The Simplest Method For Stripping Your Towels

Have you ever heard of stripping your towels? The internet is full of satisfying videos where people place their linens and towels in a bathtub and essentially strip all the dirt and grime that sticks to them despite washing machine cycles and regular cleanings. However, it can be tricky to ensure your fabrics are completely spotless since even detergent and fabric softener can stick to them after a wash and dry. Over time, powders, liquids, and other substances build up, leaving behind a film that never feels completely clean.

This is where stripping comes in. If you've been looking for the chance to make sure your towels are completely spotless, this trick will leave everyone wondering how the linens in your home are so immaculate. One of the perks of this method is you don't need many ingredients for it. According to 21 Oak, there are several reasons people should strip their towels, including hard water in their home or the items in question are older and seem dull, discolored, or dingy.

Stripping your towels is so satisfying

Using this method not only removes residue from cleaning substances but also helps with minerals found in hard water and body oils that have burrowed into the fibers on towels and sheets. Stripping them once every six months will leave you with cleaner, more absorbent linens and will contribute to your peace of mind regarding everything from bacteria to detritus that has stuck on the fabric through a wash cycle.

To get started with stripping your towels, you'll want to fill a bathtub with hot water at least ¾ of the way up. Always read the labels for each item you plan to soak in order to avoid adding them to water that is too hot or could damage them. From here, you have several ingredients that make up the solution. According to Arm&Hammer, combining Borax, washing soda, and laundry detergent together will create a heavy-duty substance that should pull dirt, grime, and residue out of everything from towels to workout clothes and sheets.

Make sure to let them soak

The Borax and washing soda can both be measured out to ¼ cup, then use ½ cup of detergent before adding everything, including the linens, to the water. Taste of Home recommends leaving everything in the water for four to five hours, giving the fabrics enough time to properly soak and remove remnants. The powerful ingredients work together to fight other additives that hold onto long fibers or make a film on older pieces.

Once you've drained the dirty water and run everything out, place the towels and other pieces into the washing machine. Run a normal cycle to help remove excess liquid and clear away remnants from the homemade solution. This spin doesn't need detergent, only water, which will help everything feel cleaner and rid the fabric of any refuse that couldn't be wrung out by hand. Dry everything on a hot cycle (unless the tag says otherwise), then enjoy your extra clean items!