Does Homeowners Insurance Include Driveway Issues?

A driveway can be a few yards long or closer to a mile. Either way, as a homeowner, you might wonder if this stretch of concrete or asphalt is covered under your homeowners insurance. Driveways are exposed to harsh elements, including heavy vehicles, tree roots, ice, snow, and scorching heat. Over time these can wear down a driveway and cause it to crack, buckle, warp, and crumble, notes Superior Seal Coating.

If you've ever paved a new driveway or looked into it, you probably know just how expensive it can be. According to Forbes, the average cost to upgrade your driveway is $4,500, and of course, this cost fluctuates depending on the length of the driveway, the materials you choose, and any obstacles that might be in the way. Having peace of mind that your insurance will help cover any costs related to repairing or replacing it can take a massive weight off your shoulders.

Will insurance cover your driveway issues?

Clovered assures that, yes, your insurance can cover your driveway. The more important question is will your insurance cover it automatically, or do you need to add it? While most insurance companies will protect a driveway either as part of the dwelling or other structures portion of your policy, it's best to contact your insurance company and ask. This ensures you're covered, and in the case that you're not, you can ask for it to be added.

If your driveway leads up to a garage that is connected to your home, it is likely covered under the dwelling portion of your insurance policy, advises Homeowners Insurance Cover. This includes the home and anything attached to it. For example, this would also cover decks. On the other hand, a driveway leading to a detached garage or barn is probably covered under the other structures portion of your policy. This is what protects additional structures on your property, such as sheds and barns. If you don't have any other freestanding structures it will be especially important to make sure your coverage includes your detached garage and, therefore, your driveway.

What damages does insurance cover for driveways?

Unfortunately, not everything will be covered. Homeowners Insurance Cover says that, when it comes to the driveway, insurance companies typically only cover sudden unexpected events rather than typical wear and tear. For example, the natural movement of the earth and soil settling can cause a driveway to eventually buckle or crack. This is not something that insurance companies usually cover. However, if a storm blows through and a tree falls and damages the driveway, Clovered says your insurance likely covers that. Just know that it's crucial to report the claim as soon as possible. When left for weeks or months, insurers are less likely to be willing to cover these damages.

Of course, each company is different, so this will vary depending on your specific policy. You can also speak with your insurance agent and get better coverage for your driveway. Homeowners Insurance Cover states that this is especially true if your home is in a flood zone.