Are Hot Tubs Covered By Homeowner's Insurance?

Hot tubs are a luxury item that homeowners across the nation desperately want to add to their homes. Not only are they fun, but they can also be a healthy feature of your home. According to Healthline, regular use of hot tubs has been proven to improve sleep, aid in muscle relaxation, and relieve acute or chronic pain. A few studies have even shown better cardiovascular health, although there's more research needed to prove this theory.

With all these benefits, why shouldn't you go out and buy the hot tub? You might be hesitant if you're unsure about your homeowner's insurance covering it. For a moment, think like an insurance company. They consider items like a hot tub to be attractive nuisances (via Clovered). This term means they attract accidents and reasons for people to file claims on their insurance. Some accidents and damage that can happen due to a hot tub being on your property include slipping and falling on the water around the tub, water leaks and damage, debris or trees falling on and damaging the tub, or even drowning. But does your homeowner's insurance cover these hot tub problems? 

Will hot tubs be covered by your insurance?

The short answer is yes. The long answer will depend greatly on your specific situation. For example, where is the hot tub located? Does it have a fence around it? Does it have a locked cover? Was the hot tub professionally installed? These questions will help your insurer better understand what needs to be covered (via TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Inc).

Insure says some companies will automatically cover hot tubs without any additional paperwork or tasks on your end. Just buy it and install it, and you're covered. However, unless you've read the lengthy novel that is an insurance coverage document, you likely don't know if it's covered or not. So to be safe, contact your insurance company and ask them. If it's not automatically covered, Insure states most companies are willing to cover them as long as you add it to your policy. Keep in mind that this will likely increase your premium, but at least any damages or injuries caused by the hot tub will be covered.

Clovered says sometimes companies will consider hot tubs to be covered under the other structures section of your policy. This includes structures like sheds and would cover a hot tub that is detected and away from the home.