5 Places To Find The Most Affordable Houseplants Online

Houseplants have become a favorite way to decorate for many people. They add life to a space, making it feel more vibrant, and with a variety of different leaf shapes and colors, houseplants can add tons of texture and visual interest to a room. If you're buying real plants, there are a few considerations to take before making your first purchase. To start, you want to evaluate your space to ensure you have the right conditions for a plant to thrive, says My City Plants. Ensure your space has good airflow and light so your plants can grow.

Once you know the kind of plants that work best for your space, you can go on the hunt for new houseplants. But where do you shop? You can head to local nurseries, but they don't often have the widest selection. When you shop online, you can filter by type of plant, lighting and watering needs, rarity, and price. With these tools, you can find the perfect houseplant for your skill level and home environment. First, though, you'll need to know where to shop for the best and most affordable houseplants.

The Sill

Buying plants online can be nerve-wracking as you never know how they'll arrive at your door. But The Sill is known for its quality. This online retailer is a great option for all kinds of plant parents. The website has categories that reflect your lifestyle, like plants that are easy to care for, don't require a lot of light, and are pet-friendly. You can also have the option of having your plant arrive in a stylish pot.

The plant comes wrapped in bubble wrap and packing materials that keep it stable during transit, according to Reviewed, so when it arrives, there's little damage to the pot or the plant itself. The Sill also offers plenty of resources to help keep your plants alive, which is ideal for plant parents at any skill level. The site has a library that gives you care instructions and distress signs for nearly every houseplant.


Under the Anthropologie brand, Terrain sells furniture and decor for the outdoors and garden. Terrain also sells dried and fresh flowers and plants to adorn your outdoor space. The brand has a large inventory of home and garden products, including plant stakes, charms, and pots. For anyone who's looking for a way to use their plants to make a stylish detail in their home, Terrain would be the best option. However, because it isn't a dedicated plant store, it doesn't have a wide selection and sells many popular but basic houseplants rather than anything exotic.

However, Terrain doesn't only sell houseplants but also shrubs, fruiting trees, and fresh flowers as well. It also sells faux plants and wreathes, according to Honest Brand Reviews. Overall, the quality of the products and plants you get is very high, so it's worth it if you're looking to give your home a statement piece. But if you're looking to fill your entire home with plants, this might not be the best store for you, as the prices are a little higher than others on the list. Terrain is great for accent plants and the pots that go with them.


With a mix of favorites and some trendy plants, Bloomscape is a great option for beginner and experienced plant parents. The website is easy to navigate, allowing you to filter for care, size, and lifestyle factors, so you're able to find the perfect plant for you, which is a must when shopping for leafy beauties online.

Bloomscape also offers detailed care instructions for each plant, so you'll know exactly how to take care of it, says Honestly Modern. Another draw to Bloomscape is that it's eco-friendly where it can be. Its pots are made of recycled plastic, which are durable and available in plenty of colors to match any home decor. The company also uses eco-friendly packaging, which also protects the plants in transit.

In general, the plants arrive in good condition, and Bloomscape sells heat packs to ship plants in the winter. If a plant doesn't arrive in good condition, you can contact Bloomscape customer service, and it may offer to replace it at no charge.


What's cool about Etsy is that it can be compared to a plant swap. Most of the sellers are also plant parents, who may have taken cuttings of their plants to sell propagations or sell whole plants they grow in their own greenhouse. You can find just about any plant, including rare ones, on Etsy. Etsy is a regulated marketplace, but the sellers are often ordinary people or small businesses. Because Etsy isn't only a plant store, there are some precautions you might want to take.

Before hitting add to cart and putting in your payment information, By Brittany Goldwyn suggests spending a little time looking at the listing. Start by going through the photos; the more photos, the better in most cases. Sometimes there are multiple plants in one listing, marked A, B, C, or something similar. With this method, you can get a good look at the exact plant before you buy. You'll also want to look at review photos and recent reviews to see if other customers are happy with what they received. Did the plant come in good condition? Was the seller responsive? Was there a problem with pests?

Etsy is a great place to find rare or specific plants for your collection, but the quality can be hit or miss. It's also best for experienced plant parents, as Etsy and the sellers themselves don't offer the same kind of care experience as dedicated plant retailers. Etsy can still be a good option for finding unique plants for your home.

The Bouqs Co.

If you're not a plant person, but you know someone who is, The Bouqs Co. might be a great option. This brand specializes in gifts, so it's ideal if you're looking to buy someone a houseplant for a birthday or other special occasion, particularly if you're not too sure of the plant they might want.

However, The Bouqs Co. is known more for its flower arrangements and bouquets, so it doesn't have a wide selection of houseplants to choose from. But of the selection, there are options that are popular among plant collectors. And each comes in a stylish pot.

While you can purchase plants flat out, The Bouqs Co. also offers a subscription service, which automatically takes up to 30% off of your purchase once you're a member, says My Subscription Addiction. You can also schedule deliveries in advance, so you won't have to worry about missing a birthday or anniversary.