5 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kid's Encanto-Themed Bedroom

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Disney's 60th animated film, "Encanto," has won the hearts of children and adults alike, according to Parents. Indeed, if you have a little one at home who's obsessed with this movie, you likely hear the same lyrics over and over again: "We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no." And if you're being honest with yourself, about half the time it's you singing it. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

To continue the magic beyond the screen, have fun decorating your kid's room with inspiration from Casa Madrigal. Of course, there are many different ways to create a special place for your child that range from a bold, whole-room makeover to adding a few touches here and there for a more subtle reference to their favorite film. You can create your own floral dream, like the room behind Isabella's door, or simply add a few wall decals of your — ahem, we mean your child's — favorite characters. 

Regardless of how you incorporate "Encanto" into your kiddo's room, part of the fun is letting them have a hand in the process. Enjoy this opportunity to put your creative minds together to design a magical space.

Paint a family tree

Throughout "Encanto," the overarching theme is the importance of family. So important, in fact, that the opening scene shows the Madrigal family tree, including Bruno. In that vein, Cecilia Lawless suggests creating your own family tree inspired by the design in the movie. Now, the tree itself doesn't have to be perfect; some green paint sponged on the wall, along with yellow lines to connect the family, is all you really need. Add cutouts of leaves and a few white flowers to complete the design, but also be creative and make it your own. If you aren't comfortable making a permanent addition to your wall, paint the tree on a large piece of poster board.

Creating an "Encanto"-themed family tree with your child is also a wonderful learning opportunity. As you do so together, discuss with your son or daughter what a family tree encompasses and how each family member is connected. Remember the town kid who asked, "Wait, who's the sister and who's the cousin?" Well, this is a fun opportunity to answer that very question for your offspring.

Create a magical door

Every Madrigal child dreams of the day they get their own door. To play on that concept, create a magical door for your kid to help spark their imagination every time they go to their room. Craft + Sparkle recommends a couple of simple supplies for the door makeover: wood-patterned wallpaper and a gold pen. If you're not comfortable putting paper on the door, a few coats of brown paint should do the trick.

As you make a plan or pattern for the door, talk to your child about what gift they'd like to have. It doesn't even have to be from the movie. Would they love the ability to fly? Perhaps they dream of living the life of a mermaid. This is your child's door, so create something that reflects who they are. Use the pen to write their name at the top, draw their "Encanto"-themed character, and add some flourishes to create a door that's truly as magical and unique as your son or daughter.

Re-create your child's favorite Madrigal bedroom

When you're ready to take on a big bedroom makeover, use inspiration from the movie. Obviously, an enormous indoor jungle isn't feasible, but you can certainly add jungle elements if your kiddo loves Antonio's room. Navy blue walls with lighted "vines," available on Amazon, climbing the walls are sure to make the space feel magical. Add some glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling and a net full of stuffed animals to complete the aesthetic.

If Isabella's room is more your child's style, soft pinks and pastels are good options, according to ScreenRant. But don't be afraid to add the bright, bold colors Isabella falls in love with when she breaks into song. Whatever color scheme you chose, a hanging bed with faux floral vines is a fun addition if your child is old enough to use one safely. In spite of these wonderful ideas, we cannot suggest recreating Bruno's room. There's just too much sand and excess stairs. As Mirabel said, "Bruno, your room is the worst!"

Apply wall decals

Looking for a temporary way to add "Encanto"-themed décor to your child's bedroom? Then know that wall decals are quick and inexpensive. For fans of the movie's heroine, Mirabel, place a decal with your son or daughter's name above the bed for the perfect focal point. For example, the RoomMates peel-and-stick decal on Amazon comes with all the letters you need for personalization. Plus, when your kiddo has outgrown it, simply pull off the sticker. Decals are available with all your child's favorite "Encanto" characters.

Additionally, Wayfair suggests using painter's tape — before the final application — to help you determine where exactly the decals should go. Although easy to remove, decals may not reapply well, so make sure to do it right the first time. After deciding on the right spot, clean the area thoroughly. Remove the paper on the back of the decal and apply it to the wall slowly from top to bottom. Then, remove any air bubbles by using an item with a flat edge, like a squeegee. Remove any protective coatings and your room update is complete!

Copy the Casita's color scheme

To bring the essence of "Encanto" into your kid's room without going overboard, use inspiration from the color palette of the Casita itself. According to The Nerds of Color, the art team behind the film worked with professionals to select the right hues and styles for the characters and their beloved homes. Inspired by the towns of Barachara and Salento in Columbia, the color palette is warm and bright, full of the natural hues of the region.

Terracotta ceiling and floor tiles are prominent in the home, so an accent wall of the same color would offer a similar effect. In an older child's room, plants or hanging planters of faux flowers would help bring the natural beauty of the region to the space. Since the film is full of light, LED fairy lights would be reminiscent of the fireflies and butterflies that surround Mirabel and Abuela's beautiful moment together. Finally, some faux candles and curtain lights in warm white tones would certainly add an element of magic to your child's themed room.