to overall safety.

Make the space feel warm

The right lighting can also help create a warm and comforting environment. A bathroom should be a room where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day or practice some self-care. Lighting can help set the mood, so use your vanity lighting to create the right atmosphere. Vanity lighting is often much softer than overhead lighting, which can aid in creating a more relaxing environment. After all, you probably won't need the same amount of light getting ready in the morning as you would when trying to read a book in the bathtub at night.

Choosing softer, warmer lighting rather than fluorescent white or LED bulbs can also help create a softer mood in the room. If you want to be able to control how much illumination your lights are giving off, consider adding a dimmer switch, suggests Marnie Homes. Doing so will allow you to control the lights no matter where you are in the bathroom and give the space a more luxurious feel.

Add some style to the space

Light fixtures play double duty in whatever space they're in; they're both functional and aesthetic. Finding a light fixture that perfectly blends the two of these should be the goal when designing your space. Use your light fixtures to bring the interior style into the room. When it comes to a vanity, wall lighting tends to be the best option. Most people opt to place lights on either side of the mirror or above it.

You'll want to place your lighting at eye level or a little bit higher, so you'll be able to illuminate your face when getting ready or doing your makeup. Also, be conscious of the light's shade and how it might create shadows. Lights that shine outward or don't need a shade will create more even lighting on your face. You'll also want to consider whether to choose plug-in or hard-wired fixtures, says Build. Plug-in sconces are often easier to install but need to be near a plug, which can limit location choices. Hard-wired sconces don't require you to wire the fixture into the electrical system inside the wall. Both can make for stylish fixture choices, but the right one depends on how much renovation work you want to do.

Illuminate your get-ready space

Whether getting ready in the morning for work or for a night out, you want to look your best. This means illuminating the space you use to shave, do your skincare routine, or do your makeup. You might have a dedicated vanity in your bathroom or simply make yourself up while leaning over the sink — either way, you'll want to light the space appropriately. Choosing the right artificial light allows you to illuminate yourself properly.

LED lights are energy-efficient, dimmable, and provide a bright white light that gives you an even view of your face, says Phillips. You may even opt for lighting that has a few different settings, so you're able to test your makeup in various situations before going out. However, incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights aren't the best options for a vanity. Incandescent lights put off heat, which might not be ideal for makeup, while fluorescent bulbs are harsh and unflattering to facial details.

Supplement natural lighting

Makeup artists and interior designers both swear by natural light. Unfortunately, not every bathroom can be blessed with an abundance of natural light streaming through large windows. Some have small windows or are completely windowless. Natural lighting is a must, not only to put on makeup but also to increase visibility in the room. So if your bathroom doesn't have a lot of natural lighting, you should supplement it with good artificial lighting.

Incorporating bright light at different levels is a good way to mimic natural lighting coming through a window, according to Mira Showers. Your vanity lighting could be one of these areas that help brighten up the space when the sun cannot. However, this does not mean you should choose bright white light for the vanity. Allow your vanity lighting to work with the rest of the lighting in the bathroom to supplement the lack of natural lighting.