One Unassuming Maryland Home Boasts A Shockingly Bold Interior

You've probably heard the following expression before: Don't judge a book by its cover. Well, this saying could also apply to the above home, which is currently for sale in Baltimore for $785,000, per Zillow. From the outside, this four-bedroom, five-bathroom property looks just like every other in the area. In addition to its basic white siding and neutral gray shutters, it also features a brick patio and pool in the backyard. 

However, don't let the exterior fool you, as the inside is anything but basic and neutral. After seeing images of this house on the Instagram page of Zillow Gone Wild, one user said, "Welcome to our home. Here is your complimentary Tylenol." And we have to agree — you may develop a headache after perusing images of this rather interesting property. Below are some of its most unique and questionable features, as well as what others had to say on social media about the house's egregiously loud design.

Zebra, cheetah, and polka dot prints – Oh my!

If you had to describe this home's style, you'd probably land on eclectic maximalism. According to Draper and Kramer, maximalism layers many different colors, patterns, and textures to create an energetic and daring aesthetic, which is exactly what's been done to the interior. As shown in the above images from Zillow, each room has a completely different vibe. 

For instance, the staircase has been painted shiny black and covered in a zebra print carpet, while the next room over contains delicate green floral print wallpaper. The large kitchen also does a fair job of displaying the striking design, as it features black and red cabinets; country checkerboard flooring; a rustic metallic roof; and glamorous chandeliers with colorful, hanging gems. Other rooms display cheetah print wallpaper, bright red wall and ceiling paint, and a black marble fireplace surrounded by gold plating. She's quite the looker, indeed.

At least the design is never boring

When comparing the two Zillow images above, one thing becomes instantly clear: This home could not decide upon a uniform style. While one bathroom is covered in cheerful polka dots, the other has a moody atmosphere. As one Instagram user said, "That's one confused house." Another agreed, saying, "Wow. That's a lot to process." 

However, we do have to give the designer some props; at least the style is interesting. In the wise words of yet another Instagram commenter, "You've just got to respect the commitment to absolute chaos." And, there's always a unique feature on the ceiling, such as wallpaper, mirrors, or metal plating — something we and others absolutely love. According to Pigmentti, the ceiling is the perfect spot to make a huge statement. 

Additionally, per Zillow, this house was meant to be used for entertaining, which may explain the bold design. Further, this home has a wet bar, a spa, a balcony with a gorgeous view, and a dance studio, which all make hosting guests extra fun. This maximalist space could also be a great place to escape the neutral and uninteresting designs you tend to see regularly.