25 Window Styles That Will Create A Bright Entrance To Your Home

You've probably heard that first impressions are extremely important, especially during job interviews or when meeting your significant other's parents. However, this saying doesn't only apply to meeting new people; it also applies to your home.

In your house, the entryway is your guest's first impression of the rest of the space. According to The National, the design you create in your foyer will tell your guests what to expect in the rest of the rooms. Therefore, you should carefully consider what atmosphere you want in your entryway and make sure the rest of your home's vibe feels consistent. 

If you love hosting, you probably want your foyer to feel inviting, and one of the best ways to do this is through lighting. Light fixtures and mirrors will brighten the space with artificial lighting, while windows will add warmth and a cheerful feel. Below are 25 window styles that would make your home appear welcoming and bright.

1. Surrounded in small panes

If you like the look of small panes separated by grilles, you could completely surround your door to achieve the most light possible. Another tip? Installing a grid-style mirror in the foyer will carry the paneled look into your home and create even more light. 

2. Asymmetrical windows

Adding windows to only one side of your door will provide your entryway with an interesting and asymmetrical look. 

3. An arch with details

Many homeowners choose to add an arched window above their doorway. If yours has intricate details, it will add lots of architectural interest to your home. To create more cohesion, you could also add another smaller arch to your door. 

4. Colored stained glass

To include some fun colors and create a more traditional look, add stained glass details to your foyer's windows and door. 

5. Separated panels

If you really want your door's window panes to stand out, you could choose ones that are separated by thick pieces of trim. 

6. A door with windows

Installing a door with windows will provide your entryway with more warm lighting. For a modern look, choose ones with straight lines and no grid-like appearance or grilles. 

7. Transparent walls

If you desire a solid door but still want lots of natural light, you could install large windows on either side of the doorway. 

8. Clean lines

For a modern look, add a window that has straight lines and chic, black trim, and keep the shutters off the exterior of your house. 

9. A door with an arch

Instead of adding an arched window, you could choose a door with an arch, which would add unique architectural character to your home. 

10. Along the staircase

If your entryway has a staircase, you could add windows along the wall. As displayed in the image above, these could even be installed into a curved wall. 

11. Simple yet effective

Surrounding your door with windows that have a simple look will still make a striking difference to the appearance of your foyer. These large paneled windows feel extra welcoming to those outside the home. 

12. Small oval addition

To make your home feel cozier and more traditional, you could include an oval or a round window in the foyer. 

13. Large bay window

Another interesting way to bring in more light is with a bay window, which may feature a reading bench or decorative shelf on the inside. 

14. Symmetrical windows

To bring in the most light possible, you could add windows to both sides of your doorway. Keeping these symmetrical will give your home an orderly appearance. 

15. No paneling

If you don't like the look of small panes with grilles, you could choose to add two long, rectangular windows surrounded by trim. 

16. Arched window above doorway

Those who have a vaulted ceiling in their foyer could add an arched window above the doorway. 

17. Large, paneled window

Or, you could include a large window with panes, such as the model in the above image. Additionally, pay attention to how your light fixture affects the appearance of the space; the above design is extra modern, while a chandelier would make the foyer look more traditional. 

18. Complete glass door

Some people don't have space in their entryway for windows. If that's the case for you, you could always choose a door that's completely made of glass. 

19. Surrounded by natural light

Adding two windows on either side of an extended foyer, which juts out from the rest of the home, will surround the area in warmth. 

20. Corner door

If your front door is in the corner of your porch, you could add a large window to the spacious wall that faces the road. 

21. Bright dining room

Those with an open floor plan should consider how the light that filters in from other rooms affects the foyer. For instance, because the dining room in this home has a large window, the entryway is brighter, too. 

22. Symmetrical door and window

Instead of adding a double-sided door to your home, you could choose to add a window on one side and a solid door on the other. 

23. Framed by glass

Completely surrounding your door with glass will give your foyer the most light possible.  Additionally, because these windows don't have grilles, they appear ultra-modern. 

24. Matching door and windows

To give your home a cohesive look from the outside, you could choose windows and a door that feature four separate panes. 

25. Covered in windows

If you're considering a larger remodel, creating an open floor plan and adding lots of windows to your home will brighten your entryway.